Dec 29, 2016

The Check Up

So this happened sometime in the past decade.

those were my adventurous days. At least, before i tamed down  ;D

Of course it started the way all other online flings would start -- we exchanged pms, then ym (i think) messages, then found ourselves talking over the phone , mostly during late night and ungodly hours.

And when you are talking to the opposite sex deep into the night, that time when everyone in your house is already snoring, that time when the lights are don't talk about the weather Posted Image Neither do you spend hours talking about favorite colors and what the definition of love is.

So we would dirty talk a lot. And yes, phone sex was hot. Posted Image You see, he had THIS voice. THAT super sexy voice (and I guess he found mine sexy, as well Posted Image). And for those of you who are uninformed, yes, bedroom voice is a must Posted Image

That time, I was working in a small mall clinic as an internist, and my clinic hours would extend until 9pm, or at least until the mall would close.

So one time, he asked permission to visit me at my clinic. He wanted to see me in action (or at least, that's what he said).

So who am I to object? Posted Image I said ok, bahala ka. It's quite far from where you live. Just tell me when, so at least I wont get surprised.

Then he dropped the question: Pag pumunta ba ko, pwede kita halikan at hawakan sa boobs? Posted Image

That having happened at around midnight, with all my hormones raging, i answered.....uhhhm......sure. Yun lang? Posted Image

He said.....syempre hindi lang yunPosted Image

End of topic.

I can't remember how long after, but I thought he wasn't serious. I mean, I mentioned the clinic once, and I didn't think he would actually do it. ALso because I think at that time, I was with some married MTC guy whose name I forgot already. Posted Image

So one afternoon, in between patients, my nurse came in and said I had a visitor.

I gave her a puzzled look.

Then she ushered this tall, literally handsome, hunky guy with mestizo looks.


My heart stopped pumping blood, for a second.

Is he........OMG.

SO he introduced himself, smiling, then flicked his eyes to my 38Ds, then back to me (whew!).

So I welcomed him to the clinic. Small talk here, small talk there. He seemed amused. I was.....well.....uncomfortable Posted Image

Sabi ko, teka, parang may mga nakapila pa na patients. Would you mind going around the mall first? Then maybe come back after 1 hour. Tapusin ko lang to.

So he did.

When he came back it was almost 9. No more patients. The nurses were going home one by one. So I led him inside. Sabi ko, o ano? Uwi ka na, baka gabihin ka Posted Image (style!)

He goes like.....huh? ang layo pa naman ng pinanggalingan ko. Can't you at least...uhhm....give me a physical exam? Posted Image

I knew where this was going. So i said.....ok. Lie down on the physical exam bed, behind the curtains.

Then i proceeded to lock the door Posted Image

When i went behind the curtains, he was still standing. So i said, akala ko ba PE?

But before I could utter another syllable, he kissed me and before i knew it, we were Fkissing Posted Image

Those deep wet kisses that really get you wet Posted Image

And while we were still both standing, he grabbed my boobs and mashed them......played with them.....until i felt his hands go inside my fitted shirt and play with my then erect nipples. He pulled up my shirt and licked and sucked with such gusto I felt I would come right there and then. Wow. The guy was insatiable. In between alternately playing with my twins, his hand, of course, went down and played with my by-now very wet clit.

I barely had the energy to resist.

Don't do this I whispered. I could come.

(damn, I'm getting wet just writing thisPosted Image)

He didn't stop of course. At least, until I got so wet and almost screamed in pleasure.......and eventually came.

After which he withdrew his fingers and licked them, tasting my juices and all.

Akala ko tapos na.....Posted Image

Aba, inulit pa!

Again, in between sucking and licking my big tits, he played with my clit until I came for the 2nd time. Walang awa! Posted Image

After which he took a break, then gave me a wink.

What, i said.

Well.....can I lie down now on the table?

I said.....uhhm......ok. (I can barely answer). Damn. The guy made me come twice, in a matter of minutes, and standing at that!

He laid down, and unzipped his fly, revealing his now very hard dick.....the sight of which made me so hungry I devoured it as hungrily as he did with my boobs.

I gave him a BJ, probably not the best since admittedly, I am not that skilled as other girls here Posted Image but enough for him to come.

So there. The physical exam was completed Posted Image

We lost touch after that because he had to go abroad for work.

And i havent seen him here for a long time now. But if you get to read this, I'm sure you know who you are

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