Dec 29, 2016

The Fubu

I went out one nyt to meet up some friends.Ta's nandun ung fubu ko. frens din nya kc mga frens ko I don't know if I should call him "fubu" coz we don't f*** in a regular basis. I don't wanna call him friend either coz were not friends. Basta nandun cya.  ;D

Anyways like what I have said we don't f*** in a regular basis coz we haven't seen each other in a while. Pag may time lng. So there after a few months of not seeing each other beso,beso.dada lala.

Forward...uwian na  ;D

I didn't drove that nyt coz  I was planning to get drunk. And so was he I don't know what his reason was but who cares? lol
One of our friend offer to give us a ride. 'till to the nearest taxi station. ok walang station kung san lang dumadaan mga taxi  ;D

Nasa backseat kami. Ok. I wanna have sex with him. So I kinda lean on his shoulder. Actualy I was clueless that time if he wanna do it too or not. Hmmmm there's only one way to find out. So I kinda slid my hand on his thigh. While busy chatting with our friend who's driving the car. Sabay grab sa etits nya  ;D  :D

Well he did not resist, infact I think he got a hard on.  ::) 
Few mins. later nasa taxi na kami.
ta's dating na kami sa place ko. I was kinda dis-appointed kc ganun d kami magse2x? hehe
alam nmn nya d cya pede pumasok kc bawal. dun. d nakita kami ng family ko. paktay ako.

so goodnyt ako nun nasa pinto na. I can't remember what was his response but it's something like gusto rin pala nya. so I told him that hindi pede dun kc makikita cya. tas mapapagalitan ako. gud gurl yata 'to. well un ang alam ng family ko  ;D  :D

So he suggested that, if hindi pede dun, punta na lng daw kami sa place na pede.
so we did. hanap kami uli taxi. drive sana ako kaso d ko nmn dala key ko  ::)
we ended up in a place where u can do the kinky stuff... u know what I'm talking bout guys  ;) uy first time ko pumasok sa ganun.

So pasok. ta's sabi ko I'm just gonna take a shower. hihihi
tas labas nko bathroom naked...andali naked nb? may panty pa yata ako haha basta
so we kiss. tas kiss nya boobies ko, suck my nips. talap. then I gave him a bj. tas pasok n nya... then he came. ewan ko ba dun ganun ba ko kasarap at lagi cya nilalabasan? so wentot wentot muna. tas we fell asleep. tas gising sex uli. tas slip uli. then gising sex uli. I was so exhausted d nko nagising uli 'till the sun come's out. we finally left the place @ 7am hatid nya ko sa place ko. tas uwi na cya.

One thing for sure though

his still yummy after all this time.

and oh my he got a tongue that can make a gurl go crazy..

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