Aug 7, 2012

My 7th Crazy Thing – Part 4 (The Aftermath and Beneficiary)

This is my part 4, though it’s not with Jojo anymore, this happened because of the experience with him.

So after my tiring Saturday where I did it with Jojo and my Bf, Sunday was a little more tame. It was a nice date and nice slow lovemaking. Even after that, I was still a bit hot on Monday. It was the 4th day and I was still looking for it. I loved it with bf and he was surprised when I asked him. It’s not rare that I ask for it but it was something that I was like pleading for it and he was happy to oblige. I still had another safe day (I believe in 5 days before and after only not the 1 week thing) and I was hoping bf can indulge me again but I was to be denied. He had something very important on that day and I didn’t ask him anymore.

I didn’t text Jojo anymore since I really didn’t want to do it with him. It was really good that if I keep asking him, it might just lead to me asking for it. I really think that it was just that I was safe and felt good. I also wanted that I would not be too needy of him so I decided that I will not initiate anything with him.

That left me with no options, I have no contact with AJ or any of the guys and Kuya has already flown out. The only remaining option was someone I really didn’t want, Ed. He would text from time to time and we would just end up insulting each other though it was not to the point that we would hate each other. It was more of good natured asaran. He would usually ask me what I was doing, then after I answer him, he would ask me “Pa isa ulit” and then that is where I start insulting him. He was really lucky when he texted me and asked me what I was doing. I answered him in the usual way which was either “Busy ako” or “wala” then he replied in his “Paisa naman”. I got hot with this and I replied “Isa lang? Mahina ka pala eh!” He then replied saying that I was feisty today and that he can actually do it more than once. I then replied that he better make sure or else. He was asking me if I was serious and I said I was and he can even cum in me.  Though I gave him only a window of 30 minutes or else the offer ends. I was just joking but he was really telling me to wait and all. There also wasn’t much to do at work that day and I asked my boss if I can leave which she allowed me. I then got my things, left them in the car and waited for Ed outside. I even teased him by making a countdown and soon enough he arrived.

When he passed by, I just rode in his car and was quiet. Surprisingly he was quiet as well, all he did was ask me where to which answered anywhere and then he continued driving. He was touching my leg a bit but I was shooing his hand away. I was in a mataray mode and when we parked and got in the room, I was just quiet.

When we got in the room, he already approached me and was doing his usual forcefull ways when I turned around, and got really testy and said “Akala ko ba gusto mo pang maka isa, kung pwede maupo ka muna, tumahimik at huwag mo akong guluhin”. He got quiet and stopped; he was like really shocked with the way I acted. I seemed mad and it got him a bit scared. He sat at the edge of the bed and remained still. I was then telling to stop being such a maniac and just let a girl have her thing. He was about to mumble something then I just went to his mouth and kissed him. He was starting to get touchy but I then pushed his hands down and spanked his hands. I told him to be still and I slowly took my blouse, my pants, and my undies off. I was already completely naked in front of him and he was just wondering what has gotten in me, I then knelt down in front of him and took his pants and undies off and proceeded to suck him. I was like “um, ano meron……” when I just told him to shut up and he did.

He was never this obedient to me and I sucked him. I started without any kissing or licking, I just put his head in my mouth and started sucking. As it got bigger, I was massaging his shaft and giving it a few pumps. He was also moaning already because I was sucking him like I suck my bf and I was putting effort in it and it was also getting me wet. I was not thinking about him or even Jojo I was actually thinking it was my bf I am doing it to. I then stopped, told him to get to the middle of the bed, to which again he followed like a good boy as he took his shirt off. I then crawled towards him and rubbed his hardness on mine. He was telling me how wet I was and I really didn’t listen to him and after a few rubs, I put it in me.

I sat on his hardness and it felt good, I started rocking it and moving. I really felt so hot and wanted to really grind it. He was really bewildered with what has gotten into me but I really didn’t care. He was there, he had his hardness and that is all I need. I felt a little anger in me that it seems I want to prove something, not to Ed or to my BF or even to Jojo. It’s more like I felt so good with Jojo that I need to be as good or just to feel that I can get that reaction. I wasn’t really minding what Ed was saying or even how he was touching my body, kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples. I was actually concentrating on my movements and how I grind, rock and move on top. Ed was telling me he was cumming but I didn’t care, I kept rocking even as I felt his hot cum in me. I still continued to rocked until I eventually came and I came hard not as intense as a good lover would give me but it was good nonetheless.

I rolled off him tired yet satisfied and he also was panting, I so wanted it that I was still stroking his hardness when I rolled off. I felt like I did a whole session of Hip Hop Abs or something but it was really good. Then he was asking kung ano meron sa akin, I said “Basta hindi ikaw dahilan, nagkataon lang andyan ka kaya huwag lalaki ang ulo.” And I teased him that hangang isa nga lang siya at nana pa siya sa akin. He was making excuses when I said, “Kung matapang pala babae mahina na” then I went down to suck him again. He was really surprised since I was so into it, it was also good that it was him since you remember in my summer outing that he was like a rabbit and he got hard soon after I sucked it.

When he got hard, he lay me down and got on top of me, he started kissing my body down to my wetness and stayed there. He was telling me that he wants to taste his cum and I just said “Knock yourself out” it was just funny when he thought I was going to punch him. It made me really wet and after I came, I told him to stop wasting time and enter me. He didn’t really need any prodding and was at me at once. He was entering me quite hard but it was good for me. He lifted my legs up to his chest and started dirty talking me. I was just telling him to shut up and I even put my hands to my ears to antagonize him. He then had me turn over and was entering me from behind. He was pulling my hair with little success (I cut my hair so it’s just along my ears and not to my waist) and was holding my hips and slapping my butt. I was slapping his thigh whenever he does that and pinching it enough to make him yelp in pain. I lay down so it was like what Jojo did and it felt good until I came and he came in me. This time we were both tired and I closed my eyes for a little cat nap and so did he.

I felt good because this time I also wore him out and it was even so when I woke up from it and he was still asleep. I then went to the rest room and when I got out, he was already awake. I asked him if he can give it to me one more time, he stood up and went to me and we kissed. It wasn’t that intense anymore but it was still torrid. He made me lean into a corner and was touching me till I get a little wet. He then entered me when I moved to the side of the table and he did it for a short time. We finished on the bend with him cumming inside me again. It was still a bit early so we watched tv. I took a shower and was already starting to dress when he wanted one more. I think he was expecting that I would not want it but I said ok but we should do it while I am already dressed since I don’t want to take my clothes off again. I even pumped his hardness while we kiss and he went down to eat me until I got wet enough and then turned me over the table as he entered me from behind. I just pulled down my slacks and panties while he was still naked. He actually didn’t finish, he said he was already tired and we got just ready to leave. It was a little traffic on the way back and I instinctively touched his crotch, it went on until he already had his thing out and I was pumping it. I put a little lotion on the shaft and as we near my parking place; he stopped a bit and reminded me not to let cum in the car. I told him that I know and that he does not need to remind me and I went down and sucked his head until he came. It did not taste the same as Jojo so I think diet really makes a difference. After that, I left, went to my car and went home.

He wasn’t that bad anymore after this, I think I showed him that I can be as wild as well. He was even nicer to me greeting me good morning or asking if I have already eaten while I still insult him by answering “Paki Mo?” or something.

Whew! I do hope you like the last part of my 7th, as much as I enjoyed typing this. Thank you for reading this and as always please be gentle in comments. Have a great day!