Dec 29, 2016

Sharing My Boyfriend

Its been a while since i got a chance to read amusing and exciting confessions here that i can't resist sharing mine...

This was happened during my last months of our senior days... my bf is about 2yrs older than me but were both on our graduating class then. I graduated tourism & my bf is a mechanical engr from a different university.

During those days, one (1) of our reqts is to facilitate a tour actvty & im lucky to have a cousin having the same reqt in other university, CEU... in short, we agreed to have our group spearhead their group tour and to our surprise, each of them brought their boyfriends around- it was a group of 8pairs including us as a facilitator, 3 coming from our class bringing in our own BF as a sort of "alalay" to carry our stuffs around but mind you, the excitement of having our first out of town tour around w/ our partners around makes it more interesting and exciting (behind my mind)...  in short we ended up going to Puerto Galera and manage to booked an accommodation having 2pairs each room w/ 2sets of matrimonial bed size for 2N & 3D (di ko na sasabihin which resort was this - something for u guys to find out).

During our very first night, boyfie & me shares our bed together while 1of my classmate (my bestfriend) w/ her BF on the other bed w/in our room... we had a quick chitchat and decided to sleep early as we got tired from travelling the whole day frm Manila to Galera so that we could wake up early to facilitate for our planned itinerary.

It was just about 2hrs after we turned off the lights when i felt boyfie caressing my pussy and felt his fully erect shaft behind my chick ass... i felt so sleepy but the feeling of horny makes me feel wet and can't hold my soft moan... i told my boyfie to keep quite and refrain from moaning while i am fondling his hard shaft while carressing mine, but boyfie told me he's not moaning & and to our surprised our roomates are already doing the deed...and, with the moonlight peeking in our window, I saw my classmate on top and riding crazy like nobody around - possibly thinking were aslept, but it makes me more hornier and pulled my pajama & panty down and put boyfie's shaft to mine on a spoon w/out them knowing were also making ourselves pleasure (aba, kyo lng ba- back in my mind). I cummed twice and let boyfie cummed inside me as i am on my safe days... we waited for a while (nakiramdam muna) and proceed to showerroom to wash, to my surprised, boyfie followed and we managed to do the 2nd round... after washing and quick rounds, we get back to our bed and suddenly lights classmates covered w/ their blankets and told us that, we'll just pretend we don't see each other as we turned the lights off again....(myob muna tyo ha - mind your own business muna sabi ng friend ko).... and we did our 3rd round as if were just alone and never mind having couple around doing the same thing (moans regulated of course, nahihiya pa din kahit papano) until we found ourselves in a sweet and sounding sleep (napakasarap matulog)....

A day after, deadma lang as if nothing happened... We went thru as planned based on our as usual in short, but on our 2nd night, boyfie and my classmate's BF (our roomates) got some drinks... shared green jokes while we are playing boardgames in between drinks... and ended up a bit late already (mejo tipsy na din ako & personally super horny, then)... i dont know how the event turned out and i just found myself torridly kissing my bf & so with our roomates doing their own doing  like nobody around lights on. 

My boyfie gave me the best cunnilingus I haven't experienced in my entire life that my knees wanted to break for multiple O's. .. i returned the favor of giving him my best fellatio ever that made him crazy moaning out loud.... and to my surprised, my friend is carressing and licking my nipples as her BF pass out & being a good/generous friend, we shared my boyfie around and enjoyed our night together...and we took turns on top of boyfie shared his tool around & I pitied my friend for having her bf passed out but she told me she enjoyed a lot and even hugged me so tight for not making her so bitin with her tulog na bf.

On our last day, we managed to keep our own secret as if nothing hapened again.

We went back Manila and were able to complete all our requirements & successfully graduated... you know what happened next.... boyfie & i got married & now i active in a travel&tours industry, my bf-now my husband, as a technical superintendent in a power&energy company.... ...and sometimes we are still doing the same whenever my bestfriend is around as she now works on a norwegian cruiseship, still single and junked her passed-out BF...

I never thought of doing it but the thrills makes us more wanting to repeatedly doing it again and again (and as i am writing this, we've just done on our nth adventure and couple it also makes us more open to what we want, no hang ups, no hesitations but mutually agreed adventures... and finally, thanks and i hope u guys enjoy my share....

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