May 26, 2016

Johana's Diary 12

Next confe ko happened maybe 3 or 4 years ago, isa lang to sa mga exciting na confe..kami na ng bf ko but that time medyo d pa kami serious sa relationship namin.. Sex bud pa lng kami that time..this story happened ngmag reunion family ng bf ko sa isang resort somewhere south..i was invited by himbut nag usap usap sila especially those who are singles and young na mag paiwan and will stay na lang overnight... But yung family ng bf ko halos puro babae and yung mga lalake almost married na.. Only one of his young male cousin and single.. His male cousin was around 16 or 17 taht time i remember 1st year college yun ng time nayun and he brings with him also his gf na classmate nia.

[Submission] Wild BF

This was sent by a lady reader. Read on...

This is the first time to confess :) I hope you will like it! True story :)

It was Friday evening and mag-oovernight ako sa boyfriend ko since gusto namin salubungin yung birthday niya by midnight. So expected na ang may alak. 

We are active in sex, pero mas nagiging wild sya kapag nakainom. And I like it! By the way I'm Ms.D ! And lets call may boyfriend, hmmm Mr. J!