Apr 11, 2012

My Crazy Summer Outing Part 1

Hello, sorry for not posting much the past few months, medyo busy with stuff. I was going to continue with what happened to me before (if you are not familiar, please look into my other stories) but something happened the past 2 months that I have to write. So I will not be interrupting my “Crazy Thing I Did” series for this one.  In a way, this will also be a series because it will be more than one part which spanned almost 2 months. The title of this is My Crazy Summer Outing.

The company that I work for now, has a lot of employees that it need more than one batch for our summer outing.  Also, with a big company, they allow and actually get the help of employee volunteers to help out in the preparation before and during the event. I decided to join them since my team isn’t too busy during the 1st quarter and I guess it would be fun. Also, my supervisor is quite open to this since we have excess leaves that we need to use up before the 2nd quarter ends. The summer outing had a total of 4 batches where there are different volunteers who join per batch since it is not mandatory though I signed up for all batches. On the initial batch, one of the volunteers is a guy who I had a crush on, let’s call him Mike. He is what people would call a pretty boy in a sense that he is quite tall, chinito, handsome, and really projects himself well.