Sep 20, 2014

Turn Loose The Heaven Within

Been a while since I've written anything so I hope this'll be up to par if not surpass my earlier submissions.

It's been two years since my first encounter with my now-girlfriend. Dalawang taon kaming long distance kaya mahirap na on both our parts. There are several things keeping us apart. So you can only imagine the carnage left on the bed nang kami'y magkita muli(which, probably I'm gonna tell you right now anyway.) We had to make-do with the usual phonesex. Which I'd admit are extremely good(and something I miss). One of the reasons I'm in love with her is her sexy voice. Not to mention her spine-chilling moans which just make you want to drive all the way to her province just to be with her. She just moved in to my place here in Manila in which it took us a few days to move her stuff in and re-design the interior of the house (a good use for my degree I'd say).

Cassy Chronicles Part 3

Its been a long time since I abstained from sex, it was about a year ro two na... right after what happened to me and my colleagues. If some of your did remember my story.

Now after those naughty things hindi na muna ako nakipag relasyon sa kahit na kanino and I stayed focus sa carrer. Ofcourse hindi naman sa walang pumuporma sakin parang after everything lang tama lang na madeprive naman.

i am asked again and again by guys who I've known through PL if I have a new story pero siyempre kahit anung gusto kong mag kwento wala naman talagang kasing wild at mas wa wild pa dun sa past ko.

My Ex's Younger Sister

Here's my newbie confession :) After a couple of years, nagmeet ulit kami ni exgf. She introduced me to her much hotter younger sis melisa . So ayun catch up, kwentuhan etc. Inadd ko si younger sis sa social networking sites and chat - chat kami for some time.

Then one day i was able to set a date with her, promising her na ill give her a gift for her bday hahaha So ayun, it was a thursday afternoon nagmeet kami sa gb and naka school unis pa si melissa (ganda ng body curves and the assssssss!) We shopped, grabbed some tea, made her laugh... fast forward! Nung nasa car na kami, i told her na may isa pa akong gift for her.