Dec 29, 2016

AJ and Didi

I have posted this story upon getting approval from the person involved. She urged me to write the story. I have her read it first so there would be no excesses or omissions from the events that took place between me and her.


Last week of January 2013, I filed my leave from my company abroad and went back home to the Philippines for an emergency vacation. My bosses did not like to give their approval because it is the time I am needed most in our company but relented when I said it is only for one week. It is not the usual emergency vacation that somebody home is very sick or someone in the family died. It was for a court case for final settlement which required the physical presence of any member of our family.

My mother is already too old to attend such matters. It was already decided two months before that it would be my brother who is working abroad also who will attend. But he backed out at almost the last moment as he and some of his co workers got into a dispute with their company. So I was urged by my mother to come home. Grudgingly I obliged and I went home, little did I know that one hell of a crazy thing will happen to me during my short vacation.


There would be two consecutive out of the court meetings first within the contending parties to finalize the documents before we attend for the final hearing in the court in Pasig City which is on the fifth day of my vacation. It was a Wednesday, while in the bus on my way to the house of the host to attend the last out of the court meetings, I was called by our lawyer that it is postponed for lunch time also the next day.

The place of the meeting was in Shaw Boulevard near the Crossing area. I did not want to go home yet that time because my wife was on a three day assignment in the province. I have seen her when I arrived Monday but she could not back out also from her assignment as all of them in their department have specific engagements. Also my children are all in school that time. So I decided to go to SM Mega Mall.


I finished my late lunch, almost meryenda time na nga, in one of the restos there. I was finishing my fruit shake when I started ogling at the girls and women passing by outside the resto. I stared longer on girls wearing short shorts, mini skirts or in fit clothing. I was laughing inside and was saying to myself … “Namamanyak na naman ako dahil walang ganyang tanawin sa Saudi.” The way I look at the girls as if I had not seen one in 10 years.

After a while I noticed two girls who really got my attention, they were both pretty. The first girl was wearing a color beige sundress which was hugging her little waist and accentuating her ass–et, for me it was bagay na bagay with her at umhhh very sexy slim figure. Her companion the other girl was in white blouse and pekpek shorts, and so sexy also. The resto has tables and chairs outside and it was where they sat down as one girl was talking on her cellphone and looking for something inside her bag. At first, I was looking more on the other girl which I think is the younger one, sweet looking and her beauty is really my type. However, looking at the other girl whom I think is the older one, will get the higher mark for me on the physical side as her being a little bit voluptuousis for me is much sexier.

I have to divert where I was looking as the sweet looking one I think or I felt caught my long glance at her companion. They suddenly stood up and started walking. I had already paid my bill so I suddenly stood up also with the intent of following them. Again I was laughing at myself asking why am I following them. I know I am married, a family man and at my age should not be doing these things. “Hahaha, parang nagbibinata maski hindi naman.” Maybe just feeling a little bit of freedom that time, thinking about the strictness with women from the country I came from and from my wife who was not in Manila that time. I have seen them from afar and I have to walk fast to catch up with them. However, my phone rang and it was my wife. I had to stop and talk to her and there I lost sight of the two girls.


After talking to my wife I felt the episode with regards to those two girls ended. I just went around the mall to let time pass by; window shopping and of course still gazing at girls. Until I found a sports shop having a sale sign.

I was in the shop for about 15 minutes and trying out some rubber shoes. I was sitting down on the chairs where you fit the shoes. I was waiting if they have a new stock for the shoes I have chosen. Suddenly my heart is palpitating, I noticed that the two girls I saw earlier where also there in the sports shop. They were looking at the rubber shoes displays. Nakaka in love talaga yung sweet looking girl, but I paid much attention on her sexier companion.

[Since I don’t know their names let me put initials for them. Voluptuous Sexy Girl (VS-G) and Sweet Looking Girl (SL-G)]. VS-Girl is really sexy for me, I remember the title of one porno movie, “Her body is built for Sex.” I plan to introduce myself and ask her name, maybe get lucky and get her phone number.

The scene became very funny as there were now four male sales person assisting the two girls compared to mine where I have to seek out assistance from one sales person. “Mga lalake nga naman, basta may babae na maganda at sexy ay naglilitawan. Haha parang hindi ako kasama doon.” I was telling myself again. However, it seems the two girls were like being harassed as they don’t need those numbers of sales person assisting them.

I saw some irritation from the two girls as they were not getting good answers from the sales guys whenever they are asking if the shoes can be used for other sports or purposes also. I also noticed that some of them are very touchy with the girls. Then suddenly the SL-G went to my direction, she smiled a little bit and sat down beside me. I felt a little “kilig” because of her smile so I smiled a little bit also.

The VS-G, holding two shoes went to our direction with the four sales guys in tow. I was surprised when she talked tome.

VS-Girl:“Kuya, I am looking for a shoes for my father. Parehong walking or running shoes daw ito pero what do you think na pwede din isuot ng pang casual or daily use.”

Me: “The other rubber shoes is high cut, not comfortable for running or jogging. The low cut will be better and will serve both purposes, pang takbo o panglakad at pang araw araw.”

VS-Girl: “(Gave me a big smile) Hay naku buti pa si kuya malinaw ang sagot kaysa sa inyo na hindi ko alam kung bakit kayo naging salesman ng sapatos.”

They all walk back to the nearby displays of shoes and then to the cashier except for one of the sales guy. He suddenly started a conversation with SL-Girl and he was looking maybe at the girls cleavage because of the small opening on her dress.

Sales guy: “Ma’am kayo hindi nyo ba kukunin yung napili nyo kanina. Bagay na bagay sa inyo yun ma’am, bagay sa ganda niyo din.”

I saw SL-Girl smiled at the guy a little bit but kept quiet and looked uneasy.

Me: (Smiling at the guy) “Brod, siguro kung maganda at bagay talaga sa kanya eh nasa cashier na siguro kayo ngayon.”

The sales guy just made a small smile and left. SL-Girl smiled at me and said “Thank You” in a silent manner. I smiled also but did not start a conversation. After a while I heard VS-Girl was near us already holding the plastic bag with the shoes she purchased.

VS-Girl : “Candy lets go.”  And then she looked at me smiling. “Thank you pala Kuya for your advise.”

Me: “Welcome no problem.”(It was my chance to introduce myself but I became shy and hesitant)

SL-Girl (Candy) stood up and gave now a bigger smile before she and VS-Girl left the shop. The sales guy assigned to me came back and told that there is no new stock for my size and only the display is available. I declined to purchase and went out of the shop immediately. I searched for VS-Girl and Candy and hope to invite them for coffee or meryenda.

No problem finding them but they were on the direction leading to the parking lot. I was losing my hope that time because I think they were headed home. VS-Girl suddenly looked back and saw me following. She whispered to Candy and Candy looked back also and they both giggled. Suddenly I felt lost that time, for a long time being married and not doing this kind of thing. I did not know if their actions were signals for me to push through with my intentions of knowing them or if they are just laughing at me.

At the exit door of the mall towards the parking area, Candy and VS Girl made beso beso. Only VS Girl went out and there was a car waiting for her. She went to the rear trunk which was opened and place her shopping bags. Still the rear trunk was open and she waved at Candy. And to my surprise she looked at me and waved also with a big smile. She closed the trunk and went in the front seat and kissed the guy on the driver’s side. I just smiled at myself and said “Taken na pala si VS-Girl.”

The car left and I saw Candy walked pass by me with a little smile Then continued walking. I walked immediately to be beside her.

Me. “Excuse me. Good Afternoon, I’m James … Candy isn’t it.”

Candy: “Ah James, not to be rude but I noted your attention was on my ate. Wala na si ate ko, then suddenly you'd rather talk to me now. (Smiling) Consolation prize ba ako.”

Me: “ Ah sorry pero hindi naman sa ganoon. Let’s just say your ate will be much appropriate to be walking with me right now because of my age. I think you are very young for me but it was you who caught my attention first. And besides you’re taller than your Ate.”

Candy: “Nambola ka pa …my ate is only a few years older than me so she’s still young also but already taken.”

Me: “Do you have any plans for the rest of the afternoon Candy?”

Candy: “All I know is I don’t want to go home yet, just go around to see if there is something good.”

Me: ”So is it ok if I invite you to eat.”

Candy: “I’m sorry, it is a little weird because I don’t know you”

Me:”Please don’t think I have any evil plans, I guess medyo na curious lang ako sa inyo and it was your ate who started talking to me anyway”

Candy: “Ay so naging kasalanan pa ni Ate haha, well sige ok lang”

We went to this resto with sandwiches and salads and talked about all the introductory things for two persons that just knew each other. Then I started inquiring about Candy’s Ate. Candy gamely talked about her Ate telling she is already married and with kids, her profession, where she works. Then I will shift the topic by asking more questions about Candy. Then I don’t know why I shifted back the topic to Candy’s Ate.

Me: “Alam mo parang dalaga pa din si Ate mo, so sexy parang hindi pa nagka anak, i thought BF nyalang yang sumundo kanina. That Is why I really wanted to introduce myself to her to the both of you kanina.”

Candy: “Owss, introduce to the both of us or Ate only … so if you introduced yourself to us then after that you will ask my Ate to go out with you.”

Me: “Parang ganoon na nga, hehehe”

Candy: “Aba James, you are married also at parang iba at masama ata gusto mo kay ate ah.”

Me: “Pasensya ka na hindi sana ganoon ang iniisip mo sa akin, I just told you I came from a country where talking and relating to girls is taboo and I just want to be just what I want to be right now.”

Candy: “Owwws, eh isa lang naman talaga naiisip ko lalo na sa line of reasoning mo na you are deprived of the girl thing from the country you came from. So sa akin hindi mo ba ako pinagiisipan ngayon, hindi mo ako hihiritan.”

Me: “ Ouch you’re so straight to the point naman Candy.”

Candy: “You don’t know my Ate so you’re lucky she is not the one with you right now.”

I became quiet at that point up to almost finishing our food but I see Candy smiling sheepishly. I felt a little bit napahiya with this young girl but looking at her smiling that way made me feel challenged. I have only have friendly intentions but my ego was hit a little bit hehehe. Let’s see young woman I was telling myself.

Candy: “Oh Mr. James, I plan to go around again as it is early yet to go home. So if wala kang ma kuwento I plan to go.”

Me: “I don’t plan to go home either yet, you wouldn’t mind If I go around with you, if you still trust me.”

Candy smiled naughtily and just nodded. We went around the mall and we talked while we went around. I was now doing my best that all things I said will be regarding Candy, no mention of her Ate anymore. Still I have wholesome thoughts lang naman with her, hindi naman ako manyakis but as I have said I will make a run for it if pwede pa ako sa ganitong bagay. The girl is really pretty and sexy also but her Ate is much sexier. She stopped in front of a movie house, looking at all the movies showing.

Me: “Do you want to watch a movie Candy, doon sa pinanggalingan ko wala movie house doon eh.”

Candy: (looking at me) “I am still thinking.”

Me: “I think The Man With The Iron Fists is okay “

Candy: “No James, I’m thinking if I want to watch a movie with an older guy I just knew.” (her face was serious)

Me: “Oww, sorry if I was too fast.”

Candy: (suddenly with a big laugh) “Sensitive mo naman hihihi, ganyan ba pag tumatanda na. I think  Gangster Squad is good.”

Me: “Okay you’ll watch with me then? My treat.”

She did not reply but she did not leave me while I was buying tickets then went with me inside the movie house.

Candy: “Ganito ba ang balak mong masama kay Ate, to watch movie, not bad.”

Me: “Ikaw naman wala na si Ate mo sa isip ko. Ikaw na lang. Peace joke only.”

We were quiet while watching. But I could not concentrate, there is still the challenge in me na kaya ko pa din at my age na gawin ang nagagawa ko with girls in a movie house. Even though I cannot read any signal from Candy, the fact is she allowed me to be with her up to this time. No, I am not thinking she is an easy girl or something like that. I know she is educated and a classy girl like her Ate and hindi basta basta. But I will start my move now or never.

Candy was wearing a sundress I have mentioned earlier and her legs were crossed that time. A leaned a bit on her side and placed my hand over her exposed knee. I was caressing her knees, siguro may kiliti si Candy, she suddenly uncrossed her leg so it would go lower. I looked at her, parang tumaas ang kilay niya. Still I did not take off my hands on her knee. Linakasan ko pa loob ko, my hands were going upward to her thigh, under her dress now. My erection was already starting that time.

She put her hand over my hand but it was so light as if there was no effort on her part to stop what I was doing. I told myself that I will go up further and if see what happens. I went further up fast, I already touch her panty when she closed her leg so tight and my hands could not move.

The scene from the screen was bright. I looked at her eyes like I was pleading. Candy stared at me that really pierced through my eyes. I was not to be stopped by her stare but I will not be forceful also as I really don’t know how she will react. I put my other arm over her shoulders. I decided to be patient and mabait.

Me: (In a soft voice) “Please Candy, nasa momentum na ako.”

She looked back at the show, not talking, not moving. Maybe around 30 seconds I felt her closed legs eased and I quickly move my hands. I went through the waistband of her panty to reach her pussy. I think I accidentally brushed hard on her clit while my finger was going to her pussy lips. She had a sudden jerk. I started rubbing her pussy and it became moist so fast. I had already a full erection by that time. Maybe the devil was inside me that time; I was in a zone already.

I started kissing her cheeks and ears and was trying to kiss her lips but she was not obliging. I took out my arms from her shoulders. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and opened my zipper. I got Candy’s hand and place it over my erection of course covered by my brief. She was not moving her hands so my fingers touched her clit and rubbed it fast but gently.

I saw Candy’s eyes closed and heard her murmur an ohhh once. Her hands now to my surprise went inside my brief and started making light squeezes on my erection. I noticed Candy slouched a little bit and one of her leg was stretching. I now put my thumb on her clit to do rubbing and one of my finger on her pussy lips. She was so wet at that point. She started stroking my hardness but gently only. I attempted to kiss her lips and now she obliged.

I was going very fast now in rubbing her clit. I felt she was near as I can feel her breathing was becoming fast and her heart beat was becoming fast also. A few seconds she made a very soft ohhhhh sound but she place her lips on my shoulder. Candy’s body tensed for a few seconds and felt her jerked gently. I knew she came.

Up to that point I was horny as hell and at the same time the feeling of disbelief was also there. Wow I can still do this thing like what I used to do during my younger days, and now with a young woman almost two decades younger than me. I felt she has recovered already from her orgasm as her breathing was normal already.

Me: “I did not finish yet Candy. Ituloy natin sa ibang lugar and we can do more things in private.”

No reaction after a few seconds, I stood up and took her hand and I was glad she stood up also and went with me.

Outside the mall it was night time already. I hurriedly hailed a taxi and let Candy go in first and then I followed. I whispered to the driver to go a near but nice motel. There was no problem in finding a motel because we were in the Pasig area.

At the motel, inside the room ….

Immediately once inside the motel room, I closed the door, pressed Candy against it, and kissed her hard while making sure the door is locked. I pressed my boner against her but noted that she was pushing me slighty and trying to turn her head left or to the right, I sensed that Candy did not want to be kissed on the lips again.

Me: “Ayaw mo na naman, kanina ay nagpapahalik ka na sa lips”

Candy just smiled … I started to kiss her cheek, neck and ears. I placed one of my hand on her boobs and started squeezing it over her dress and bra. My other hand was caressing slowly her lower back going down to her buttocks. She inhaled deeply and leaned back against the door again.

After a short time, my other hand slowly moved from her back to the front. I slid my hand down under her sundress and started massaging her thighs. My hand went up and started to caress her pussy lips over her almost moist panties, my finger followed the line of her lips below. This seemed to turn a switch on inside of her, and she moved her hand down to my crotch and began groping the growing lump in my pants.

I slid my hand inside her dress and went inside through her bra. I started to rub her now hardened nipples. I moved my mouth towards her lips again and kissed her. She did not avoid my kiss but she was just passive. Ayaw talaga ni Candy ng lips to lips I told myself … I move away form her lips and kissed her cheek, then her upper neck, and then her shoulders.

I started unzipping at the back of her sundress, slid it down immediately, exposing her firm breasts that were supported by a thin skin tone brassiere. I moved my lips farther down her cleavage, as if I were following a path, while I was undoing the clasps of her bra. She smiled at me and slid it off, revealing her breasts. They were round and firm, with small pinkinsh nipples. Her breasts size are fine, not too big, but certainly a large handful.

As I moved my hand, I cupped her now bare breast, she let out a little giggle. I kissed her nipple, and slowly moved my tongue around it. She gave a small short moan, and took in a large breath as my lips enclosed around it. I began gently nibbling and sucking her nipples; all the while she struggled with my lump because of my jeans. I stopped for a moment, removed my polo shirt and unbuttoned my jeans, looking into her eyes. She kept her gaze on me but she was smiling sheepishly.

Me: “Why? What?”

Candy: “James, Baka nakakalimutan mo may kama dito.”

I smiled, bowed and show her the way to the bed. She walked pass by me only on her skin tone bikini panty. I followed her, staring at her nearly nude body, my erection throbbed in my briefs. She noticed as well, when she moved to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Standing in front of her, she began pulling my briefs off.

I reached and massaged her breast and she took my hardness in her hand and began stroking it. I was expecting that she would suck me and give me a blow job but just continued stroking my cock.

Me: “Ayaw mo din mag BJ, ha Candy?”

Again, she just gave me smile. I leaned down and gave her a kiss, and laid her down on the bed, with her knees hanging off the edge. I knelt down between her legs and began running my finger along her wet mound. I kissed her groin, and slid her bikini panty down her legs and tossed them to the floor, I took a long look at her wet slit, her pubic hairs were nice and neatly trimmed. I leaned again forward and gave her pussy lips a nice long lick. Her whole body let out a tremor, and I smiled as I pressed my finger between her lips and let it run up and down her whole line.

I continuously made slow movements of my finger up and down her pussy lips, while licking her above her hole. I felt her become tenser and more wet. I finally removed my finger and began kissing her clit. I spread her lips with my fingers and slipped my tongue inside of her. She pressed herself tightly against my face and began to moan a short ohh and ahh as my tongue worked on her wetness. After a few minutes she came, and I kept my mouth there to suck up all of her sweet juices.

After I came back up, she grabbed my face and started tongue kissing me. She grabbed my more hardened penis and gave it a few strokes before pressing it inside of her. I stood up and grabbed her knees while thrusting my penis inside of her. She was now biting her lips as if she does not want her moan to be heard, and soon saw her hand grabbed hard the bed sheets as I thrusted more inside her.

I stopped for a quick moment to catch my breath and change position. I pushed her to be positioned in the middle of the bed, and I positioned myself in between her legs. I spread her legs wider and I pushed myself back into her, feeling her pulsing tightness and wetness. Up to that point I was still in disbelief that I was having sex with a pretty, sexy, young girl. I suddenly felt so hot, I got myself into a rhythm, and moved myself in and out, gradually picking up speed.

Candy’s eyes are closed, still biting her lips more and her head turning to the left and right gradually. Before long, I was close to ejaculating so I thrusted harder and faster my throbbing erection in her. She now grabbed hard both sides of her pillow and gave a short burst of ohhh and ahhh before she bit her lip again. Suddenly she climaxed as I felt her body tensed and shake all over. After a few more thursts, I let out a soft groan as I felt the first surge of pleasure shoot through my body, and after a few short minutes I pulled out my shining wet cock from her pussy. I stroked may hardness so fast then I felt my hot juices burst out of the head of my penis and the juices scattered on Candy’s belly and stomach.

After unloading all my semen and the heat of the passion gone, I lay down beside her. She looked at me and smiled, I smiled back at her. We were quiet and soon I fell asleep, because I really felt tired from the sexual act we did and the effect of the change in time zone.

I must have just drowse off for only a short while as I saw the time also passed by for a short time only. I saw Candy just  came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body.

Candy: “Akala ko bagsak ka na kaagad after one round at tuloy tuloy na tulog mo.”

Me: “Hindi ah, pagod lang talaga at nag iba ng time zone eh.”

Candy: “Hmmm palusot, di ba this time is office hours niyo pa.”

Me: “Oo pero, change in time zone nga, pag gabi dito ay hindi rin ako makatulog ng kumpleto.”

Candy: “Okay sinabi mo eh. So kaya pa o lalabas na tayo.”

Me: “Ikaw naman, nagmamadali ka ba, bigyan mo naman ako ng time maka buwelo, kuwentutan este kuwentuhan muna tayo pagkatapos ko magbanyo.”

Candy: “Hindi naman, just asking, o sige mag banyo ka na.”

I just showered a little bit to freshen up, but my body suddenly became relaxed and I felt sleepy again. I went out of the bathroom, went straight to the bed and lay down beside Candy.

Me: “O kuwentuhan muna tayo baka antukin ako ulit, sarap maligo, na relax ulit.”

Candy: “Ano ba pag usapan natin?”

Me: “So how’s your first hook up with an OFW Candy.”

Candy: “Not bad, well good … but correction ha, you’re not the first OFW I hooked up with James.”

Me: “Ohhh, akala ko lang ako una, eh di suki ka na ng OFW kung pangalawa ako.”

Candy: “Sira, suki. Ano nga pala work mo ulit?”

Me: “Financial Analyst”

Candy: “Hmmm at least naiba ka ng profesyon, hindi suking suki, hahaha.”

Me: “Bakit, ano work ng unang OFW na naka hook up mo.”

Candy: “Engineer siya.”

Me: “ Sa mall din kayo nagkakilala.”

Candy: “Nope, mas exciting na situation, sa isang resort at summer outing sa beach ng company namin”

Me: “Aba, mas exciting nga, so nakasabay nyo sa outing niyo si Engineer OFW?”

Candy: “Actually may ka hook up ako na officemate that time at nasa area kami ng cabanas nag make out, si Engineer OFW at kapatid niya ay napadaan at nanood pa pala sa ginagawa namin at nag comment pa. Ng umalis sila ay naisip namin ng officemate ko, Mike name niya na lumipat sa may dressing room at the same time comfort room area.”

Me: “ Hmmm, interesting circumstances nga, okay go on mukhang maganda ang kuwento mo at ni OFW no. 1”

Candy: “Sige para hindi ka makatulog … sa cubicle ng comfort room itinuloy namin ang ginagawa namin ni Mike. Then may narinig na kami ni Mike na ingay sa may bandang doorway, tumigil kami pero ng tumahimik tinuloy namin ang pag make out … suddenly I saw two 2 heads na lumitaw behind ni Mike sa dressing area. Ito nga si Engineer OFW at brother niya na naonood sa pag make out namin earlier!

Me.: “Bosero pala si Engineer OFW. Sige, tuloy mo lang kuwento Candy.”

Candy: “They both look alike and had round faces. The brother of the OFW is younger had a bigote while the OFW is older one looked like a normal guy. Nakangiti sila and saw me watching them. Nag thumbs up pa sila. No choice naman ako so I just let them watch and I just winked at them and smiled. Kaya lang may nakagawa ng ingay sa kanila kaya me and Mike decided to stop and end our making out. We dressed, and left the dressing room.

Me: “Hehehe, binitin pa pala kayo ni OFW at ng brother niya.”

Candy: “Yeah … so palabas na kami ng CR at dressing area ng maalala ko yung room card ko ay nahulog siguro sa cubicle sa dressing area. I went back sa cubicle to look for my room card and I got it. Suddenly si OFW at brother niya ay nasa isang cubicle beside ng cubicle na pinuntahan ko. They were also surprised to see me still there also.

Me: “You know what Candy, something deep in my mind … parang may narinig or may knowledge ako na similar ang circumstances sa kuwento mo .”

Candy: “Owws, anyway, hindi ko sila pinansin, just went to wash my hands. They chatted with me na at medyo rude si OFW that time. Asking me kung BF ko si Mike, kung malaki ba si Mike at kung nabitin ba ako kay Mike. I just answered …  Ok sana kung hindi kayo nangistorbo eh, nakalibreng boso na nga kayo, hindi mo pa ako pinatapos. Sagot ni OFW na rude pa din is Eh di ako nalang tatapos, total andito ka na naman eh”

Me: “Alam mo Candy, talagang parang I know the story … hmmm “(I saw her face parang question mark at nakakunot noo)

Candy: “Ayaw mo na ata akong magkuwento, sige nga kung alam mo”

Me: “ Ummmhhh, trying to refresh my mind … sige pag itong unang sinabi ko eh mali ay tatahimik na ako at hindi na ako magsasalita hanggang matapos kuwento mo.”

Candy: “Okay deal, sige sabihin ko agad kung mali.”

Me: “Okay here it goes … since you were both bitin and pikon that time specially to OFW, you turned to them and said to OFW na binitin mo ako so manood ka lang. Thinking they will back down but to your surprise eh ni lock pa nila ang door ng dressing area. Since napasubo ka na at asar ka kay OFW, yung younger kapatid niya ang kiss mo agad at nag make out kayo. Gusto pa nga kayong kunan ni OFW ng video habang may ginagawa kayo ng younger na brother niya pero sinabi mo na ilayo ang cellphones at video at no taking. Na yung younger brother niya una mong naka sex at nilabasan agad. So si OFW ang tumapos talaga sa iyo.”

I felt suddenly wondering why Candy was slightly red faced and up to that point I noticed she did not said I was wrong. Something in my mind was building up and I felt cold and excited.

Me: “Hey Candy am I still correct, tumahimik ka na diyan.”

She did not answer and was not looking at me anymore.

Me: “Aha, I remember na talaga … si younger brother in the story was called Bigs as in bigotilyo and OFW is called Kuya, tama ba ako Candy.”

Candy continued to be quiet but now I have made a conclusion, that the girl with me is someone I know in the net or world wide web.

Me: “Hey Candy, tatahimik ka na lang ba diyan … or should I say Hey Didi”

Candy suddenly looked at me and really red faced now.

Candy: “James, sino ka?”

Me: “Sinong paano? … Candy are you the erotic writer, huwag ka na sanang mag deny kung ikaw, obvious yung kuwento mo ay alam ko dahil nabasa ko sa mga erotic sites.”

Candy: “Okay I am Didi … so sino ka sa net James at you are very familiar with me and my stories”

Me: “Hahaha, akalain mo ang invisible na si Didi ay magiging crazy thing ko. Okay, clue, they call me AJ, and you chat up with me sa newest erotic website kung saan ka nag contribute ng story.”

Candy: “AJ ??? … A J …. Amir … Jamal? … Ohhh shittt  ohhh gosh … Hindi nga, huwag kang magbibiro James … (Didi softly punched me thrice on my stomach)

Me: “Mismo, Hi Didi, I’m Amir, nice to meet you”

Candy (Didi): “James grabe, this is really crazy. But then, it’s good to meet you too. You are really nice to me sa chat, sa site, hindi gaya ng iba na makulit at manyakis.”

Me (Amir): “Well, deep inside manyakis, but a gentleman really talks and treats nicely a good lady also. The manyakis character must come out only on occasions like this.”

Candy (Didi): “Ano kaya yun, may gentleman ba na manyakis?”

Me (Amir): “Pang ilan crazy thing mo na ba ito. Kuwento ka naman baka may crazy thing ka pa.”

Candy (Didi): “May mga crazy thing naman ako na sa akin na lang, pero I will tell you one na hindi ko na publish o post”

Candy started to tell the story and it was really hot. I was fully naked and did not cover my private thing with a pillow or a sheet. My dick started to have its erection while listening to Candy’s story. I noticed her glances on my would be hardness and when our eyes meet, she smiles and winked at me. After a while my cock was fully erect and Candy came near me. She started stroking my hardness and she looked at my eye.

Before long, she stuck out her tongue and ran it up the length of my shaft and around the swollen head. She gave the end of it a kiss, and then wrapped her moist lips around it. She slowly began to slide her head downward, pushing more of me inside her mouth.

I was surprised, because Candy did not want to give me a blowjob earlier but now as if she wants to deep throat me. She started moving her head up and down, slowly at first, while stroking and massaging the base of my hardened member. She sucks my penis once in a while cupping and massaging my balls at the same time also. I was letting out short bursts of ummmhhh and ahhhh’s that time when she released my cock from her mouth.

Candy (Didi): “You like me sucking your cock James.”

Me (Amir): Ahhhh Yes, grabe ka  Candy, ang sarap at ang galing mo pala talaga.

Candy (Didi): “Means you did not believe my stories.”

Me (Amir) : “Naniniwala, expression ko lang, still in disbelief na it is really you Didi”

Candy (Didi) smiled and winked at me. She went down again and started lick my balls and at the same time slowly stroking my cock. I let out a soft moan as she alternately sucked my two balls. That felt so good as the surge of pleasure keep  rising through my body. Then she went back again to my shaft, put it inside her mouth and started to twirl her tongue as she brings my hardness deeper inside her mouth. After a while, she moved her head up and down on a fast pace. I let out a loud groan and she took it as a sign to pick up the pace of her rhythmic sucking.

If Candy continues to suck me that way for sure I will come again in just a few minutes. I motioned her to stop, held her hands lightly and guided her to lay down on her back.  I climbed on top of her, rolled her legs back by her shoulders and drove my hard meat straight down into her dripping pussy. I got myself into a rhythm, and moved myself in and out, gradually picking up speed. I pounded my cock into her hard and fast. My balls slapped wetly against her asshole on each powerful thrust. Our faces were only inches apart. Her eyes were locked on mine.

Candy (Didi): "You like being so deep in me James”

Me (Amir): Oohhh ... yes Candy ... fuck, ang sarap mohhh”

I thrust into her pussy harder and deeper. I was grunting loud from my mouth. Candy's fingers were working furiously on her clit. A few moments she stiffened and cried out in a very soft gasp of pleasure. I felt her cunt start quivering and then it was so wet inside her, she came and I held my pumping. She was still breathing hard when she pushed me to motion to roll over.

She climbed on top of me and straddled my cock on her pussy lips. She also started grinding my hardness, it was dry humping. I can’t help marvel at her flat abs, for sure it was a result of regular work out. After a while I felt more wetness on my cock. She moved a little bit upward, held my cock and lowered herself onto my throbbing erection. She moved up and down on top of me, holding on to her breasts and rubbing her nipples.

I laid back and enjoyed the view. I looked at her boobs that where squeezed between both of her arms that were supporting herself on his chest. Her eyes were squeezed shut, at the same time biting her lips.

After a moment, Candy picked herself up again removing my cock all the way up to the very tip of it, and slid back down faster this time. She was taking my cock all the way in her pussy and was rubbing back and forth on it.

Her rocking increased in speed and intensity. Candy rocked harder and harder and started sliding up and down on my cock. I reached out with my left hand and squeezed her tits, while his right hand started rubbing her clit. I squeezed, twisted, and pinched her nipples as she fucked me harder and harder. Candy looked like she was bouncing all the way up and down my cock.

The pleasure in me was on a high because of the fast paced fucking Candy was doing to me. I felt she was already in the brink of another orgasm. I held both sides of her ass cheeks and began to pound my dick into her, meeting every thrust she makes. Suddenly Candy leaned forward and pressed her face into the pillow beside my face. I heard a muffled scream and I felt her pussy tightened the grip of my cock and her body shivered strongly.

The feeling of ecstasy grew more and more intense that me and my cock was unrelenting and  gave Candy’s pussy a strong pounding even she was still in the midst of her orgasm. I continued thrusting upwards until I got tired a little bit, my thrusting slowed and became out of rhytm. My cock slid out of Candy’s wetness thrice already.

Candy went back to the sitting position. She held my cock and slipped it back into her pussy and she fucked me fastly.. By this time my balls were swollen and ready to explode.

Me: “Ohhhh Candy sige lang, ganyan lang huwag kang titigil ... umhhh”

I don’t know if Candy sensed that I could not hold back much longer that she eventually pulled off me.

Candy (Didi): "Do me from behind James. I like it more that way."

Candy scrambled to her knees with her legs slightly spread and her ass tilted in the air. The view from behind was magnificent. Her swollen pussy hung between her legs with the pink lips of her cunt peeking out of her juicy gash. Two well rounded ass cheeks, a nice physical feature of hers, were covered with creamy smooth skin.

Candy was on her elbows looking back at me when I crawled up behind her. I teased her with my cock rubbing it up and down her gash and over her clit. Then with one single thrust I plunged deep into her waiting cunt. Candy squealed softly. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard driving my cock deep into her on each thrust and jerking her whole body forward. Every hard thrust I make will be a corresponding mmmmppphhh sound from her.

Candy was furiously rubbing her clit. Pussy juice was everywhere. I looked down at my cock gliding in and out between her creamy cheeks and her cute little asshole peeking up at me. I pressed my thumb against her tight hole and caressed it gently. Her whole body started shaking. Her head was jerking from side to side. The soft umphhhh sound were continuously heard from her for every forward thurst I make.

I felt my balls were ready to be emptied. The stimulation of her fingers against my cock as she rubbed her clit soon had me near the edge. However, I could tell from her sudden contionous soft moans and gasps that she was about to cum. I felt her pussy tightened against my cock. Candy began to shake. Her body jerked as she exploded. She gasped for air and fell forward shaking with my cock still pumping in and out of her cunt.

Even when Candy was having her orgasm, I continuously slammed into her deeply. After a few more hard thrusts I pulled out my cock from inside her cunt and told Candy to lay down on her back. She rolled over immediately and I positioned myself on her right side near her breasts. A few fast  jerks with my cock and cum exploded on her breasts and partly on her neck. Some of my cum leak down from the sides of her breast and dripped down onto the bed.

I also collapsed forward and lay down on my stomach exhausted and breathing hard and with my spent cock going limp already. After a while I rolled sideways and lay down on my back. I saw Candy got some tissue and wiped the cum on her neck and other parts of her body. We chatted a little bit and Candy was telling that our just recent sex bout was hot and very intense. I felt drowsy again but before I closed my eyes I saw Candy dosing off already.

I don't know now how long I dozed off, I was awaken by someone moving out of the bed. I opened my eyes and was disoriented at first. My eyes set focused on Candy and I was confused and thinking where was I? It finally came back and I smiled at her.

Candy (Didi): "Mukhang uwian na eh, nakatulog ka na naman James.”

Me (Amir): “Pinagod mo kasi ako Candy, at ikaw din nakita ko nakatulog hahahah”

Candy (Didi): “Aba, ako pa ang naging excuse mo James ha, hihihi. I am going to take a shower. Do you want to join me, malay mo maka isa ka pa James?"

I shrugged my shoulders ... “Sure Candy, why not.”

I needed to wash the smell of sex off my body. She went inside first and I followed her going  into the bathroom naked.  I had to pee badly.  She turned on the water and climbed into the shower while I was relieving myself. I was still peeing when she stuck out her head and asked if I was joining her.

After peeing, I followed Candy in the shower. We soaped and washed each other paying special attention to certain parts of the body. It didn't take long for my cock to grow back to full length when it wedged into the crack of her ass while I was pressed up behind her washing her tits. I placed a hand to her pussy and rubbed her clit. Candy turned her head. Our lips met in a stream of warm water pouring down on us. She spun around so that our slippery wet bodies were pressed together.

We continuously kissed. My hands grabbed her smooth ass cheeks which I kneaded with my fingers. Candy pushed up on her toes and bent my cock down between her legs. It glided back and forth across her pussy. She lifted a leg and wrapped it around me and placed her hand embracing my neck tightly in order to hold on. Her other hand guided my cock into her opening. It slipped inside her hot cunt. We turned until her back was against the wall and fucked standing up while kissing with water splashing against us.

It felt good but I was not comfortable fucking in a frontal standing position. Suddenly, Candy whispered ... “James, ang hirap ng ganito, can we change position please.”

I pulled out my cock from her pussy and Candy immediately turned around facing the wall and placed her hands on it. I pressed up behind her and push my cock into her very wet cunt. She pushed back against me driving me deeper. After a few quick strokes I was completely buried. I was feeling nasty. I held unto her shoulders and pulled her hair as I was pumping in her so hard. I pulled her hair more so her neck was closer to me. My teeth made a gentle nibbling on her neck as I fucked her hard more in deep strokes.

Me (Amir): Umhhh Candy baka pwede ko ng iputok sa loob.

Candy (Didi): Huwag James ... umhhh just continue pumping”

Candy (Didi): Ahhh, I’m near ... I’ll do for you something special”

I suddenly wondered what that something special Candy would do for me. Then I just concentrated on giving Candy pleasure. Still pumping furiously in and out of her cunt, I dropped a hand to her pussy and moved my finger to her clit and rubbed it in fast circles. I fuck her cunt until I felt her body tense. I slammed my cock deep in her pussy, pulled it out and slammed it up her again and then again. Candy gasped so softly but long. Her body bucked and shook as the orgasm consumed her.

I knew it was not going to be long before I would cum again. I continued my furious pace of slamming her cunt even she was still gasping from her recent orgasm. I reached around and grabbed her tits and mashed it a little bit hard.

Candy (Didi): “James tell me when you are about to cum na ha.”

I just groaned “Yeah” and pumped her harder.

I pulled my cock from her pussy, Candy turned around and went down until she was squatting in front of me. I grabbed her head and jammed my cock into her mouth. She was waiting and easily swallowed my length holding her lips against my pubes. I was already having an inkling what special thing she would do to me. I began fucking her mouth in hard and rough thrusts. I had my hands on the back of her head fucking my cock in and out of her mouth like it was a cunt.

Water was splashing against us and dripping down Candy's face. I was fucking her mouth in hard thrusts and in a fast pace now. Candy clamped her lips tightly around my shaft. I felt my cock swell. I thrust up into her mouth. A surge of intense pleasure gripped my entire being as blood pounded through my veins. A few more pumps and my cum exploded into her mouth. The explosion was equally intense and I closed. A river of cum surged steadily from the tip of my cock and sprayed into her waiting mouth. A second and third surge eased the throbbing in my balls and smaller spurts pumped through my swollen meat until I thought I was drained. I think Candy swallowed most of my cum.

When I finally opened my eyes my spent cock was still in her mouth. A little bit of cum was drooling from her lips down my shaft and over my balls. Her eyes were fixed on mine and she winked. When she pulled her mouth from my cock, Candy stood up and I turned her towards me. We kissed and finished washing. We stepped out of the shower to dry ourselves.

We walked naked back to the room and started dressing up.

Me (Amir): “Candy, thanks for that something special you have done to me.”

Candy (Didi): “Sure, pambawi lang, hindi talaga pwede sa loob eh.”

We chatted for sometime and then decided that it was time to go. I called the reception to inquire for our bill and informed them that we are checking out.

Candy was checking herself on the mirror, putting a powder retouch on her face.

I was sitting up on the bed and just watching her do her thing. Suddenly I was feeling horny again. I was looking at her shapely body and protruding ass because she was leaning forward towards the mirror. I then felt the urge to have one more round with Cindy. It was just that this kind of thing would not happen again specially with a young girl like Candy (Didi). So why not one more time.

I then found myself standing behind her. Candy saw me at the mirror and she turned her head to look at me. Her eyes locked on mine.

Me (Amir): “Pwede isa pa Candy, quickie lang”

Candy (Didi): “Isa sige, kung kaya mo pa, pero quickie, I doubt James” her reply with raised eyebrows

Me (Amir): “Yes quickie lang, no more taking off our clothes.”

Candy moved around the chair so she could pull herself up until we were both standing in front of each other and started making out. My hands slipped around her narrow waist. Candy pressed her body tight to mine. I could feel her pussy against my thigh and was quite sure she could feel the hardness growing in my pants.

I found my hand moving under her sundress. My fingers moved up the smooth skin of her stomach and then under the cup of her bra. I squeezed the tender flesh and traced the puffy cap and hard tip of her nipple. She moaned softly when I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger. I moved to her other breast and did the same thing.

I pulled away from the kiss and looked into Candy's eyes while I was feeling her tits. She bit her lower lip and squirmed her pussy hard against me. I shifted until my hard cock was pressed to her mound and rubbed the length up and down against her.

I motioned to her to turn so her back was facing me. She turned and held on the chair. We were both looking each other at the mirror as I raised her sundress and pulled down her panty. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Pulled my pants down and my underwear next.

My hand slid around to the cheeks of her nicely rounded ass. My other hand fingers went down and started caressing her pussy lips, I felt the warm wetness of her cunt when I touched the fleshy lips protruding out from the lips of her womanhood. Candy’s one hand held my throbbing cock and started to stroke it.

Candy gasped and whispered "yes" when I started rubbing her moist petals. Her hand remained on my hardness. She was squeezing it with her fingers. My middle finger found her opening and pushed inside. Candy was so wet already and it is time to enter her. I shoved her hand gently for her to stop stroking my cock.

I held my hardness and placed it in the entrance of her wetness. I reached around and grabbed her tits and nibbled gently on her ear. Candy responded pressing her ass back against my dick and grinded against it. I gently push Candy forward so she was bent more over. Her ass was positioned to me at the perfect place. I move forward and wasted no time penetrating her pussy with my hardness and driving it all the way into her.

Candy grabbed on the chair tightly bracing herself for the rough fuck that I will do with her because of the urgency of time. I wasted no time to fucking her as hard as I could. Candy began to pump back and forth against me, meeting my thrusts, my hips collided with her ass harder.

Suddenly, the bell rang, the roomboy was already at the door. Me and Candy looked at each other at the mirror.

This is the crazy thing here.

Me (Amir): “This is the money, iabot mo na lang at sa kanya na ang sukli”

Candy (Didi): “Ha, we won’t stop you mean”

Me (Amir): “Yes, we start walking towards the door now”

I was not about to stop, me and Candy, my hardness still in her, started walking towards the door. She unlocked the door and opened it. I was pumping Candy gently, and Candy was pinching me to stop. Candy was just opening the door for her hand to get through but I became naughty and slammed her hard, making her moan softly but enough for the roomboy to hear.

Candy peeked a little bit at the door and since I am pumping on her, for sure the Roomboy will see her face rocking.

Candy (Didi): “Ahhh ummhhh kuya, eto bayad o”

Roomboy: “Ma’am, kung hindi pa kayo tapos pwede po mag extend or mamaya na lang yung bayad.”

Candy (Didi): “Hindi po, ok na po kami, kunin niyo nalang po yung sukli.”

The roomboy took the money and Candy immediately close the door and locked it. We did not move anymore. I continued slamming her while she bent forward and held on the door knob.

Candy (Didi): “Crazy ka din pala James.”

I put my left hand on her waist for us to have control and balance for our movements. I began to fuck her furiously again.Then I used my right hand to land three strong smacks on her ass.

Candy (Didi): “Ahhhh James ano ba?”

Me (Amir): “Sinong crazy hahahaha”

I already got a rhythm slamming Candy’s pussy. I was fast and unrelenting with my thursts. I was so fast pumping Candy already that I grabbed her hipbones, using them as a handle to pull her to me with each thrust. Then again Candy suddenly made a soft moan, felt her cunt tighten again and her body jerked so strong. I heard her say “Yes” ... she was again experiencing another orgasm. Her face was firmly pressed on the door her two hands were still clinging tight on the door knob.

My thrusts got harder and deeper. My balls were filling. It wasn't going to take long. My eyes were closed. A few more pumps and I groaned loudly, pulled out fast from Candy’s pussy and jerked my cock. My juices scattered on the floor and some on the wall.

Candy looked at me smiling ... “James, baka gusto mo daw mag extend sabi ng roomboy.”

Me (Amir): “Hindi na, hahanapin na ako sa bahay.”

Candy went to the bathroom while I cleaned the evidence of my juices on the floor and on the wall. We cleaned and fixed ourselves and left the motel. We went back to SM Mega Mall as Candy’s car was parked there.

When we went down the taxi we chatted a little and said our goodbyes. Candy just walked a few steps then I remembered something.

Me (Amir): “Candy isulat mo itong story natin ha, pang 11th crazy thing mo.”

Candy (Didi): “Hindi po, ikaw ang magsulat. Iisa pa lang ang story mo doon sa site kaya dapat mag contribute ka at ma credit sa iyo ang story na ito, ikaw ang gumawa ng crazy thing na ito. See you and talk to you wherever, whenever James”

Candy (Didi) waved goodbye and winked.

I was walking going to the bus stop and remembered a line in Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks movie) ... “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what your gonna get”. Well I got a Candy, wahaha.

Didi's 12th - 3 of 3

Hello, it’s me again. I am very sorry for not following up on my story with Ken. Real life has been very busy but I guess better late than never.
Should you want to get re-acquainted with my stories, just click here: – take note that it is better to read this fromt eh beginning to the most recent because this talks about my life experiences and to see how I “evolve”.
Now with my story. This will be pretty long.
After my last with Ken (part 2) we have only tried checking in one more time because of our schedules. Most of the time, it still remained quickies in the car. Just like the 1st time, it was hot, wild and very satisfying. It was getting really satisfying that I am starting to feel something very different in me. There are times I miss him, there are times I just wanted his hardness in me, there are times I wanted him to take me like a lover, there are times I want him to take me roughly. I guess it is because he also treats me differently as well, but at that time, we were still trying to think it was nothing but a hook up.
There was one time when I had a whole day off due to a system issue and we were asked to go to work early. Most of them went home already while I was going to get picked up by hubs. I texted Ken if he is available, he said he is just leaving and will be picking me up. After a few minutes, his car pulled over to the side of our building and I got on. I asked if he has any plans, and he said he plans to just stay home and he thought of an idea, why not we hang out at his pad since his roommate is out. His place is a condo complex down in the new developments and it looks secure and nice.
After going up, and into the condo, it really looks like a bachelor’s pad with the way things are arranged, the neat gadgets, and even the way it does not look too clean. It was pretty spacious with two bedrooms as well. Anyway, after getting comfortable and getting a bit of rest, we started doing what we were really thinking. We started making out while walking/stumbling towards his room. It was pretty standard with a little bit of passions since we haven’t met in a few weeks and we knew we had privacy. We slowly took our clothes off until we reached his room and dropped down to his mattress (he didn’t have a bed). It was pretty standard, thought with Ken, I can say the standard is awesome and I am of course not one to be outdone. I guess it might be the slowly creeping feelings we were having but everything is now starting to be performance level for both of us. After one round, we rested and fell asleep. While he was still sleeping, I went out to use the rest room to pee and to also get some water. Since Ken said his roommate will be out, I just went out without anything on. After I left the cr, I went to the fridge to get water and I turned around to see another guy entering the condo. He was pretty tall, big, and dark, very much like Kuya (from my previous summer outing set of stories) and I was frozen. Here I was staring at a guy while I am holding a glass of water and totally naked. He was also equally frozen and none of us were moving or saying anything until I heard a voice say “Oh Pre, kala ko me pasok ka?”.
It turns out, his roommate decided to go home early. His name is Brad; he has been Ken’s best friend and roommate for a few years now. Ken speaking got me back to my sense and I ran to Ken’s room and closed the door. Ken on the other hand was also naked and entered the room as well. I was quietly freaking out while he was also very dumbfounded but he just got a shirt and shorts while he offered the same to me and he left the room to talk to Brad. I heard part of their conversation and it went something like this:
Ken: “Pre, sorry akala ko mamaya ka pa uuwi”
Brad: “ok lang, medyo tinamad ako sa office kaya nag sick leave nalang ako”
Ken: “Ah talaga? Ako rin eh, kaya nauwi ako ng maaga”
Brad: “ Hehe, siya ba si Didi?”
Brad: “Tama ka nga noh”
During that time, I felt a little bit pissed that Ken was talking about me since we were supposed to keep this between ourselves. So summoning internal strength, I decided to leave the room and in usual Didi fashion, just wing it.
I left the room and said, Hello, and introduced myself. Brad then said “ikaw nga” then I asked why, apparently he also read my stories and knew that Ken and I were chatting (well best friends at roommates nga diba?) so with this, I just decided to just accept it and we sat down and talked. Brad went to his room to get comfortable and then when he left, we started talking. It was actually Brad asking me questions about my stories and he telling me about the time Ken told him about me. Brad is pretty funny and pretty nice. While we were chatting, Brad then asked me if I am still play a mean game at NBA, and challenged me. I accepted the challenge and we then decided to play NBA and the other games they had.
As we were playing games and then started watching some series, I was then feeling someone lightly touching my back inside my shirt. Then that touch started to become real himas which then started to move to my side and slowly reaching to my breasts and started pinching and playing with my nipples. I looked to Ken and told him to stop, but he kept doing it. I kinda tilted my head toward Brad's direction but he just shrugged and kept at it and was really touching my breasts. Brad on the other hand was still watching, and I am getting really wet. My hands then started moving to Ken's crotch and rubbing at his already expanding hardness. We then started light kissing and petting until I looked over at Brad and he is already looking at us. With this Ken just smiled and then took my shirt all the way off. I was going to protest but he said that Brad has already seen my body. After he took it off, he started sucking and licking my breasts and nipples while my hands are on his hair. It was really feeling so great and I reached down to pump his hardness. He took his shorts off, and then pulled my shorts off too. He moved towards my neck and licked his place to my lips where we then started kissing. His hands were carressing mine until I am feeling that there are two hands on my breasts and then one on my thigh, and another starting to touch my wetness. I then looked back and it was Brad touching me too. I looked at Ken and he just smiled so I just shrugged. I guess it was ok with Ken, so I guess it should be ok with me.
While they were touching my body, Ken put my head down which meant that he wants me to suck him. As I went down to suck him, I felt Brad's hands touching my wetness faster. This was making it hard for me to concentrate on sucking Ken but I was doing the best I can. We were on a couch so there is some space, and what Brad did was while I was sucking Ken, he moved my lower body sideways and then started eating me. This was very hard for me because I really have problems with multi-tasking but to make up for not sucking, I would just pump Ken. As Brad ate me, there was a real big difference with Ken. Brad was a little more awkward but it still felt good but failed to make me cum. Ken then asked me to give Brad a shot and this time, Brad was left on the couch, and I moved to the floor. Ken then lay down on the floor, which is carpeted and then asked me to face my wetness to his face and he ate me. This was making it harder to suck Brad because of Ken's expertise. He made me cum, pretty quickly, while sucking Brad's fat hardness. After cumming, Ken moved behind me, and this time put his hardness in position to enter me from behind. In my mind, I really can't believe that I am really doing a full threesome. It was hard and exciting at the same time but I tried my best to really do my best. Ken was pretty good and he was entering me while also touching my clit. I was starting to moan already and Brad got really into it and he stood up and started pumping my face. Brad was really getting into it, and I got the feeling he is going to cum so I took my mouth off it and started pumping him and then him cumming on my hand and shoulders. I on the other hand started my orgasm and ended up squeezing his hardness and made him scream. I said sorry but he just laughed and then flopped on the couch, panting. Ken then turned me on my back and then continued pumping into me until he came on my chest.
After that, I just lay there and collected my strength, while they also rested. After cleaning up, we then got back to playing games and/ or watching stuff while we are naked. It was pretty funny because we just were like normal people doing stuff like getting water and stuff but naked. While watching, Brad would sometimes fondle me and I would fondle Ken, then I would touch Brad. Until Brad got hard and I asked Ken if I can try Brad out. I said ok, and then I rode him. It was ok, but the good thing with being on top is that I can control it and I came, he then also came a few pumps after.
We rested again and this time got hungry so we ordered some food. They then thought it could be a prank to greet the guy naked. So we then called for delivery and then waited. They all know about the Pizza Boy story so they know that I can pull it off. I put a towel on, and waited. When the doorbell came, I was on a towel and told him “Ang bilis niyo naman kuya, maliligo palang kami” then as I was getting the food, the towel fell. I pretended to be shocked, while Ken and Brad were just on the TV. The guy helped me with my towel but I told him, itong food nalang. So he helped me to the table and then I paid him. I acted like it was nothing while the guy does not know where to look. I told him “Kuya ok lang po dito na kayo tumgingin saken, baka mali pa yung pag bayad namin.” Ken and Brad then went to the food and while he was counting, they were telling him “Oh pre, bago kayo umalis tignan mo mabuti”. He was still looking, until Brad said “Pare tanong mo kung pwede hawakan”. The guy then looked at me and I just smiled and said “sure”. He reached over to by breasts to touch it slowly and kneaded my breasts. He was getting really hard by that time, and then I asked, “Gusto mo bang matulungan dyan?” He just nodded and he took it out and I pumped him. I guess he was so excited that he really came very fast. He then gave us his thanks and left while we were laughing.
We ate our food, and then still hang out until we heard the doorbell ring. Brad checked it out and said that it was their friend Mang Danny. He is a neighbor of theirs who recently retired and would hang out in their place. By this time, we were not naked anymore and just let him in. He entered, Mang Danny retired from the states because he did something like law enforcement or something so he isnt that old because he is just in his 50s andintroduced me to him and then we started to hang out. I only had a shirt on, and I was already feeling it that Mang Danny was already watching me and I got naughty and made sure he saw a lot of me. He was then getting bolder from looking, to going near me and chancing. I just pretended not to care until he got so bold and had his hand inside the shirt alread and I was shocked and the two other guys just laughed and then asked Mang Danny if he has tried someone younger. Mang Danny was one person who did not mess around. Btw, Mang Danny knew who I was because he said he read some of my stories too. He quickly took my top off which got me so naked again. He just got to work really quickly, sucking my breasts and then touching me down there. I told him “Mang Danny, relax naman po” to which he said “Naku Didi, sa edad kong ito susungabin ko na lahat ng masusungab ko, baka mamatay nko bukas”. And then went down on me. He got slower this time and got more patient and he was actually not bad. He ate me for a good number of minutes before bringing me to orgasm. After that, he lay me on the couch after asking Ken and Brad to move out and went on top of me. He entered me missionary style and was pumping pretty fast. Ken was just watching but Brad already had his hardness on and was jacking off as Mang Danny pumped me. He then got tired and asked me to go on top, which I did and I rode him until he came. While riding Mang Danny, Brad would go to me and ask me to touch him and suck him from time to tim, Ken would also toucn my body a bit. After Mang Danny, Brad then entered me briefly until he too had to cum. Both Mang Danny and Brad got so tired that they napped on the couch after cleaning up.
That left me and Ken alone, and we went to his room again. We first just laughed about the experience since this is my 1st real threesome/gang bang/pila balde experience. I was also laughing and then I was asking him if he liked me doing it and he just smiled sheepishly. I asked him what he really meant and he admitted that it was kinky and fun but he actually felt jealous. At that point he kinda confessed his is having feelings for me, at that point, I was kinda feeling something too. We ended up kissing like lovers until he asked me why I was always asking Brad and Mang Danny to cum outside while I let him cum inside knowing I was safe. That is when I said, I want your cum inside me and only yours (chos!) ….........and my husband (but this was after a long pause). We then kissed again and made love. Like not the normal fucking but it was sex with feelings, something I only feel with my husband and it made it so much better. Every touch, every thrust feels like an orgasm, I hated and loved every bit of it because I know I should not be developing feelings for him but here I am moaning and saying his name as he thrust in me. We did it sideways, me on top, him behind me until he came hard inside me. I savored every drop and every sensation and went to sleep.
After a few hours, I woke up and told Ken it's time for me to go. I fixed up, and bid goodbye to Brad and Mang Danny. They said they were already spent and Ken drove me back to the building as I waited for hubs to pick me up.
From then on, we became an unofficial, secret couple. This was very new to me and scared me a lot but it was also exciting, much like having a new boyfriend. This actually made us more careful and we met less but everytime was like an explosion of emotions and pleasure.
This is not the end of the story with Ken, and no we are not together anymore. I have one or two more with him and I again apologize for the long delay. I hope you like this and please be gentle with your comments.

Didi's 12th - 2 of 3

Please note that I only write this story for Lagablab, so you if read any of my stories in any other sites please inform me. Also, yes I write, if you want to see my other stories just click on my name in the Authors tab.

Now on with the story.

As I started writing about Ken, I guess I might as well continue with some more stories. After the event of my 1st experience with Ken, we have the occasional mutual touching and a quickie or two in his car but we have never really tried to really meet and check in. We would sometimes talk about how it would be, sometimes it would lead to mutual pleasuring and just talking about it, either through the phone or in a resto or in the car but we never really tried it. I guess it was mutual fear on both our parts or it is just that we have our own things and doing this might just not be at the right time.

That “right time” came when there was a day where in every computer system my team needed for us to do our work did not function. It started a few hours into our shifts and it just stopped working. We consulted tech and they confirmed that all systems were down. This usually happens from time to time but never this early in our shift, some were even late to work and did not even get to open their computers when we told them there was a system down. We were quite lucky that it was one of those days where we are not busy so we basically were just loitering around the office or to the establishments nearby. This was also the time when Ken started texting. He knew my shift and when not to text me so he would send messages just for me to read when I am available. He was surprised that I replied and we started texting. During this time, some of my teammates were already out. We just had a rule that we should return to the office at the end of our shifts to log out but the day is pretty much free for us. We then decided to meet for coffee and lunch (well it’s lunch for me but it’s dinner for normal people) and when I asked why he was also able to leave the office, he said that his boss was sick and they were able to finish what they had to do so they could even leave it they want to. While we were eating, he kept mentioning that this could be “the” right time. I still didn’t get what he meant because I never gave going out a thought until I asked him to be specific.  He then told me,” eh what if umalis na kami, tapos mag check in, at sakto naming may halos 5 hours pa tayo para makapag 3 hours then balik ka para mag log out”. I was shocked at 1st, but then again I really didn’t have anything to do. It could be a good experience, and at least I can do it on a bed for once. I was still hesitating but he was already leading me to the car park to get his car. I really didn’t even feel scared; in my head I just said to hell with it and let’s see.

On the ride to the motel, we were quiet. We didn’t even utter a word on the whole trip. I was initially indifferent about the whole thing since we have already done it but there is this expectation and that he was just so quiet, he even barely looked at me. When I asked him why he was so quiet, he just said he is thinking about how he can get the most out of my outfit.  I was wearing typical corporate attire, a skirt, a sleeveless blouse and high heels. At first I felt a little scared but it was more of the good and excited scared and there were times that I caught myself holding my breath.

When we reached the area and got in the garage, He was pretty serious when he told me “tara” and then I walked to the room. It was only during that time that I felt a little scared. I was thinking if he will kill me, or chop me up in little pieces or at the very least might hurt me. He opened the door and asked me to enter.

As we entered, he made me stop in the middle of the room, ako naman medyo nagtaka. I was thinking “meron bang dumi or hindi naayos?” then from behind me he hugged me tight. I was going to turn around but he stopped me and told me to just look forward.  He then started to kiss my ears, and then slowly caressed my body. He held my neck; his hands were going down to my chest, to my waist, to my sides. I was feeling the excitement that he was planning something new; he would put his hand inside my blouse then his fingers would go in my bra and play with my nipples for a bit then leave it to touch other parts of my body. He did this for quite a while and it was getting me very excited, I can feel myself getting wet already.

It really took a while until he raised my blouse up and then took my bra off. While still behind me he started sucking and licking my ears and down to my neck. He would suck, lick, and give it little bites. I already am breathing heavily but I still will not ask him to do anything. His hands started playing with my breasts, kneading them, squeezing them and pinching my nipples. While he was doing that, he made me hold on to my blouse and bra. He then started raising my skirt, moving it slowly upward until he was able to bring it to my waist. He then ran his finger on my wetness outside of the panties and I felt the wetness and so did he. He then told me to fold my blouse and bra, which I did, and then he asked me to put in on the floor. I was just going to bend down but he told me to bend from the waist. I had the idea that he wanted a show; I sexily bent my body and made sure that my butt went all the way up.  I was quite shocked when he asked me to stay bent, and then he lowered himself and slowly took my panties down.  He then started licking me, and sucking part of my wetness. It felt really good that he finally went there na, kumbaga sa wakas. He was eating me from the position and I thanked my time working out for my flexibility because if not I would have already fell on the floor. I was doing my best to stay in position as he ate me like that and I could help trying to take my heels off but he told me to keep it on. It was a good thing I can bend so I have my fingertips to support me as he ate me. True enough, he had me cumming from what he did. I was breathing heavily and I was waiting for him to enter me but he didn’t. I was waiting for it until I asked him if he is entering me. He just kept quiet and moved himself behind my butt but he still didn’t enter me. He just kept running the length of his hardness on me and moving it like he was doing me dog style but not inside me and it was tickling my clit. I was panting hard now and was slowly asking him to enter me. Despite my requests he still didn’t enter me until my voice got louder and he slapped my butt and told me to ask nicely. I was shocked but I really wanted it so I asked, but then since I was bad, he wanted me to beg which I did. He then wanted me to tell him what I want, until I ended up saying “Ken, please ipasok mo na. Please fuck me Ken, please, I want it inside me. Fuck me please” I felt a little degraded but excited me a lot. I was bent at the waist, my fingers touching the floor, with my mini seamless slim skirt up to my waist begging a guy to enter him. I can feel myself dripping with my juices so eager to have him in me, he then said in the most ordinary manner, “ok” then without warning rammed into me. I screamed hard! I was wet but I am not that loose to accommodate something like that and I felt a sharp pang of pain. It was like I never felt but he kept it there until my body got used to the size and then he started moving in and out. It was good, it was so good yet I feel dirty.  Well, dirty in a good way as he entered in and out of me. I was moaning, biting my lip, quietly cursing as he entered me. He started holding my from my skirt to be able to push deeper in me and from the back of my head, I was also concerned with not ruining my skirt (sayang din ito kasi binili ko rin siya hehe) but it was so good. He then got my arms and held them, this scared me because it would lose my balance but he was able to keep me standing by holding my arms as he thrust in and out of me. I saw myself in the mirror and it looked like those Japanese porn things there they are like holding the arms like it’s a rape scene. It made me a lot more wet and I started moving against him to feel him deeper in me. This time, his hands shifted to grab my breasts instead of my arms and played with my nipples. This time I feel my balance was being supported by my breasts (which aren’t big naman to begin with) and it made it even sexier. I am not sure how many times I came but I was sure it was more than twice and it felt so good! I reminded him not to cum inside me to which I didn’t get any response.

I feel that he was really doing a performance level job and he asked me how I was, this was the 1st time he asked about me and I said I was ok but the bending (and the orgasms) was starting to make me weak and he walk me over to the bed. I quickly got my skirt off but he still asked me to keep the heels. I felt very sexy being naked and just having heels on and he made me lie on my stomach and asked me to point my but up. He put a pillow on my stomach and hips and then went behind me to enter me again. It was pretty much like what we did but at least I have the bed to rest on. He then turned me over, then with him standing at the edge of the bed entered my while holding on to my legs. Sometimes he was holding my heels and again I was thinking “sana hindi masira yung heel kasi mahal bili ko dyan” but when I got my orgasms again I stopped caring.  He was pumping faster and faster until he said he was cumming and afer a few more pumps, he came hard, like reaching my chest hard on my body. He collapsed on me and I was still breathing hard but I laughed at him because he now has cum on his body.  We rested for a bit and we talked. He said he always wanted to do me with heels because he thought my legs were nice and that made me laugh. We then cuddled, kissed, made out, touched each other, made out some more until he ate me again and then he asked me to do a 69 with him. This time I asked if I can take my heels off now because my feel it getting tired and it was a good thing he agreed. After a time with us eating the other’s privates, the then moved on top of me and entered me again. This time, he was gentler and sensitive which actually made it more pleasurable. We kept at it like this until we both came. We were so tired that we spent a bit of time to get a quick nap.

The problem was what was supposed to be nap became a little long because when I woke up, we have slept for more than 1 hour.  I woke him up and told him that we might have already gone over the 3 hours and that I have to get back as well. We got out of the bed, I called the operator and luckily we didn’t have to pay overtime and started getting ready. I didn’t have time to shower but I think nobody would notice it anyway. While I was fixing up, he came up behind me and started kissing me again. I said that the attendant would be coming already because he was getting frisky again. He was still trying to get into my skirts, and he was quite determined. He was able to make me lean on the table, and moved my panties to the side. I wasn’t as wet but it was wet enough for his head to get in. From there would still push in slowly in and out until I got wetter and was able to accommodate his whole length. We then finished with one more round leaning on the table with me fully clothed, which he said is another of the things he wanted to do to me.  It was another episode of perfect timing that the doorbell rang after he has finished cumming on my thighs, thus preventing anything weird or crazy happening.  He went over to pay as I tidied up myself and then we left for the office.

I got to the office without any problems and was able to clock out and head home. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest chapter on my experience with Ken, I hope you like it and a few more stories with Ken to come.

Didi's 12th - 1 of 3

Hello, it’s been ages since I last posted. So far, married life has been blissful with the usual challenges couples face. I have generally shied away from the “crazy things” that would happen to me since after all, this is already a new chapter in my life. Despite this, I guess there are times where the past or let’s say my cyber life and my real life collide.

I have been chatting with some members for some time now. I started in other sites until I finally settled in Lagablab. God Knows the different types of people I have met in YM. There were people who were complete jerks, perverts, narcissists, weirdoes, and complete idiots that my ignore list is almost twice my friends list. There are of course those who are keepers, people with just enough sense and the occasional wild streak that are fun to talk to, and also willing to follow my simple rules. My 1st rule: no personal details, we can talk about our lives and family but no specifics. I do not give my number, my fb account, my place of work, or anything that can put my real life in danger. No matter how they “understand” it will always be a negative if they start asking. My 2nd rule: Do not forget you are speaking to a lady. I can play along with naughty innuendos and the occasional outright nasty conversations but there is a line, though a little fine that would just be outright vulgar. This is a rule I pretty much give a lot of leeway on but it is still there nevertheless. My usual line here would be “Hindi porke nagsusulat ako ng bastos ay pwede mo na akong bastusin” My 3rd rule: They should have at least read 90% of my stories. They chat with me and they ask questions which were already in my stories. That is very very annoying and really gets my temper up. The worst were people asking for my ym in the chatbox without even knowing who I am or at least reading stories. Fail that rule, I give you a week to read up, and then chat me again.  My 4th and last rule: Please have a brain. There were times I was chatting to people that were just really dense. It was like chatting to a brick wall. There are also some who would lie about things, forgetting that I read their messages. There was one time when I was chatting with a guy, and then he would say he was leaving, then all of a sudden he was already out, then his story kept changing and it was really insulting. That guy went to the ignore list after a long time as a chat mate. I can honestly say that I can carry a conversation beyond naughty topics and I require people who chat me to do the same. I always believe that this is a reading site 1st and anything else second. We all have lives, for the others, I suggest that they either live theirs or get one (no offense naman po kung may matamaan).

One of those “keepers” is Ken (not his real name, but you know who you are), he is a married guy who works in the city while his family is out of town. He rents a place here and goes home on weekends. We have been chatting for quite a while now and have gone quite close. He has followed me from the previous two sites I was posting stories before and was one of the 1st I have chatted. Like the rest, we would chat about everything and is really great company. He was also quite frisky and would tell each other some crazy things we did. To all the readers, if the people who chat me would just post their stories, I promise you, it is WILDER than any of the stories posted here. For those who chat me, there are times that I post pictures in my avatar of myself, it started really as a way to tease people but there are times I would just really forget that it was there. To be honest, it really started with him. We would give each other advice, and help each other in our lives but despite all these, all of my rules still apply. Never did he ask or even insinuated a meet up. We were both happy with this barrier where we can do what we want and then meet up at night in YM and chat all about it.

As we got to chat longer, there were things that I say that seem to be quite familiar to him. I actually never thought about it until late but as I chat and as he would chat, there are some similarities in terms of the events of the day, and even to what I ate or what he passed by. We always would talk about our day in this famous coffee shop and there is more than one occasion that we would talk about the same thing that happened in that coffee shop. At first it seemed to just be nothing to me, a coincidence but I did feel a little bit scared if this person was stalking me. Though from the way he chatted, he too was starting to feel that we might be working in the same area. He was saying that he might have seen me already and I would just laugh it off though I do feel I have already passed him in one or a few occasions. We would just think nothing about it and would just continue chatting. He was joking that he would try to approach me if it was me. My pictures were not really that close up so there is still a chance that it would not be me and he actually tried asking 4 girls in the coffee shop already if they were “didi” and he even had a fling with one of them.  Actually, I was already one of the girls he asked, I was really surprised but I just played it like it wasn’t me. He also had doubts about me because I was so quiet and shy that he just wanted to see if it was me. He said that I (when he asked if I was “didi”) was a long shot but he just wanted to get to know me because I was cute but shied away when he saw the ring. I was laughing already because he already got me but I was just being mean to him. Our usual game would be if we caught each other in YM before I went to work, he would ask me what I wore and I would always say it but with something off. Either a mismatched color like if I say a grey skirt and a blue polo, it was actually the other way around. I was quite confident that he will give up and there were times that I see him and I really saw him looking at me and waving at me but I would either just smile or pretend not to notice.

There was one time, a pretty busy day in that coffee shop as I lined up to order. Then I heard a guy say “Hi Didi.” I tensed up but really pretended not to and turned around and said “Sorry?”. It was Ken, he was smiling and told me “Drop the act Didi, I was watching you for weeks already and it is you.” I still wanted to say it wasn’t me until he told me what I was supposed to be wearing and it was the opposite. He said that he noticed it and soon got a pattern that it was either the other way around, or a style very similar but still different. Also, it came to a point that I was wearing something from my past pictures. My face really went red. This was the only time I got found out by anyone; I was shaking and couldn’t talk. He had to nudge me to the cashier and I still can’t say anything. I just clammed up; he actually ordered my drink for me, which was the opposite of what I would usually tell him that I would order. He then led me to a seat, while I was really quite. I literally felt my life flash before me. All the time I was hiding my identity and now I was found out. He got our drinks and sat with me and he was laughing.

He said that he has been noticing the girls in the shop whenever he would buy and got clues, until he thought that I was deliberately confusing him and saw the pattern. He forgot that I was really shy and quiet and that he noticed me being that. After a few more quiet minutes, I just said, “ok” and then he said that my secret is safe with him. He then left and I went back to my building. That day I barely worked and when got home, I was scared to even open my YM. Part of me wanted to ignore him right then and there but I felt it would be a bitch move. A few days went by without running into him and then I opened my YM again. He was online, and he started chatting me up. I barely had anything to say but he was still patient with me and all until I slowly went back to normal. There are actually a few more times that we would run into one another and there would just be “hellos” and then we would chat about when I get home.

All this changed when one time, our system broke down and we literally had a whole shift with nothing to do. So I decided to hang out in that coffee shop a little longer. I bought my drink and a pastry and sat myself down in a corner. After a few minutes, I saw Ken and he asked me if he can sit, I said yes, and we started talking. It was very relaxed, and we chatted just like the way we would chat in YM, after a time, we went our separate ways. After that time, we would sometimes run into each other and sometimes would see each other when buying food though these would not be too frequent until there was a span where my shift changed. I had a little earlier shift so that was closer to his and we almost had the same breaks. It was a bad shift for me because most of my team mates still had my normal shift so I didn’t have anybody to hang out with so I would spend more time outside. This played well for him since he would change his breaks and keep me company. He was great conversation and was lively and even sweet.

We would chat about our days and any topic that was relevant, thought there are times that we would talk about some naughty things. Sometimes he would say things about the clothes I wear and I would sometimes tease him about it. There was one time when I wore a skirt and a buttoned blouse and he always averted his eyes. He would look at my face and my chest then back to my chest and only then that I noticed that my middle two buttons were open and he had an open view to my breasts. We started laughing and that he was too shy to tell me but I told him that he was also too much of a pervert not to tell me to button up. Then I was also joking him by unbuttoning another one and then he was threatening to “chancing” me. Since it was quite full, we had the table farthest from anybody and it was also dark because it was in the open area. I was joking him that I was daring him. He was telling me that if he does it, it will change our relationship and everything. I was just messing with him by saying “Game!” but I never really expected anything.

To be honest, there has always been chemistry between us, I guess with our shared backgrounds and interests, but there has always been a barrier, a barrier that is soon to be broken. He then started touching my thigh, and I felt currents go thru my body. It was electric, the 1st ever fan to really meet me, to break my mysterious fa├žade and now he was touching me. Inside me, I felt that it could never be better than him, a person I actually trusted, flirted, joked, fought, given a tantrum (alam malamang ng mga nakakachat ko yan), and even jokingly became a boyfriend in YM (alam din ng mga iba yan =p), and he was now rubbing my thighs. I was quite, only my eyes got big and I stopped talking. He was also silent and rubbed and rubbed and his hand moved higher and higher. The only problem was that, my skirt was not short enough for him to reach anything my wetness. We just laughed about it, I did feel hot but with such a public place and my skirt not really offering any help, I know it was close to impossible. He just said that at least he tried and that he did the dare. He then dared me to touch him. I was not really that shocked since we have been chatting for the better part of two years already. But this was just a few steps from my office!

He was then taunting me, calling me names like chicken, weakling, “all talk but no action”, tease,  and I then looked around, and slowly inched my hand closer to his thigh. When I reached his crotch, it was already hard. I can feel his bulge from his metro pants. I started stroking him, running my hand up to his bulge. It actually goes two ways; he can feel my hand on every part of his hardness, while for me it was my chance to also feel his hardness. He was a ladies’ man, he once showed his bulge to me in chat before and it really got me excited. I then started to apply pressure and to pinch him a bit and my rubbing started to get faster and deeper. His bulge was getting harder and it seemed that it might burst and he reached down to open his pants and pulled it out. It was just as imagined it, a little on the large side, thick, and smooth. I didn’t miss a beat and started stroking him. I was pumping him and looking around at the same time because there are times when I had to say hello and even give a little wave (with my left hand) to people I know who buy. This would also happen to him as well and this made it even more exciting. He was about to cum when a person came over to ask if the chair near me was free. I froze and actually squeezed his hardness a little too hard that made his body jerk. It was a good thing that the person just quickly picked the chair up.  I was apologizing about that and continued to pump until he came on the floor. I got some tissue to wipe it off, and acted like it was nothing. It was funny that when we got home, we chatted about it like it was a comedy episode.

After that episode, we would still occasionally meet for coffee or an occasional snack. We would sometimes do dares with each other. One time I had him ask the waitress for her number, seduce a gay person, and shoplift. In my part, it was to seduce a barista who had a crush on me, this involved flirting and flashing. I ordered coffee without a bra and let him peek. One of the dares was for me to remove my panties while seated on the table and lay it on the table. Before that time, I already touched his hardness one more time as another dare. He also touched me but it was not as good as I think he got it but he always said that he would make it up to me. I was wearing a more loose skirt this time and as I put my panties on the table, he touched my wetness and played with it. I did not expect this but it was a really exciting surprise. He touched me as good as it could be, and it gave me the orgasm he promised me. I was so flushed, so hot that I reached down to his already growing bulge and started touching him too. He was also into it that he continued touching me, making me wet again. 

We were getting on it good and I got my 2nd orgasm with him. He still hasn’t cum yet because there were still some people passing by so I had to stop for a few times which actually irritates him a bit. He got a little more desperate and asked me to go to the rest room which is empty. He told me to wait for 3 knocks and open the door. I did and was really excited, scared, and in a daze. I was going to do something once again that would be so wild yet so close to where I am working and all. I then heard the 3 knocks, opened the lock and he came in. I saw that he put up an unavailable sign outside the door.

When he entered, he didn’t kiss me, or touch my body. He put his hardness out and had me suck him. He actually ordered me like I was some slave. He just said “chupain mo”, I was still frozen until he asked what am I waiting for and I just followed. He was asking me to suck better and better and for some reason I was really following him and wanted his approval. He was also pumping his hips together with my sucking. He then pulled me up rather roughly and started dirty talking me. He faced me on the mirror and was talking to me; he asked me if I wanted it rough. He was starting to scare me but it was also exciting me so much. I was getting so wet already and he can see the flush on my face. He started insulting me and then told me to open my blouse and I did. He asked me if I wanted my breasts touched, I said yes. He then said he won’t he wants my wetness and raised my skirt up. If I wanted to make love, I would rather have that from hubs, from other people, I want to get fucked and I am about to get a good one. He entered me, and I was so wet if felt good. He wanted me to keep looking at the mirror as he thrust in and out of me. He was not holding my waist or even my breast. He was holding me by my throat like the way a hostage taker would his hostage while his other hand was grabbing my hair. His thrusts were so hard and rough yet so good that I came two more times. He was also saying dirty and mean things to me. Like how he read my stories and it got him so hard he wanted to punish me and I was just savoring the mix of pain and pleasure. He then came and after he did, he shoved me a bit and then started to dress up. I was still panting and feeling it a bit more before I fixed myself.

We left the rest room and went our separate ways like nothing happened. I went back to the office and again fixed myself because I looked really haggard. With my hair a bit messed up and I bit of makeup off. After that I went home to hubs and with other worldly desire, proceeded to almost rape him. After our action, I went back online and we started chatting again. It was something that was weird but felt so good and we treated it like it was just nothing. This was the first time that being “fucked” felt so good, so arousing that the only thing in my mind was to go home as fast as I can and rape my husband (which he did let me and enjoyed every minute of it). The morning after was again wild for hubs and me and just so since we are trying for a baby this year.

This did not end here and had more adventures with Ken. He is in all essences became my lover, I guess there might have been a few feelings already developing but you will see that whatever feelings were taken over by mutual lust and a want for experimentation. This will not be the only story about him and our adventures. I hope you will like the future ones.

I never planned to write any of this just like the way I never wrote about my adventures with hubs since I consider special relationships sacred but I guess this is different since the person wanted this written as a memoir of sorts.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. It has been ages since my last post; I will be posting a few more soon J

The Check Up

So this happened sometime in the past decade.

those were my adventurous days. At least, before i tamed down  ;D

Of course it started the way all other online flings would start -- we exchanged pms, then ym (i think) messages, then found ourselves talking over the phone , mostly during late night and ungodly hours.

And when you are talking to the opposite sex deep into the night, that time when everyone in your house is already snoring, that time when the lights are don't talk about the weather Posted Image Neither do you spend hours talking about favorite colors and what the definition of love is.

So we would dirty talk a lot. And yes, phone sex was hot. Posted Image You see, he had THIS voice. THAT super sexy voice (and I guess he found mine sexy, as well Posted Image). And for those of you who are uninformed, yes, bedroom voice is a must Posted Image

That time, I was working in a small mall clinic as an internist, and my clinic hours would extend until 9pm, or at least until the mall would close.

So one time, he asked permission to visit me at my clinic. He wanted to see me in action (or at least, that's what he said).

So who am I to object? Posted Image I said ok, bahala ka. It's quite far from where you live. Just tell me when, so at least I wont get surprised.

Then he dropped the question: Pag pumunta ba ko, pwede kita halikan at hawakan sa boobs? Posted Image

That having happened at around midnight, with all my hormones raging, i answered.....uhhhm......sure. Yun lang? Posted Image

He said.....syempre hindi lang yunPosted Image

End of topic.

I can't remember how long after, but I thought he wasn't serious. I mean, I mentioned the clinic once, and I didn't think he would actually do it. ALso because I think at that time, I was with some married MTC guy whose name I forgot already. Posted Image

So one afternoon, in between patients, my nurse came in and said I had a visitor.

I gave her a puzzled look.

Then she ushered this tall, literally handsome, hunky guy with mestizo looks.


My heart stopped pumping blood, for a second.

Is he........OMG.

SO he introduced himself, smiling, then flicked his eyes to my 38Ds, then back to me (whew!).

So I welcomed him to the clinic. Small talk here, small talk there. He seemed amused. I was.....well.....uncomfortable Posted Image

Sabi ko, teka, parang may mga nakapila pa na patients. Would you mind going around the mall first? Then maybe come back after 1 hour. Tapusin ko lang to.

So he did.

When he came back it was almost 9. No more patients. The nurses were going home one by one. So I led him inside. Sabi ko, o ano? Uwi ka na, baka gabihin ka Posted Image (style!)

He goes like.....huh? ang layo pa naman ng pinanggalingan ko. Can't you at least...uhhm....give me a physical exam? Posted Image

I knew where this was going. So i said.....ok. Lie down on the physical exam bed, behind the curtains.

Then i proceeded to lock the door Posted Image

When i went behind the curtains, he was still standing. So i said, akala ko ba PE?

But before I could utter another syllable, he kissed me and before i knew it, we were Fkissing Posted Image

Those deep wet kisses that really get you wet Posted Image

And while we were still both standing, he grabbed my boobs and mashed them......played with them.....until i felt his hands go inside my fitted shirt and play with my then erect nipples. He pulled up my shirt and licked and sucked with such gusto I felt I would come right there and then. Wow. The guy was insatiable. In between alternately playing with my twins, his hand, of course, went down and played with my by-now very wet clit.

I barely had the energy to resist.

Don't do this I whispered. I could come.

(damn, I'm getting wet just writing thisPosted Image)

He didn't stop of course. At least, until I got so wet and almost screamed in pleasure.......and eventually came.

After which he withdrew his fingers and licked them, tasting my juices and all.

Akala ko tapos na.....Posted Image

Aba, inulit pa!

Again, in between sucking and licking my big tits, he played with my clit until I came for the 2nd time. Walang awa! Posted Image

After which he took a break, then gave me a wink.

What, i said.

Well.....can I lie down now on the table?

I said.....uhhm......ok. (I can barely answer). Damn. The guy made me come twice, in a matter of minutes, and standing at that!

He laid down, and unzipped his fly, revealing his now very hard dick.....the sight of which made me so hungry I devoured it as hungrily as he did with my boobs.

I gave him a BJ, probably not the best since admittedly, I am not that skilled as other girls here Posted Image but enough for him to come.

So there. The physical exam was completed Posted Image

We lost touch after that because he had to go abroad for work.

And i havent seen him here for a long time now. But if you get to read this, I'm sure you know who you are