Dec 29, 2016

AJ and Didi

I have posted this story upon getting approval from the person involved. She urged me to write the story. I have her read it first so there would be no excesses or omissions from the events that took place between me and her.


Last week of January 2013, I filed my leave from my company abroad and went back home to the Philippines for an emergency vacation. My bosses did not like to give their approval because it is the time I am needed most in our company but relented when I said it is only for one week. It is not the usual emergency vacation that somebody home is very sick or someone in the family died. It was for a court case for final settlement which required the physical presence of any member of our family.

My mother is already too old to attend such matters. It was already decided two months before that it would be my brother who is working abroad also who will attend. But he backed out at almost the last moment as he and some of his co workers got into a dispute with their company. So I was urged by my mother to come home. Grudgingly I obliged and I went home, little did I know that one hell of a crazy thing will happen to me during my short vacation.

Didi's 12th - 3 of 3

Hello, it’s me again. I am very sorry for not following up on my story with Ken. Real life has been very busy but I guess better late than never.

After my last with Ken (part 2) we have only tried checking in one more time because of our schedules. Most of the time, it still remained quickies in the car. Just like the 1st time, it was hot, wild and very satisfying. It was getting really satisfying that I am starting to feel something very different in me. There are times I miss him, there are times I just wanted his hardness in me, there are times I wanted him to take me like a lover, there are times I want him to take me roughly. I guess it is because he also treats me differently as well, but at that time, we were still trying to think it was nothing but a hook up.

Didi's 12th - 2 of 3

Please note that I only write this story for Lagablab, so you if read any of my stories in any other sites please inform me. Also, yes I write, if you want to see my other stories just click on my name in the Authors tab.

Now on with the story.

As I started writing about Ken, I guess I might as well continue with some more stories. After the event of my 1st experience with Ken, we have the occasional mutual touching and a quickie or two in his car but we have never really tried to really meet and check in. We would sometimes talk about how it would be, sometimes it would lead to mutual pleasuring and just talking about it, either through the phone or in a resto or in the car but we never really tried it. I guess it was mutual fear on both our parts or it is just that we have our own things and doing this might just not be at the right time.

Didi's 12th - 1 of 3

Hello, it’s been ages since I last posted. So far, married life has been blissful with the usual challenges couples face. I have generally shied away from the “crazy things” that would happen to me since after all, this is already a new chapter in my life. Despite this, I guess there are times where the past or let’s say my cyber life and my real life collide.

I have been chatting with some members for some time now. I started in other sites until I finally settled in Lagablab. God Knows the different types of people I have met in YM. There were people who were complete jerks, perverts, narcissists, weirdoes, and complete idiots that my ignore list is almost twice my friends list. There are of course those who are keepers, people with just enough sense and the occasional wild streak that are fun to talk to, and also willing to follow my simple rules. My 1st rule: no personal details, we can talk about our lives and family but no specifics. I do not give my number, my fb account, my place of work, or anything that can put my real life in danger. No matter how they “understand” it will always be a negative if they start asking. My 2nd rule: Do not forget you are speaking to a lady. I can play along with naughty innuendos and the occasional outright nasty conversations but there is a line, though a little fine that would just be outright vulgar. This is a rule I pretty much give a lot of leeway on but it is still there nevertheless.

The Check Up

So this happened sometime in the past decade.

those were my adventurous days. At least, before i tamed down  ;D

Of course it started the way all other online flings would start -- we exchanged pms, then ym (i think) messages, then found ourselves talking over the phone , mostly during late night and ungodly hours.

And when you are talking to the opposite sex deep into the night, that time when everyone in your house is already snoring, that time when the lights are don't talk about the weather Posted Image Neither do you spend hours talking about favorite colors and what the definition of love is.

So we would dirty talk a lot. And yes, phone sex was hot. Posted Image You see, he had THIS voice. THAT super sexy voice (and I guess he found mine sexy, as well Posted Image). And for those of you who are uninformed, yes, bedroom voice is a must Posted Image

Gapang 14

Excited si Wendy ng dumating ang weekend.  Birthday kasi ng kabarkada ng kanyang pinsan na si May, at pinasama siya sa blow-out nito sa isang resort malapit sa kanila.  At dahil kasama nga ang kanyang pinsan ay madali namang napapayag ang kanyang ina na pasamahin siya.  Masaya sila pagdating sa resort at agad nagsipagligo sa pool ang lahat.  Binibiro pa nga siya dahil napasama siya sa kanila, at sinabi pa ng iba na sana madalas na rin siyang makasama sa iba pang gimik nila. 

Okay naman at masayang kasama ang mga kabarkada ni May.  Halos magsing-edad silang lahat, siya nga ang pinakabata sa mga ito.  At dahil bago nga siya sa grupo ay hindi na nagtaka sina May na halos kay Wendy nakatuon ang atensyon ng mga kalalakihan, lalo na si Dennis at si Mike.  Palitan ang dalawa sa pagkuha ng pansin nya, at bago pa mananghalian ay pinormahan na siya ng dalawa.  Natatawa lang siya habang nanliligaw ang dalawa, at di nya ito masyadong pinapansin, pero enjoy naman siya sa kakulitan ng mga ito. 

Enjoy din siya sa pagsulyap sa katawan ng dalawa, lalo na si Dennis na naka-swimming trunks.  Alam niyang may interes sa kanya ang lalaki, at namula pa siya ng maalala ang gabing nasa labas ng gate nila si Dennis at ang mga kabarkada nito, at natatanaw niya ito mula sa bintana ng kusina habang kinakantot siya ng Uncle Freddy niya, at kung paano niya inimagine na ito ang kumakantot sa kanya ng mga sandaling iyon.

Quickie at the Moviehouse

My boyfriend and I loves to watch movies, I mean who doesn't want right? The thing is we have different preferences or genre I should say. Grabe marvel like nya, horror, medjo brutal films etc etc. We always watch sa movie house and being a naughty girlfriend I like sa KKK (kataastaasan, kasuluksulukan na kadiliman) he told me this.

Johana's Diary 16

Hope naala ala nyo pa ako, i just want to confes again a story of mine that happened during my first year in college.. Nag ka bf ako ng isang varsity sa basketball sa school namin.. Actually higher years na sia compared sa amin kaya lang lam nyo naman pag varsity pa palipalit ng course naging classmate ko sia sa isang subject. Naging kami patapos na ng 1st sem. Although marami rin nangyari sa amin may isa akong d maka limutan.

Habang kami pa ng 2nd semister, but during that time d ko na sia classmate,and during t-th may pang gabi akong subject and 2nd to the last period of class pa. 7:30 ang labas Pag t-th ng gabi sumasabay na kami pauwi kasi practice din nila pag t-th ng hapon..inaantay nia ako sa likod ng gym.. Na kung saan doon ako dumadaan pauwi.kasi sa likod ako usually dumadaan kasi doon ang sakayan ng jeep pauwi sa amin.habang ang quarters nila malapit lang sa school tumutuloy. Pag sa likod ka dumadaan ma dadaanan mo ang elementary and high school building pero usuaally mga students d dumadaan dun kasi madilim na patay na mga ilaw and sa part lang ng gym and maliwanag.

Iwan ko ba pag katapos ng class ko may text message na sa cell ko na.. Doon daw sia sa high school building nag aantay sa may hagdan paakyat ng 2nd floor.. Wag daw ako pahalata at pa simple lang daw akong lumiko dun.. Actually may katabing college building yung building na yun and cr sa ground floor kaya kung galing ka ng cr at mga ilang hakbang lang stair na yun ng hiigh school building d ka makikita kasi paharap and stairs na yun sa building and actually pag kakaalam namin may gate yun paayat and may kandado pag gabi.. Pero sira pala ang kandado nun na kahit naka lock kunti hila lang nag bubukas na pala... Timing naman na konti na lang mga estyudiante na dumadaan dun pa simple na akong umakyat yun.. Actually bangong bango pa nga ako sa kanya kasi bagong shower lang sia kasi katatapos ng practice nila.. Ni lock nia yung gate and umakyat na kami hangand 2nd floor almost paakyat na ng 3rd floor.. Sa hagdan na kami nag french kiss, lam nyo ang feeling na parang mahuhuli kayu. na tianaas ang uniform kung skirt ko at habang nakatayu ako sia naman naka luhod na dinilaan ang pepe ko.. Medyo na ilang pa ako kasi who day ako sa school lam nyo na.. D pa uso panty liner non... Nakanilan din ako habang kinokontrol ko lng boses ko kasi nag e echo doon pag maingay ka.. Tapos ako naman ang lumuhod..after noon binanba ko na tuluyan panty ko and nakatayo akong tumalikod sa kanya habang ang isa kong paa nakaayat and pinasok nia habang akoy nakatalikod sa kanya..

Tapos nun nag kalat na sia doon sa hagdan iwan ko lang tuyo narin cguro yun ng umaga., after non pa simple na rin kaming lumabas habang ako dumaan pa ng cr.. Lam nyo yun yung feeling na nag mamadali kayu baka may maka huli.. Sarap pa la ng feeling yun..cguro mga 3times din namin nagawa yun doon bago kami mag break..

The Fubu

I went out one nyt to meet up some friends.Ta's nandun ung fubu ko. frens din nya kc mga frens ko I don't know if I should call him "fubu" coz we don't f*** in a regular basis. I don't wanna call him friend either coz were not friends. Basta nandun cya.  ;D

Anyways like what I have said we don't f*** in a regular basis coz we haven't seen each other in a while. Pag may time lng. So there after a few months of not seeing each other beso,beso.dada lala.

Forward...uwian na  ;D

I didn't drove that nyt coz  I was planning to get drunk. And so was he I don't know what his reason was but who cares? lol
One of our friend offer to give us a ride. 'till to the nearest taxi station. ok walang station kung san lang dumadaan mga taxi  ;D

Nasa backseat kami. Ok. I wanna have sex with him. So I kinda lean on his shoulder. Actualy I was clueless that time if he wanna do it too or not. Hmmmm there's only one way to find out. So I kinda slid my hand on his thigh. While busy chatting with our friend who's driving the car. Sabay grab sa etits nya  ;D  :D

Well he did not resist, infact I think he got a hard on.  ::) 
Few mins. later nasa taxi na kami.
ta's dating na kami sa place ko. I was kinda dis-appointed kc ganun d kami magse2x? hehe
alam nmn nya d cya pede pumasok kc bawal. dun. d nakita kami ng family ko. paktay ako.

so goodnyt ako nun nasa pinto na. I can't remember what was his response but it's something like gusto rin pala nya. so I told him that hindi pede dun kc makikita cya. tas mapapagalitan ako. gud gurl yata 'to. well un ang alam ng family ko  ;D  :D

So he suggested that, if hindi pede dun, punta na lng daw kami sa place na pede.
so we did. hanap kami uli taxi. drive sana ako kaso d ko nmn dala key ko  ::)
we ended up in a place where u can do the kinky stuff... u know what I'm talking bout guys  ;) uy first time ko pumasok sa ganun.

So pasok. ta's sabi ko I'm just gonna take a shower. hihihi
tas labas nko bathroom naked...andali naked nb? may panty pa yata ako haha basta
so we kiss. tas kiss nya boobies ko, suck my nips. talap. then I gave him a bj. tas pasok n nya... then he came. ewan ko ba dun ganun ba ko kasarap at lagi cya nilalabasan? so wentot wentot muna. tas we fell asleep. tas gising sex uli. tas slip uli. then gising sex uli. I was so exhausted d nko nagising uli 'till the sun come's out. we finally left the place @ 7am hatid nya ko sa place ko. tas uwi na cya.

One thing for sure though

his still yummy after all this time.

and oh my he got a tongue that can make a gurl go crazy..

Johana's Diary 15

Nangyari maybe sa mga kag@g@han ko  rin at ka L nung summer mag 4 4th year ako..suposedly may ka eyeball ako kaso ng makita ko sia medyo d ko type kasi parang nakakatakot ang itsura pero d nia ako nakita.. Binola ko lang sia that time.. Dahil wala namang magawa nanuod na lang ako ng sine.. Parang spidermab pa ata palabas nun.. Daming tao iba sa sahig na nga lang nakaupo..

Sharing My Boyfriend

Its been a while since i got a chance to read amusing and exciting confessions here that i can't resist sharing mine...

This was happened during my last months of our senior days... my bf is about 2yrs older than me but were both on our graduating class then. I graduated tourism & my bf is a mechanical engr from a different university.

During those days, one (1) of our reqts is to facilitate a tour actvty & im lucky to have a cousin having the same reqt in other university, CEU... in short, we agreed to have our group spearhead their group tour and to our surprise, each of them brought their boyfriends around- it was a group of 8pairs including us as a facilitator, 3 coming from our class bringing in our own BF as a sort of "alalay" to carry our stuffs around but mind you, the excitement of having our first out of town tour around w/ our partners around makes it more interesting and exciting (behind my mind)...  in short we ended up going to Puerto Galera and manage to booked an accommodation having 2pairs each room w/ 2sets of matrimonial bed size for 2N & 3D (di ko na sasabihin which resort was this - something for u guys to find out).

During our very first night, boyfie & me shares our bed together while 1of my classmate (my bestfriend) w/ her BF on the other bed w/in our room... we had a quick chitchat and decided to sleep early as we got tired from travelling the whole day frm Manila to Galera so that we could wake up early to facilitate for our planned itinerary.

It was just about 2hrs after we turned off the lights when i felt boyfie caressing my pussy and felt his fully erect shaft behind my chick ass... i felt so sleepy but the feeling of horny makes me feel wet and can't hold my soft moan... i told my boyfie to keep quite and refrain from moaning while i am fondling his hard shaft while carressing mine, but boyfie told me he's not moaning & and to our surprised our roomates are already doing the deed...and, with the moonlight peeking in our window, I saw my classmate on top and riding crazy like nobody around - possibly thinking were aslept, but it makes me more hornier and pulled my pajama & panty down and put boyfie's shaft to mine on a spoon w/out them knowing were also making ourselves pleasure (aba, kyo lng ba- back in my mind). I cummed twice and let boyfie cummed inside me as i am on my safe days... we waited for a while (nakiramdam muna) and proceed to showerroom to wash, to my surprised, boyfie followed and we managed to do the 2nd round... after washing and quick rounds, we get back to our bed and suddenly lights classmates covered w/ their blankets and told us that, we'll just pretend we don't see each other as we turned the lights off again....(myob muna tyo ha - mind your own business muna sabi ng friend ko).... and we did our 3rd round as if were just alone and never mind having couple around doing the same thing (moans regulated of course, nahihiya pa din kahit papano) until we found ourselves in a sweet and sounding sleep (napakasarap matulog)....

A day after, deadma lang as if nothing happened... We went thru as planned based on our as usual in short, but on our 2nd night, boyfie and my classmate's BF (our roomates) got some drinks... shared green jokes while we are playing boardgames in between drinks... and ended up a bit late already (mejo tipsy na din ako & personally super horny, then)... i dont know how the event turned out and i just found myself torridly kissing my bf & so with our roomates doing their own doing  like nobody around lights on. 

My boyfie gave me the best cunnilingus I haven't experienced in my entire life that my knees wanted to break for multiple O's. .. i returned the favor of giving him my best fellatio ever that made him crazy moaning out loud.... and to my surprised, my friend is carressing and licking my nipples as her BF pass out & being a good/generous friend, we shared my boyfie around and enjoyed our night together...and we took turns on top of boyfie shared his tool around & I pitied my friend for having her bf passed out but she told me she enjoyed a lot and even hugged me so tight for not making her so bitin with her tulog na bf.

On our last day, we managed to keep our own secret as if nothing hapened again.

We went back Manila and were able to complete all our requirements & successfully graduated... you know what happened next.... boyfie & i got married & now i active in a travel&tours industry, my bf-now my husband, as a technical superintendent in a power&energy company.... ...and sometimes we are still doing the same whenever my bestfriend is around as she now works on a norwegian cruiseship, still single and junked her passed-out BF...

I never thought of doing it but the thrills makes us more wanting to repeatedly doing it again and again (and as i am writing this, we've just done on our nth adventure and couple it also makes us more open to what we want, no hang ups, no hesitations but mutually agreed adventures... and finally, thanks and i hope u guys enjoy my share....

Johana's Diary 14

This is not my confe: confe ito ng friend ko sa last post ko about our threesome.

After nung nang yari may time na napag usapan namin paano nag simula ang lahat sa kanila ng pinsan ng mother nia..actually matagal na raw nag start yun.. Unang kilala nia sa pinsan ng mother ni ng grade six sia ng mag stay sa kanila ng almost a year, kasi kaga gagraduate lang ng guy sa colege so lumuwas sa maynila para mag apply.. Dahil sila lang ang relatives dito pumayag naman daw yung father. Naging close daw sila ng pinsan ng nanay at d na rin iba sa kanila..

With Cous

uhm.. minsan nagdo do kami ng cousin ko..  yes its what you think it is.. konti lang yung tao dito sa bahay kasi yung parents namin nasa province.. anyway isang medaling araw mga 5am nagreready ako for school nang kumatok siya..

pagpasok niya ay niyang ni-lock yung door sabay sabing i miss you cous' tapos naghalikan kami ng matagal habang yung 2 hands niya ay nsa likod ko naglilikot tapos pinipisil pisil yung b*tt ko..  habang nag-fk kami habang yung hands niya nakaratingna sa b**bs ko.. lam*s ng lam*s.. di ko na matiis ramdam ko na basa na ako kaya tinulak ko siya sa bed ko after ilang hawak pa niya sa b**bs ko tapos nagtanggal ako ng sando at shorts sabay sabing naku ang aga aga hin*rny mo ako.. ngingiti ngiti namang sabi naman niya.. breakfast in bed ito cous..

binaba ko undies  tapos unhook yung bra, habang ginagawa ko yun ay  nagtanggal na siya ng boxers niya. sinubo ko agad yung  t*t* niya.. uhm.. bj ko agad siya ng ilang saglit para madulas na.. nararamdaman ko na kasing basang basa na ako nun..  =p

nung basang basa na t*t* niya pinatungan ko na siya sabay giling sa ibabaw niya habang nakapikit ako at sarap na sarap.. mga ilang mins kaming ganon sabay sabi niya doggie tayo cous.. naku favorite ko pa naman yung kaya't hinila ko siya paupo.. kaso nakapasok parin sa akin ung t*t* niya kaya pump parin kami ng pump hanggang binuhat niya akopatayo hawak hawak n niya ako sa b*tt nang sinabi niya "akala ko gusto mo ng doggie?" natawa ako sabay sabing sarap sarap mo kasi cous.. sabay bumaba ako sa bed sabay position na for doggie.. naka-ilan mins kami sa ganong position hanggang sabi niya malapit na siya.. parang reflex na sa akin yun kaya humarap ako sa kanya sabay bj ko siya hanggang lumabas bibig ko.. eh kaso napuno agad yugn mouth ko kaya lumayo ako ng konti kaso
hindi papala tapos so may tumalsik sa mukha ko.. sabi ko nga sa knya cous gaano mo katagal inipon ito? sabay tawa lang siya..

sorry if medyo magulo or mabilis ang kwento..
ayung lang po sana nagustuhan niyo ang pangyayari sa buhay ko.. =)

Johana's Diary 13

I remember this confe happened summer after my graduation in high school..i was so busy na that time because i am about to enter college na everytime and then i went to the university i went to, to submit requirements and also to do the usual things pag papasok kana ng  college.. Then may female classmate rin ako na papasok din sa same university na papasukan ko and same course with me. During our high school years d talaga kaming masiadong close because may  different set of friends din sia sa class namin, naging close lang kami ng time na yun nga same school and same course kaming dalawa.

The Patient


This happened at the same mall clinic (what's with this clinic?!? ).

I met him in another forum ages ago. He was married (but of course ), and was based in Singapore that time. Once in a while, he would fly back here and report to the local office. In one of these Manila trips, we agreed to meet.

So, he visited me in the clinic one night, just when we were about to close. He got himself listed as one of the last patients, and came complete with an ultrasound result which he said he wanted the doctor inside (that's me) to interpret. ::)

So the nurse led him in. That was the first time, of course, that we met. He was a bit short , probably 5'4" compared to my 5'6" or 5'7" big-boned frame. Wasn't handsome but that's ok.

You see, not being pretty myself, I don't go for the pretty faces and yummy-looking guys. Plain-looking is ok with me, and preferably someone taller. It can get a bit awkward if i am the taller one.  ::)

But something drew me to him. Perhaps it was the mamanyakin-kita look  ;D

So as I was sitting, and after introductions, he stood by my side as I read the ultrasound report. Well, he stood pretty close, if i remember it right, with his face close to mine. Again, in clear view of what I was reading, and in clear view of my boobs Posted Image That time i remember wearing a lacey tank top inside the white blazer.

I don't know with other women but I find it amusing when I know that a guy gets distracted by my assets.
Whether I do it intentionally or not, it doesn't matter. Your specie can get very visual, or so i learned  ::)

But hold your horses. Nothing happened there

We proceeded to have dinner somewhere near his hotel (he was billeted at makati shang), then sabi nya, let's have drinks at the hotel bar.

So i said, ok.

We went to the bar but apparently it was full. I have a better idea, he said.

Me: what?

Him: Let's drink na lang in my room.

Me: uhhhm......*hesitant*. I don't know why. I knew i liked the idea, but something was holding me back.

But hormones and devilish thoughts prevailed, so I consented of course  ;D

New location now: couch in his hotel room.

Me: I'll go online and let's check the girls that you are checking out in the forum... I'm sure it's not only me

Him: *sitting beside me, making akbay* Wag na. Aanhin ko pa ang mtc eh nandito ka naman.

Style ::)

But it worked nevertheless  ;D

He started to kiss me, and before I could even fathom what was going on, his hands were grabbing my big tits.

Now this guy was a self-confessed boob guy. The thing i like about boob guys, as compared to ordinary men out there, is their seemingly insatiable appetite for boobs, licking and sucking and playing with them like there was no tomorrow. Devouring them incessantly as if their whole lives depended on it.

Which, needless to say, is enough to make me come  :P

So there he went. Sucking my erect nips and licking me out of my wits. Then his other hand, whichever was free, proceeded to play with my clit. Didn't stop even if i was begging him to.....didn't stop until i came.

That's why I have so fond memories of couches  ;D

I made him come, of course. Licked and sucked his dick until he did. So there, I had my dessert  :P

Eventually he became a fubu. We would meet whenever he would come here. This continued, i think, even when i was doing training in PGH. Because i remember meeting him in Eurotel in Pedro Gil.

Unfortunately we lost touch. Up to now, I wonder where he is now. Moreso now when I have frequent trips to Singapore. I'm still not losing hope that maybe someday we'd reconnect and he would need my medical expertise once more