Jan 30, 2012

HRM Girl 2 by bachelor3674

Dalawang linggo, pagkatapos ng date namin ni Maricar, tumext siya sa kin. Sabi niya, “Sam, pwede ba akong mag stay sa pad mo? Tulungan mo naman ako sa thesis ko.”
  ” Tumext back ako, sabi ko, “Sure, Maricar! Yung lang pala.” Ibinigay ko ang direksyon papunta sa pad ko.

   “Pwede ba ako ako magrequest? Hehe!” dugtong ko. “Ano yon?” sagot niya.
"Pwede bang shaven ang pussy mo at naka-thong ka pagpunta mo rito?” tanong ko sa kanya ulit.

Flight Delay part 3 Revisited

Flight Delay Part 3

By manofkrypton

“So how has Indonesia treated you by far?”


“Huh?” I suddenly snapped out of a daydream. It was Marissa asking me the question. I was just thinking of the wonderful fuck episode I just had with Girlie and here comes two beautiful stewardesses having some drinks with me at the 24 hour bar lounge in the hotel.

Flight Delay part 2 Revisited

Flight Delay Part 2

By manofkrypton

“Do you know what you’re doing?” I asked Girlie, my expression hiding the excitement.

“Yes I do. Does it bother you to share a room with me?” She asked with a smile.

“Er…not at all, I would be delighted.”

“You seem to be a gentleman for me.”

Girlie smiled and glanced down at my pants. She giggled a bit when her eyes darted on my crouch. Then she took my hand and we walked towards the elevator.

Flight Delay part 1 Revisited

Flight Delay

By manofkrypton

It’s been four and a half years since I’ve last seen my beloved Pinas. When I was finally allowed by the company to take a 3 month leave, I decided to make the most out of it. With some ample fund, I decided to have a little Asian or ASEAN side trip, before coming home.

After packing my belongings, to include a little pasalubong for my mom and dad, I secured my ticket bound for Brunei. I was lucky to have a windows seat. On the way to the check-in counter, I happen to notice a pretty girl arguing with the airline reservation officials. She was around 5’4”, black hair, average body type , wearing tight fitting jeans that reveal a shapely curve. “Wow”, I said to myself…”what a babe! She seems to have problem” So I walked past some queuing passengers to inquire. I found out that she was trying to ask for ticket. She might be chance passenger.

Jan 29, 2012

The 6th Crazy Thing I did – Alvin John

Hello, it’s me again. I hope everybody is ok, sorry for not posting earlier. Anyway, have you ever felt something for someone that no matter what you do, you find that person irresistible? Yung tipong kahit anong hihingin niya gagawin mo? Or yung tipong alam mong hindi na ok pero sige parin? Tipong you want to just keep being with him/her even if there is really nothing between the two of you? Has it happened na yung pinagnanasahan mo ay pinagnanasahan ka rin? Well, I felt this way for someone recently. I really can’t say that it hurt because I allowed it and was even enjoying it pero I can’t say that it did me good. Though for once I was able to just keep things at a level where we were both at the same page in terms of where our relationship is.