Sep 20, 2014

Turn Loose The Heaven Within

Been a while since I've written anything so I hope this'll be up to par if not surpass my earlier submissions.

It's been two years since my first encounter with my now-girlfriend. Dalawang taon kaming long distance kaya mahirap na on both our parts. There are several things keeping us apart. So you can only imagine the carnage left on the bed nang kami'y magkita muli(which, probably I'm gonna tell you right now anyway.) We had to make-do with the usual phonesex. Which I'd admit are extremely good(and something I miss). One of the reasons I'm in love with her is her sexy voice. Not to mention her spine-chilling moans which just make you want to drive all the way to her province just to be with her. She just moved in to my place here in Manila in which it took us a few days to move her stuff in and re-design the interior of the house (a good use for my degree I'd say).

Three back-breaking labor days later,(holidays kami naglipat to maximize our times). We fell down panting and admiring the ceiling, chuckling to our hearts content at our proud accomplishment. This situation seems vaguely familiar, sounds like the setting of a romantic comedy doesn't it? I'm about to tell you its about to get a bit wilder. Depende na lang siguro kung anong era ang pagbabasehan mo ng romantic comedy.

The california king-sized bed we were lying down on was new and still wrapped with plastic. Di ko pa plano sana takpan anytime soon since the past two nights natulog na lang kami sitting on the couch together. And yes, we were too tired to even fondle or make-out. Minsan talaga kahit gaano ka-buhay ang groin area mo eh sadyang hindi kayang sumabay ng katawan mo and you end up sleeping on it instead. We held hands together, unable to move any other muscle than the ones on our fingers and faces.

I tried my best to sit myself up and to just get the bed ready. I was really not looking forward to any action to that night nor was I hoping that there would be(probably the first and last case in my life). And by God's Will I didn't. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth at pagbalik ko there was this angel already asleep on the plastic covered bed. Not wanting to wake her up, I just carried her in my arms, down the stairs and laid her down the couch for a while.

"Baby, sorry ahh..." she muttered as she grabbed my sweaty shirt and pulling her closer to me.

"Shhh..." sagot ko. "It's okay, just sleep na baby ko." I then kissed her lips and sat beside her for a while. I let her head rest on my lap as she stretched down the sofa.

"Would you do it with me?

Heal the scars, and change the stars?

Would you do it with me?

Turn loose the heaven within!

I'll take you away

Castaway, on a lonely day

Bosom for a teary cheek

My song can but borrow your grace

Ever felt away with me

Just once that all I need

Entwined in finding you one day

Ever felt away with me

Our love it lies so deep

Ever dream of me"

I sang that song to her as she slept. My hand caressing her forehead, shoulders and body. It feels good to just have her sleep on your lap. All vulnerable and enticing. Soon enough, my hand found its way slowly up to her chest, not for the lustful feel of it but the warmth, the tenderness, the feeling na siya'y nasa tabi mo lamang. I don't know to this day kung nagkukunyaring tulog lang siya nun. But when I felt the complete surrender of her head to slumber. I raised her head, tucked a pillow underneath and walked away to finish the job upstairs na dapat kanina ko pa ginawa. Just so mas comportable siya makatulog later.

I ripped the plastic covers and replaced them with the freshest bed sheets na mahanap ko. I ran back downstairs at binuhat siya muli in my arms. Naaalala mo pa yung kabataan mo na nakakatulog ka sa sofa then magically you just wake up on your bed? I wonder how she'd feel once she wakes up.

"Babawi po ko soon," she muttered once more.

"Shh..." I said again. "No need to rush. Just sleep baby ko."

I laid her down on the bed, slammed the door shut, took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. I jusmped on the bed beside her wearing nothing but my boxers. My eyes just sagging with kaantukan. You'd think that with my course e sanay na ko sa puyatan. I am. Maybe just not if physical labor ang pinagkaabalahan.

My home is a two-floor apartment situated in Manila. With the proximity to the universities, you can imagine the number of students(rich sons-of-bitches) who board in the apartments close to mine. And due to the poor soundproofing of the building, madalas nakakarinig ka ng mga intense encounters sa kapitbahay. Luckily most of them are back to their real homes for the holidays. Since, due to unexpected occurences, yayanigin namin ni Dana ang floor na to.

I woke up the next morning(eyes still closed), still dazed but glorified over the awesome sleep I had. I woke up to something, moving down my crotch area.

I think everyone's who's reading this how, no matter how sexually-deprived or how many times a guy cums last night, his morning toy's always up and alert.

I felt heavy breathing on my chest. I opened my eyes and Dana was on top of me. Masturbating herself while lying down on my chest, her other hand stroking my now-exposed cock.

"Hmmm... Good mmoorningg babyyyy... ahhhh" she moaned. Her stroking moved faster as she felt me grunt at the morning surprise.

"Baby I can't do this now, I have - "

"Yessss you can," she said with words barely being understandable. "Sunday po ngayon babyyyy kooo... ohhhmmm..."

Then I realized she was right. It totally flew right past me. I could barely breath on this position pero siyempre ayoko siya maistorbo. She smelled fresh and clean as a baby. She must've waken a lot earlier than I did. I started to feel good down my groin. She loves just manipulating my cock to her desires. But I don't exactly dislike this setup no. Naka-kamisona siya. Same as the ones she was wearing yesterday only of a different shade. I put my arms on her busy hips. then I moved them slowly up. Caressing her slightly sweating body as she enjoyed her self. Nararamdaman ko na ang init ng hiyas niya habang sinasalsal niya ito malapit sa titi ko.

I grabbed her breasts and rubbed them from over her dress. Napasinghap siya as I continued to fondle her boobs. Just the feel of her bosom without the bra on, kahit sa ibabaw lang ng kamison made me harder. I started pinching and flicking her nipples over the thin layer of cloth.

I felt her let go of my cock then she suddenly pulled my hair, moving my head closer to her. She turned and started moaning into my ears.

"Ohhhh fuck baby I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Her back arched, pressing harder onto me, my hands clutched on her breasts let go as I tried to support her. I hear no wetness squirting. That was when I realized that she was flicking her bean just above her panties.

She fell panting beside me. A wide smile on her face. She kissed my lips and said "Goodmorning love!"

"Gandang umaga," I replied smiling. She took her wet fingers and showed the moistened, sticky tip formed between them. She placed them on my lips which I sucked them clean. Sweet and tangy as ever. I noticed something peculiar about the room. There was a camera standing on a tripod right at the foot of the bed. It was connected to the TV we had placed just on the southwest corner of the room. A sign saying "RECORD 00:07:53." I knew right there and then what was on her mind. I looked at her and smiled. Wala nang tanong tanong. She gets turned on when she's the star of the show. And I can tell you honestly she'll always be the star of my show.

She lunged at me. Deep, passionate kisses. A swordfight between our tongues ensued. I sucked her lips and tongue. Inikot ko ang mga kamay ko sa kanya at sinimulang himasin ang kanyang buong katawan. From up to her neck, down to her back and thighs. I grabbed her butt and started squeezing it. She pressed harder against me. my rock-hard erection being pressed down by her groin. She pecked at my lips, I bit back on her top lip and started sucking it, licking it then letting it go and getting to work on the lower one. When I let go her kisses moved down to my chin, to my chest, all the way down to my stomach. Naramdaman ko ang pagpisil ng kanyang kamay sa hita ko. My erection still stands proud   as she licked its underside and moistened the tip with her tongue. Naramdaman ko ang init ng kanyang pagdila.

"Ahh..." Napasinghap ako nang bigla as she sucked on my testicles, first on the left, then on the other. She then sucked the tip of my cock. I flinched as she twirled her tongue around it. She loves seeing the faces that I make when she pleasures me. Her eyes staring right into mine. She slowly took all of it, sucking up and down my shaft while her hand massages my balls.

"Ohhh... c'mere babe. I want to eat you too..." I said. She let go of my cock for a moment and smiled, a strand of saliva and precum linking her mouth to my cock. Her hand continued the work by stroking my cock really fast. She then turned around, her butt facing me, her wet panties giving off her delicious scent.

Hinila ko pabalik ang saya ng kanyang kamison and dove right in. Ang sarap ng pussy niya. Even though I'm eating her through her underwear. Her muffled moans on my cock sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. I started nibbling on her pussylips and on her stiffened clit. I teased her all throughout before removing her panties.

"Ahhh babyyyy... tanggalin mo naaaaaa..."  she groaned. I didn't comply and teased her a bit more. She got back by sucking on my cock so hard.

"Ohhhh... just like that babe."

"Di ko uulitin yun until you take it off..." she demanded and I complied. I pulled down her panties and she raised her butt for me to slide it off. Then I continued eating her. I started sucking on her clit while flicking it with my tongue. She kept on moaning on my cock which made me bite down on her pussy harder. Tuwing itataas niya ang ulo niya for air, tinuloy niya ang pagsalsal ng mabilis sa titi ko.

"Ohhh fuuuucckkk sige baby, deeper! Ahhhh..." sigaw niya nang pinasok ko ang dila ko sa loob ng pussy niya. I started spinning my tongue inside her. She pressed her pussy against my face. Pinipisil ko ang pwet niya with one hand while flicking her clit with the other.

"Ohhh God shit ka babyyyy!! Di ko kayaaa ahhh..." she moaned as she fell to her side. I followed her and leaned on mine. And a side-by-side 69 ensued. She grabbed onto my cock and continued her unfinished business. She sucked my cock hard and good at nawala na sa isip ko na I was pumping her mouth already. I put one finger inside her pussy and ate her clitoris.

"Mmmmmpppphhhh...." she groaned on my cock which made me pump on her mouth harder. I felt the base of my cock starting to fuzz with the sensation. I started to finger fuck her faster. This time I slid in another finger and bit down on her clit. I started "moonwalking" her fingers through her g-spot and just twisting and churning her insides with it.

"Ohh God! Yesss babyyyy..." she screamed. "I'm cumming baby! I'm cumming!"

"Hooohhh sabay tayo babe." I answered. Sinimulan na niyang ikiskis ang pussy niya sa mukha ko. I then removed my fingers and ate her out the best I could.

"Ahhhh.... Ahhhh... Ohhh God! Yesssss!!! AHHHH LALABASAN NA KOOOOHHH...." with those words from her and a grunt from me. She started squirting her juices on my face, mostly into my mouth which I drank thoroughly. I started shooting my cum into her mouth. So much of it.(Three days worth). I tried to pull back as much as I could pero sobrang sarap talaga eh. I just held back so I wouldn't choke her and gag on my stored cum. I've been on a diet of fresh fruits for a week since I read many accounts of it sweetening the cum.

We fell on our backs once more, pagod na pagod. Dinig na dinig sa kwarto ang ingay nang mga hingal namin. She crept up to me. And gave me a peck on the lips.

"Sweet ng cum ng baby ko," she said, licking her lips.

"Same with you, hehehe..." then I kissed her. Her full mouth, licking them, nibbled them, lining the contour with my tongue. I nibbled my way through her lips and found her tongue. Not minding the taste of my own cum. As she was doing the same. She seemed to enjoy it.

She pulled back, sat up and slid the sleeves off her dress. Her firm, sizeable breasts catch them perfectly. She then crosses her arms around her and pulls up her clothes off her body. She was walking around naked or nothing but her underwear in the apartment for a few days but only now do I have the energy to eat her up.

She sat down on my cock, now hardening once more for another round. The feeling of her hot naked pussy kissing the underside of my penis' shaft makes it throb. Something she'll giggle at when she feels it from underneath her.

Unti-unti ko naramdaman ang pagkabasa muli ng pussy ni Dana. Kinikiskis niya ng dahan-dahan ang pussy niya against me. I sat up and kissed her lips again. As we made out, my hands slowly ascend to her curves then to her breasts. Pinisil-pisil ko ang dibdib niya and felt her hardening nipples. I squeezed them both with my fingers at napasinghap siya from our kissing. She wrapped her arms around me and started pressing my face against her.

She turned around to face the camera. I knew right away what we were about to do. I slowly entered her from behind. My cock slowly being consumed by the glorious pussy that she has.

"Ahhhmmm..." she bit down on her lips trying to supress her moans. Ohhh God why does her pussy feel so fucking hot?  Ang init at ang lagkit. There was something sucking me inside like no tomorrow. She slowly started moving her hips. Up and down to condition herself. Soon enough she started dancing on my cock.

"Ohhhh yesss babyyyyy... I miss this so fucking much! Ohhh God. Fuuuuckkk..." she moaned as I raised one of her arms behind me and started eating her breast. My one hand squeezing the other and the other hand pressing down on her groin and flicking her clit.

"Like this baby?" I teased her.

"Ohhhh yesss ang saraaaaaap ahhhhhh...." she started moving more fiercely. She started fucking me faster. The display on the TV showing her facial expressions and recording our every movement was to my delight. Humiga ako and pulled her down with me. I spread my legs to gain leverage and started fucking her from below. Our genitals slapping together with violent force. Her hands are now on mine. Telling me to press harder on her erogenous spots. Which I followed.

"Fuckkk baby, I'm cumming! I'm cumming ulit! AHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed. Her body going through pulses of pleasure and her pussy just tightening up and choking my cock. I felt a warm stream of sticky liquid roll down my erection. I tried my best to hold my cum back. It felt so damn good as her pussy just sucks the life out of me.

She collapsed to my side giggling and panting. "One more round?" tanong ko. She smiled and nodded. "Asa ka namang satisfied na ko," she replied.

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