Dec 29, 2016

Didi's 12th - 2 of 3

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Now on with the story.

As I started writing about Ken, I guess I might as well continue with some more stories. After the event of my 1st experience with Ken, we have the occasional mutual touching and a quickie or two in his car but we have never really tried to really meet and check in. We would sometimes talk about how it would be, sometimes it would lead to mutual pleasuring and just talking about it, either through the phone or in a resto or in the car but we never really tried it. I guess it was mutual fear on both our parts or it is just that we have our own things and doing this might just not be at the right time.

That “right time” came when there was a day where in every computer system my team needed for us to do our work did not function. It started a few hours into our shifts and it just stopped working. We consulted tech and they confirmed that all systems were down. This usually happens from time to time but never this early in our shift, some were even late to work and did not even get to open their computers when we told them there was a system down. We were quite lucky that it was one of those days where we are not busy so we basically were just loitering around the office or to the establishments nearby. This was also the time when Ken started texting. He knew my shift and when not to text me so he would send messages just for me to read when I am available. He was surprised that I replied and we started texting. During this time, some of my teammates were already out. We just had a rule that we should return to the office at the end of our shifts to log out but the day is pretty much free for us. We then decided to meet for coffee and lunch (well it’s lunch for me but it’s dinner for normal people) and when I asked why he was also able to leave the office, he said that his boss was sick and they were able to finish what they had to do so they could even leave it they want to. While we were eating, he kept mentioning that this could be “the” right time. I still didn’t get what he meant because I never gave going out a thought until I asked him to be specific.  He then told me,” eh what if umalis na kami, tapos mag check in, at sakto naming may halos 5 hours pa tayo para makapag 3 hours then balik ka para mag log out”. I was shocked at 1st, but then again I really didn’t have anything to do. It could be a good experience, and at least I can do it on a bed for once. I was still hesitating but he was already leading me to the car park to get his car. I really didn’t even feel scared; in my head I just said to hell with it and let’s see.

On the ride to the motel, we were quiet. We didn’t even utter a word on the whole trip. I was initially indifferent about the whole thing since we have already done it but there is this expectation and that he was just so quiet, he even barely looked at me. When I asked him why he was so quiet, he just said he is thinking about how he can get the most out of my outfit.  I was wearing typical corporate attire, a skirt, a sleeveless blouse and high heels. At first I felt a little scared but it was more of the good and excited scared and there were times that I caught myself holding my breath.

When we reached the area and got in the garage, He was pretty serious when he told me “tara” and then I walked to the room. It was only during that time that I felt a little scared. I was thinking if he will kill me, or chop me up in little pieces or at the very least might hurt me. He opened the door and asked me to enter.

As we entered, he made me stop in the middle of the room, ako naman medyo nagtaka. I was thinking “meron bang dumi or hindi naayos?” then from behind me he hugged me tight. I was going to turn around but he stopped me and told me to just look forward.  He then started to kiss my ears, and then slowly caressed my body. He held my neck; his hands were going down to my chest, to my waist, to my sides. I was feeling the excitement that he was planning something new; he would put his hand inside my blouse then his fingers would go in my bra and play with my nipples for a bit then leave it to touch other parts of my body. He did this for quite a while and it was getting me very excited, I can feel myself getting wet already.

It really took a while until he raised my blouse up and then took my bra off. While still behind me he started sucking and licking my ears and down to my neck. He would suck, lick, and give it little bites. I already am breathing heavily but I still will not ask him to do anything. His hands started playing with my breasts, kneading them, squeezing them and pinching my nipples. While he was doing that, he made me hold on to my blouse and bra. He then started raising my skirt, moving it slowly upward until he was able to bring it to my waist. He then ran his finger on my wetness outside of the panties and I felt the wetness and so did he. He then told me to fold my blouse and bra, which I did, and then he asked me to put in on the floor. I was just going to bend down but he told me to bend from the waist. I had the idea that he wanted a show; I sexily bent my body and made sure that my butt went all the way up.  I was quite shocked when he asked me to stay bent, and then he lowered himself and slowly took my panties down.  He then started licking me, and sucking part of my wetness. It felt really good that he finally went there na, kumbaga sa wakas. He was eating me from the position and I thanked my time working out for my flexibility because if not I would have already fell on the floor. I was doing my best to stay in position as he ate me like that and I could help trying to take my heels off but he told me to keep it on. It was a good thing I can bend so I have my fingertips to support me as he ate me. True enough, he had me cumming from what he did. I was breathing heavily and I was waiting for him to enter me but he didn’t. I was waiting for it until I asked him if he is entering me. He just kept quiet and moved himself behind my butt but he still didn’t enter me. He just kept running the length of his hardness on me and moving it like he was doing me dog style but not inside me and it was tickling my clit. I was panting hard now and was slowly asking him to enter me. Despite my requests he still didn’t enter me until my voice got louder and he slapped my butt and told me to ask nicely. I was shocked but I really wanted it so I asked, but then since I was bad, he wanted me to beg which I did. He then wanted me to tell him what I want, until I ended up saying “Ken, please ipasok mo na. Please fuck me Ken, please, I want it inside me. Fuck me please” I felt a little degraded but excited me a lot. I was bent at the waist, my fingers touching the floor, with my mini seamless slim skirt up to my waist begging a guy to enter him. I can feel myself dripping with my juices so eager to have him in me, he then said in the most ordinary manner, “ok” then without warning rammed into me. I screamed hard! I was wet but I am not that loose to accommodate something like that and I felt a sharp pang of pain. It was like I never felt but he kept it there until my body got used to the size and then he started moving in and out. It was good, it was so good yet I feel dirty.  Well, dirty in a good way as he entered in and out of me. I was moaning, biting my lip, quietly cursing as he entered me. He started holding my from my skirt to be able to push deeper in me and from the back of my head, I was also concerned with not ruining my skirt (sayang din ito kasi binili ko rin siya hehe) but it was so good. He then got my arms and held them, this scared me because it would lose my balance but he was able to keep me standing by holding my arms as he thrust in and out of me. I saw myself in the mirror and it looked like those Japanese porn things there they are like holding the arms like it’s a rape scene. It made me a lot more wet and I started moving against him to feel him deeper in me. This time, his hands shifted to grab my breasts instead of my arms and played with my nipples. This time I feel my balance was being supported by my breasts (which aren’t big naman to begin with) and it made it even sexier. I am not sure how many times I came but I was sure it was more than twice and it felt so good! I reminded him not to cum inside me to which I didn’t get any response.

I feel that he was really doing a performance level job and he asked me how I was, this was the 1st time he asked about me and I said I was ok but the bending (and the orgasms) was starting to make me weak and he walk me over to the bed. I quickly got my skirt off but he still asked me to keep the heels. I felt very sexy being naked and just having heels on and he made me lie on my stomach and asked me to point my but up. He put a pillow on my stomach and hips and then went behind me to enter me again. It was pretty much like what we did but at least I have the bed to rest on. He then turned me over, then with him standing at the edge of the bed entered my while holding on to my legs. Sometimes he was holding my heels and again I was thinking “sana hindi masira yung heel kasi mahal bili ko dyan” but when I got my orgasms again I stopped caring.  He was pumping faster and faster until he said he was cumming and afer a few more pumps, he came hard, like reaching my chest hard on my body. He collapsed on me and I was still breathing hard but I laughed at him because he now has cum on his body.  We rested for a bit and we talked. He said he always wanted to do me with heels because he thought my legs were nice and that made me laugh. We then cuddled, kissed, made out, touched each other, made out some more until he ate me again and then he asked me to do a 69 with him. This time I asked if I can take my heels off now because my feel it getting tired and it was a good thing he agreed. After a time with us eating the other’s privates, the then moved on top of me and entered me again. This time, he was gentler and sensitive which actually made it more pleasurable. We kept at it like this until we both came. We were so tired that we spent a bit of time to get a quick nap.

The problem was what was supposed to be nap became a little long because when I woke up, we have slept for more than 1 hour.  I woke him up and told him that we might have already gone over the 3 hours and that I have to get back as well. We got out of the bed, I called the operator and luckily we didn’t have to pay overtime and started getting ready. I didn’t have time to shower but I think nobody would notice it anyway. While I was fixing up, he came up behind me and started kissing me again. I said that the attendant would be coming already because he was getting frisky again. He was still trying to get into my skirts, and he was quite determined. He was able to make me lean on the table, and moved my panties to the side. I wasn’t as wet but it was wet enough for his head to get in. From there would still push in slowly in and out until I got wetter and was able to accommodate his whole length. We then finished with one more round leaning on the table with me fully clothed, which he said is another of the things he wanted to do to me.  It was another episode of perfect timing that the doorbell rang after he has finished cumming on my thighs, thus preventing anything weird or crazy happening.  He went over to pay as I tidied up myself and then we left for the office.

I got to the office without any problems and was able to clock out and head home. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest chapter on my experience with Ken, I hope you like it and a few more stories with Ken to come.

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