May 16, 2012

My Crazy Summer Outing Part 2

This is the 2nd part of My Crazy Summer Outing where I was an employee volunteer for our company’s summer outing event. I hoped you like the part 1, and I hope you enjoy part 2.

After the batch, and on our way home, we just pretended that nothing happened between us and even in our texts to each other; there was no mention about what happened the week before. The 2nd batch of the summer outing was scheduled for the week end after the 1st batch so it was 2 straight weekends that I will be there. The advance party was pretty much the same group with a few more additions though most of us who went in the 1st batch were there. With the added people, we were able to finish the prep earlier and had more time for ourselves. Since we were more in the advance party, we decided to go swimming. Some were already in their swimming suits when they started, but I was still not and had to go back to the rooms to change. The venue’s rooms are not the typical cottages but more like a hotel where there are floors and hallways. On my way to the room, Mike called to me and walked over. Sensing what he wanted, I just winked and entered my room without locking it. As he entered, we started kissing and feeling each other. He said since I will be changing he better take my clothes off already which he did. He took my top, and my shorts, and my undies rather quickly and was already feeling my breast and also slowly touching my wetness. This was going on rather quickly that I was just lost in the sensation as he lay me down on the bed. I can already feel his hardness thru his shorts and as he took them off, he started rubbing it on my clit. I was quite scared since they were already expecting us and I told him that he should be fast. I did not expect that he would just ram it in me! I was shocked and though it hurt a bit since I was not that wet, it started feeling good when he was pushing in and out of me (also that he was not that big…mean me) I wrapped my legs around him and was kissing him and urging him on and after a few thrusts he told me he was about to cum which I reminded him not to cum inside. He pulled out and came on my tummy. It was fast, a little too fast for me but it was ok. I wore my swimming attire and joined the rest.

As we were finishing our night swimming, the rest decided to go up. Some of us decided that since we share rooms, we would rather stay in the pool area or explore the venue since the ones who went ahead will be using the showers to change. The rest went to the beach and most went to the billiard tables. Since it was already dark, the rest who stayed decided to either play billiards or stay in the lobby to take advantage of the stronger wifi signal. Being alone again, we decided to have another go. He knew I was bitin on the 1st attempt and he said we can do something more now. We went to our usual venue which was the dressing room/cr, kept the lights off and locked the door. He was in his shorts while with my two piece, he was able to take my top off quite easily and was already kissing my breast. He then pulled down my bottoms and knelt in front of me and started kissing me. I was wet from the pool, but after a time, I was already not sure if I was wet from the pool or on my juices. I was already into it already and he then stood up and lifted one of my legs and started entering me. There was no place to really lie down, since we were in a shower cubicle but I was able to rest my foot on a faucet while he was pumping in me. I am never really a fan of the standing position and was not really enjoying it when he turned me over and had me face the wall. He bent me down and entered my from behind. I hands were on the wall preventing me from hitting my face as he entered me from behind. He pumps started slow until it became quite fast, just the way I like it. I bent over a bit to touch my clit but I really can’t concentrate anymore so I just let him do what he was doing, he told me he was cumming and he pulled out and came on the floor. As usual, we then slowly went back to our rooms and I showered because the rest were preoccupied with playing billiards and I slept soundly.

The event proper on the next day went smoothly this time and with this batch mostly from the night shift, the venue is not that full with employees in the night. Most of them already slept early and would probably try out the facilities early in the morning. With this batch, the day tours and other guests were already starting to arrive and there were a fair number of people watching the games we were playing. There were the usual Epal and hecklers, and in any venue where there will be girls in swimsuits, the fair share of manyaks. We tend to ignore them though most of their advances were more directed at our more chinita employees.

As the day was closing, Mike texted me again and asked what I was doing? I was I was just in the room, and he asked me if we can meet one more time. Since this is his last batch and will not be joining the event anymore, we can do it one more time before we forget this happened. I agreed, and we met in the cabanas facing the beach. We looked and it was almost empty with some other guests occupying cabanas which were a little far from us. We really didn’t wasted much time when we met, we already started kissing. While we were kissing, I noticed 2 guys watching us. I remembered them as the 2 guys who were watching most of the girls in the events and someone I would classify as the manyaks. I really don’t’ have much of an idea of their faces but I really didn’t care as Mike and I were making out. Now we started hearing them saying “Ayan oh! Pwede! Live show!” and “Yan yung morena kanina ah! Ibang klase pala” and it was getting a little louder already. Mike actually looked at them and they went to leave. We decided to finish this off in our usual place. We were quite rushing to get in and went to the usual place where we started making out. Mike already lifted my shirt and was already sucking my breast and rung his hands down there when we heard something creak.

I think it was door and it means that Mike forgot to lock the door! I was quite mad at Mike for this, because it would be really embarrassing if it were employees, there a little commotion then it quiet down. So thinking it was already clear, we started making out again. Now from the cubicle, Mike was facing the wall so he did not see 2 heads pop out behind him in the dressing area. These were the 2 guys watching us make out earlier! They both look alike and had round faces and were quite dark. One who was evidently younger had a bigote while the older one looked like a normal guy. Though normal meaning yung parang nag tratrabaho sa mga mall or guard or something. They were smiling and looking and saw me watching them. They were putting a thumb up, and seeing that I had no choice, I just winked at them and smiled. Now, one of them, I don’t know who tripped and a sound was made which made both of us stop. This time, we decided to already end this. We dressed, and started leaving the dressing room. I noticed that I dropped my room card in the dressing room and some employees were walking over so I told Mike to just go ahead. He agreed, and I made my way back to the cubicle to get my key. As I got my card, the 2 guys showed themselves. They were hiding in the next cubicle and was surprised that it was me they saw.  I was shocked as well but I decided to be brave since I think to show weakness would be more of a disadvantage. I learned this in my experiences with Eboy and AJ (6th crazy thing) and I thought I can do it here.

They were dark, a little chubby while the younger guy whom I will call Bigotilyo or Bigs was chubbier. He had the bigote and had a round face. It was quite pleasant and he had the undercut hair na parang hip hop or what people call undercut? He seemed young, which I learned was in his mid to early 20s. His Kuya who I will call Kuya is another thing. He is big, in height and in body, para siyang yung dating nag gym pero tumaba, and he is also taller that Bigs and he really looks like your OFW type na mukhang seaman.

They started chatting me up, while I was washing my hands, they were asking me my name and that they got a good show and was asking if Mike was my bf and I was just answering them. Bigs was quite polite but Kuya was really rude. Asking me if Mike was big and kinukulit ako if nabitin ba ako or not. I was already pikon that time and when I get pikon I get really feisty, then I answered him “Ok sana kung hindi ka nangistorbo eh, nakalibreng boso na nga kayo, hindi mo pa ako pinatapos.” That got a shocked from Bigs but Kuya said “Eh di ako nalang tatapos, tutal andito ka na naman eh.” Aba! Ang tapang niya. I was both bitin and pikon that time and turned to them and said. “Ah so ikaw tatapos? Eh pinabitin mo ako eh, so manuod ka lang.” thinking he would back down. Kuya said “Sige Game!” I was shocked this time, and he closed and locked the door. Napasubo na ako nun, and I was really bitin so I made a brave face of it. I backed up to the wall, while pulling Bigs to me. We started kissing which tasted like cigarettes (something I really hate) and he was touching my body. I was wearing shorts and a blouse while they were in shorts and jerseys. Big quickly took all his clothes off while Kuya was about to take his cell phone. I stopped and then told them that all cell phones should be on the table and no taking pics or video. The phones should be where I can see it. Kuya was going to protest but they relented. Bigs was quite chubby and he asked me if I could suck him, I shook my head and just touched him. He was not that big and it looked really dark though I can’t really tell with the lights off. We only had the moon light. While Bigs started kissing my breasts, Kuya pulled his out and was stroking it. His was a lot bigger and seemed blacker than Bigs. If I were to compare it, his would be equal to Dew’s and it was getting really hard already. Bigs started going down on me, and I can really see and feel that he is not that experienced. His kisses were a little sloppy and had slobber, his movements were jerky at best, and it was like a little kid with a new toy he does not know how to play with. He was even biting my nipples too hard and hard to tell him to stop. I was also getting tired and told him. He was nice enough to lay his clothes on the floor for me to lie on and good thing that he kissed me down there to make it wet because he entered me rather quickly. I told him not to cum in me and he started pumping in and out. Kuya was getting quite noisy, talking dirty like “Sige kantutin mo yan, iyutin mo” and other stuff which I told him “Tumahimik ka nga, baka bitinin mo pa ako ulit eh” True enough, nabitin ako again. Bigs didn’t last a few pumps until he pulled out and pumped it and came on the floor. I was just starting to get a little pleasure when it stopped. I was quite disappointed and Bigs said sorry because it was quite fast and he hasn’t done it in a long time, while Kuya came over and said “Ako nalang, sabihin ko sa iyo masasarapan ka.” I said “Naku kuya wag na po, baka sumakit pa ulo ko. “ He said “Subukan mo lang ako bahala.” I said “Hay, sige galingan mo ah.” Then he lay me down, and he started kissing me down there again.  He started licking my inner thigh, and slowly moved up to my lips, which he sucked while rubbing my clit. I was really surprised because I was already getting so turned on. He continued on to my wetness which then he sucked, and used his tongue to enter me while still playing with my clit. I was already moving my hips to him and he stopped and said “Sabi sa iyo eh” I told him to just shut up and finished. He wanted me to tell him it was good which I did and he continued it. He was realy good in his oral skills and I came. I was still shaking and he said he is not done. He went on top of me and entered me. He was big and I felt like a ton of bricks was on me. He was big and fat also down there and he slowly entered me and he started with slow strokes. It is apparent that he is very experienced and I was really into what he was doing despite me not liking him. It was really getting good and I started moaning to which he was starting to talk dirty again. I was just ignoring him and concentrating on my pleasure when he would stop when I don’t answer and he started going faster which gave me a 2nd orgasm. He started laughing and asked me to go on fours and entered me from behind. While taking me from behind, he was also touching my clit and I got my 3rd orgasm with him. He was also going to cum and he came on my back. He then told his brother that is how to do a lady and was dressing up. I stood up, told him “Buti naman tinotoo mo” and cleaned up, thanked Bigs for his clothes and just almost ran out. I got to my room and slept agad. I actually had little cum on my back but didn’t care because I was so tired.

On the last day, while having breakfast and walking around, I saw the 2 brothers again, and Bigs waved. Kuya stuck his tongue out which I just ignored him. While the other people were spending the last hours before we were to leave, I went to the restaurant restroom which is hidden by a hallway. Kuya followed me there and called me by my name. I didn’t give him my name so I guess it was the people calling me. He wanted one more round, I told him I was going to pee and I went. The CR door was open and when I went out he was still there and was asking again. I turned to him, folded my arms and said no. He was going in the CR but good thing a group of guys were on their way to the cr so he left.

When we were about to leave, they were in the lobby while we were returning keys and getting the people to get ready for the bus. The bus I was assigned in was still on its way so since I was the last bus, I also did the room check. The 2 guys decided to follow me, malamang on the urging of kuya and were asking me stuff. I asked them to help instead to look at the rooms of anything missing. Kuya was still asking me if I was sore and stuff. Nakakainis siya actually then I told him hindi then he asked kung pwede pa. I said kung mag isa pa ako then kay Bigs nalang. I then asked Bigs to join me in a room I opened and locked Kuya out. The room was empty already though the curtains were open. Good thing it was on the 3rd floor and told him to make his Kuya jealous I want to do it again. In a way, I wanted him to redeem himself and I stripped in front of him. Sadly he didn’t it was just like last night, even shorter pa. He was apologizing again while Kuya was knocking.  Actually I guess it was Kuya knocking that might have made Bigs more insecure. After, I opened the door to Kuya while still naked and he just looked. He said mas maganda pa ako pag may liwanag kesa wala. Then he wanted one more but I was already scared with the time and told him I was leaving na, I dressed in front of him but he got my undies. I told him to hand it over which he won’t then I just said fine and dressed without them. He was asking my number which I didn’t give. True enough the bus was already there and I was also left behind.

It was cold in the bus and I was hiding my body with my bag because my nipples might show. On the way home, I got a text, and it was from Kuya. He got my number from the front desk since I was in the advance party. He started texting me and he is an OFW but not a seaman in his early 30s. He was in the venue for a vacation and will be leaving again til the end of April. He was less bastos in text and was actually quite ok to text with, nadala lang daw ng sitwasyon. There is a one week break for us then we resume with the next batch which he assures he will be present since he asked the schedule. At 1st it was irritating but it was exciting as well. I ended up getting excited for the 3rd batch. This was my 1st time with strangers and good thing I already had experience with multiple (I will write about this after this series, sorry) so I was able to survive this.

This is part 2, and there is still part 3 and 4 for this. I hope you like this one.

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