Feb 13, 2012

Valentine Madness: The Original PL Puzzle Stories

Contributor's Note: In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of the posting of one of the greatest collaboration in the annals of erotic writing, I am reposting the full story of Valentine Madness.

The work is a collaboration of the most brilliant writers coming (at the time of writing) from different places in Asia: Barny (Japan), Li'l Miss Lust (Singapore) Raging Hormones (Philippines) and Mok (Indonesia). Pardon the length and enjoy reading.



“Where’s the Party?”
Sinulat ni Barny 13 January

Friday night. Nakaka-tig-apat na redhorse na kami ni Jake, my classmate and roommate dito sa uni. We’re both 2nd year engineering students. Regular guys trying to survive a course that will hopefully bring us the good jobs and siyempre, sankatutak na moolah. Pero things weren’t going as planned (especially for me). Lagi lang akong sinusuwerte pero marami na akong kamuntikang ibagsak na subjects. Si Jake ang mas matalino sa aming dalawa but he’s also been missing his classes lately. He never really discusses why pero parang nakakaapekto na rin yata sa studies niya.