May 16, 2012

My Crazy Summer Outing Part 2

This is the 2nd part of My Crazy Summer Outing where I was an employee volunteer for our company’s summer outing event. I hoped you like the part 1, and I hope you enjoy part 2.

After the batch, and on our way home, we just pretended that nothing happened between us and even in our texts to each other; there was no mention about what happened the week before. The 2nd batch of the summer outing was scheduled for the week end after the 1st batch so it was 2 straight weekends that I will be there. The advance party was pretty much the same group with a few more additions though most of us who went in the 1st batch were there. With the added people, we were able to finish the prep earlier and had more time for ourselves. Since we were more in the advance party, we decided to go swimming. Some were already in their swimming suits when they started, but I was still not and had to go back to the rooms to change. The venue’s rooms are not the typical cottages but more like a hotel where there are floors and hallways. On my way to the room, Mike called to me and walked over. Sensing what he wanted, I just winked and entered my room without locking it. As he entered, we started kissing and feeling each other. He said since I will be changing he better take my clothes off already which he did. He took my top, and my shorts, and my undies rather quickly and was already feeling my breast and also slowly touching my wetness. This was going on rather quickly that I was just lost in the sensation as he lay me down on the bed. I can already feel his hardness thru his shorts and as he took them off, he started rubbing it on my clit. I was quite scared since they were already expecting us and I told him that he should be fast. I did not expect that he would just ram it in me! I was shocked and though it hurt a bit since I was not that wet, it started feeling good when he was pushing in and out of me (also that he was not that big…mean me) I wrapped my legs around him and was kissing him and urging him on and after a few thrusts he told me he was about to cum which I reminded him not to cum inside. He pulled out and came on my tummy. It was fast, a little too fast for me but it was ok. I wore my swimming attire and joined the rest.