Dec 29, 2016

The Patient


This happened at the same mall clinic (what's with this clinic?!? ).

I met him in another forum ages ago. He was married (but of course ), and was based in Singapore that time. Once in a while, he would fly back here and report to the local office. In one of these Manila trips, we agreed to meet.

So, he visited me in the clinic one night, just when we were about to close. He got himself listed as one of the last patients, and came complete with an ultrasound result which he said he wanted the doctor inside (that's me) to interpret. ::)

So the nurse led him in. That was the first time, of course, that we met. He was a bit short , probably 5'4" compared to my 5'6" or 5'7" big-boned frame. Wasn't handsome but that's ok.

You see, not being pretty myself, I don't go for the pretty faces and yummy-looking guys. Plain-looking is ok with me, and preferably someone taller. It can get a bit awkward if i am the taller one.  ::)

But something drew me to him. Perhaps it was the mamanyakin-kita look  ;D

So as I was sitting, and after introductions, he stood by my side as I read the ultrasound report. Well, he stood pretty close, if i remember it right, with his face close to mine. Again, in clear view of what I was reading, and in clear view of my boobs Posted Image That time i remember wearing a lacey tank top inside the white blazer.

I don't know with other women but I find it amusing when I know that a guy gets distracted by my assets.
Whether I do it intentionally or not, it doesn't matter. Your specie can get very visual, or so i learned  ::)

But hold your horses. Nothing happened there

We proceeded to have dinner somewhere near his hotel (he was billeted at makati shang), then sabi nya, let's have drinks at the hotel bar.

So i said, ok.

We went to the bar but apparently it was full. I have a better idea, he said.

Me: what?

Him: Let's drink na lang in my room.

Me: uhhhm......*hesitant*. I don't know why. I knew i liked the idea, but something was holding me back.

But hormones and devilish thoughts prevailed, so I consented of course  ;D

New location now: couch in his hotel room.

Me: I'll go online and let's check the girls that you are checking out in the forum... I'm sure it's not only me

Him: *sitting beside me, making akbay* Wag na. Aanhin ko pa ang mtc eh nandito ka naman.

Style ::)

But it worked nevertheless  ;D

He started to kiss me, and before I could even fathom what was going on, his hands were grabbing my big tits.

Now this guy was a self-confessed boob guy. The thing i like about boob guys, as compared to ordinary men out there, is their seemingly insatiable appetite for boobs, licking and sucking and playing with them like there was no tomorrow. Devouring them incessantly as if their whole lives depended on it.

Which, needless to say, is enough to make me come  :P

So there he went. Sucking my erect nips and licking me out of my wits. Then his other hand, whichever was free, proceeded to play with my clit. Didn't stop even if i was begging him to.....didn't stop until i came.

That's why I have so fond memories of couches  ;D

I made him come, of course. Licked and sucked his dick until he did. So there, I had my dessert  :P

Eventually he became a fubu. We would meet whenever he would come here. This continued, i think, even when i was doing training in PGH. Because i remember meeting him in Eurotel in Pedro Gil.

Unfortunately we lost touch. Up to now, I wonder where he is now. Moreso now when I have frequent trips to Singapore. I'm still not losing hope that maybe someday we'd reconnect and he would need my medical expertise once more

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