Aug 7, 2012

My 7th Crazy Thing – Part 4 (The Aftermath and Beneficiary)

This is my part 4, though it’s not with Jojo anymore, this happened because of the experience with him.

So after my tiring Saturday where I did it with Jojo and my Bf, Sunday was a little more tame. It was a nice date and nice slow lovemaking. Even after that, I was still a bit hot on Monday. It was the 4th day and I was still looking for it. I loved it with bf and he was surprised when I asked him. It’s not rare that I ask for it but it was something that I was like pleading for it and he was happy to oblige. I still had another safe day (I believe in 5 days before and after only not the 1 week thing) and I was hoping bf can indulge me again but I was to be denied. He had something very important on that day and I didn’t ask him anymore.