Jun 16, 2012

My Crazy Summer Outing Last Part

This is the last part of what happened to my summer outing. Thank you for reading Parts 1, 2, 3, and 3.5 (Yes its 3.5) and also for those who left comments.

It was a week after what happened to us in the bar with Ed and Kuya, the final batch of the summer outing was finally going to push thru. The number of people volunteering got even less since I guess the Holy Week is over and people are still tired or some have gotten tired of what we were doing. It came to a point where the organizers even asked if Kuya and Bigs can join. I told them that I would try to contact them and told them that Kuya would be helping out and might bring a friend. I was really not sure if Ed would really be going with Kuya but at this point I was more concerned with the advance party since we might have a hard time for the event.  Despite this, I was also quite excited because this is the 1st time that I will be doing this while I am safe and Kuya knows about this and has been eagerly awaiting this moment.

When we arrived at the venue, I was not really surprised that Ed was with Kuya and that Bigs did not join them. I was with 2 other girls and 1 guy as our advance party so we were quite undermanned and to add to that, the venue was already teeming with visitors. We had to ask the help of the venue personnel to help us clear some areas. The people with me were already familiar with Kuya so it wasn’t that awkward anymore and Kuya introduced Ed to the rest. I think Kuya already briefed Ed about my usual demeanor because he was actually behaved even when talking to me. He said he was really shocked that I am so timid at work and that I am like this schoolgirl, I just winked and continued with the preparations.

Ed was quite helpful but not really that much, he was also a bit whiney with work which made the people with me not like him that much. One of the girls said that he was good looking which was his only saving grace. He also had to leave early, he did not even stay for dinner and he told me that he just wanted to see what we do and he might come back on the last day. We finished a bit later than usual and we were so tired also, with the venue already in full summer mode (it was already the 3rd week of April), we were only given 2 rooms for the advance party. Though would mean that 3 of us girls will get a room and Kuya will have to share with the other guy. That is a bad thing for us since we cannot sneak into deserted spots and we can’t sneak into other rooms. It was supposed to be disappointing but since we were all so tired it really didn’t matter. We all had a good night’s rest and it actually helped me for what is to come tomorrow.

After waking up, we had everything in order and had our breakfast. With this being our last batch, everything was going smoothly from the buses coming on time, to the other volunteers knowing what has to be done, and almost everything is already running very efficiently. It was quite nice to see that and after everybody had lunch, they were given some time to rest. With the venue running at its full capacity and that there were no people who did not show up in this batch, we were not able to get any extra rooms, this means Kuya will bunk with the same guy plus 2 other guys (whom Kuya already has met) in the room. This was not really working out but when there is a will, there is a way. When it was time to check on the people to tell them that the events are starting, I went up the rooms with Kuya. The rest have already gone down, and I forgot something in our room. Kuya, thinking very fast told the rest that he will just wait for me.

Once we went to the room, Kuya lunged at me and started kissing me all over my face. He was telling me that he wanted to do this since last night. I was just silent but responding to his kisses with equal excitement. He was groping my breast with my shirt on while I was rubbing his hardness from his shorts. Despite my excitement, I was also concerned that I will be missed in the event proper but Kuya already had unbuttoned my shorts and his fingers were already in my panties. Kuya pulled down my shorts the rest of the way and was touching me real good. He lifted my shirt above my chest and unclasped my bra and was also sucking on them as he laid me down the bed. I was already wet from this and he got easy access in me. My shorts and panties were on my ankles so he put both my legs to the side as he entered me so that we do not have to remove them because it is a little hard since I still had my sandals on. He pumped in and out of me quite vigorously and I had my 1st orgasm. I was still scared because of the event was already starting, I can hear it already and I wanted to stop but Kuya did not since he hasn’t come yet. He then had an idea for me to keep watch.  Kuya stood me up, had me face the window but we had the curtains covered and had a small area for me to peek while he entered me from behind. I was able to see the flow of the event and when I got a text asking me where I am, I was able to reply that I was on my way. I also had my 2nd orgasm while Kuya had his. It felt so hot and I feel that he pumped a lot of it in me that I can feel some dripping down. I quickly pulled up my panties and shorts and went to the venue while I told Kuya to rest a bit. I came down and was able to help out though I really can feel his cum in me, but since I was already busy I didn’t care much.

After the games, dinner and the closing event, the people together with the other guests were roaming around the venue. It was like a circus, Kuya and I were really quite frustrated that there is no place for us that we were just talking near the reception area. I decided to just take a walk and we went together walking hand in hand and we reached the parking area. The buses were parked in rows and I knew there was something brewing in Kuya’s mind when he led me to them. We planned to do it in his car but his car was far too exposed in the parking lot. We were in between two buses and there were no people around. He made me lean on the side of one bus and we kissed. It was slower, more intimate but still a little hurried. I was wearing a dress this time and it provided him easy access to my body. Kuya then went down, pulled my panties and started kissing and licking me down there. I was leaning on the bus and was moaning already, it’s a good thing that I am not a load moaner but it was really good. I came slowly after, and then Kuya stood up and wanted me to return the favor. I was a little hesitant but no one is even walking that area and it seemed pretty deserted. I then went down and pulled down his shorts and started kissing him. After a few smacks, I started licking just the head, before I started putting his hardness in my mouth. I started from the head, then slowly deeper and I build a rhythm. Soon Kuya’s hardness has grown to his full size and he asked me to stand up again and face the bus. He lifted my dress to my back and started entering me. He started with slow pumps witch got faster and harder, I had to really keep my face from hitting the bus. He then lifted one of my legs so I was only standing on one leg while my arms are against the side of the bus. He came in me soon after that as I came again. When we went back to the main area of the venue, a lot of people were still there and we went our separate ways to our rooms where people were still awake.  I chatted with my rooms mates for a time then I slept, not knowing what Kuya was up to in their room.

It was then the next day, since Kuya helped out in the event, he was invited to sit with us for breakfast. This was a good thing since I do not have to sneak food for him anymore. I told the organizers that I will again be staying behind with Kuya.  Because of that, I was not in a rush to do anything; they were already fixing their stuff while I was still in watching TV in the rooms. I was given the room until 2pm so there was a lot of time until then. I helped out with the egress until the buses came and the rest of the people left. The participants also left early and by 10:30 I was the only one left together with Kuya. He told me that Ed is on his way back and will arrive in a few minutes, I just shrugged and we went swimming. In the pool, Kuya was extra gropy, touching me all over and not really caring who saw. I didn’t care as well since I will not be returning there anytime soon, there were even some people watching us and I was sure the life guards were quite interested in what Kuya was touching.

After swimming, we went to the room and ordered food. We were so at it that while I was calling room service, Kuya was already kissing my ears and neck. As I put the phone down, Kuya was already at my lips kissing me torridly. I was very into it as well, and we wasted no time in getting our swim suits off and him going on top of me. He was putting his full weight on me, and his wands were mashing my breast while he was rubbing his hardness on me.  We were still in foreplay when the door bell rang. I just covered myself up with a towel while Kuya opened the door. The server laid the food on the table while looking at me since I was just covered by a blanket, before he left, I winked at him and Kuya gave him a tip. We just tasted the food before Kuya was at me again. I was already wet that time and he got to enter me and was already pumping. We were not really that imaginative and we were just doing it the usual style which we all know is missionary. It was just a little different when at times he would hold both my arms over my head and it feels like I am being restrained. I came again though this time, in a normal setting; it felt more relaxing than intense. He came in me soon after, giving me a hard pump as he came.

We then started finishing our lunch, when we heard the doorbell ring again. I was nearer the door so I went, Kuya told me it might be Ed, I was just covered by a towel since we ate naked. Ed was in the door and I can see the shock in his face when I opened the door in just my towel. He came in and we asked him if he would like to share our food. He was a little hungry and joined us. I was already full and went to the rest room to brush my teeth while they were talking and watching tv. When I got back, Ed already took his shift off because it was sweaty. I just sat down next to Kuya and he put his arm around me. He started kissing me to which I did not protest and he started touching me all over. I was a little conscious of Ed but soon I didn’t notice him anymore. By that time, Kuya has already pulled the towel off me and was rubbing my breast while I was touching and pumping his hardness. I lay down on the bed, while Kuya started kissing and sucking my breasts while moving down. I thought that the curtains were drawn or it was getting dark but when I opened my eyes fully, it was Ed at the side of the bed. He was already naked and he was touching himself. He got my hand and led it to his hardness which I started pumping. He then leaned over to kiss me and his hands were on my breast. Kuya was eating me down there while Ed was trying to push his hardness to my mouth. I tried sucking it but was too caught up with what Kuya was doing that I can’t concentrate on sucking Ed. I actually bit his hardness when I had my orgasm and that made Ed shriek a bit (I am really not into multi tasking). As Ed sat on the other bed to recover, Kuya started entering me again. He put my legs to his chest and was pumping me. We then switched positions with me on top. Ed was just watching us and that made me ride him harder and better. I already came by that time and Kuya rolled me over to enter me again. Ed was surprised when Kuya came in me; I just looked at him and said “Safe ako ngayon”. Kuya got off me, and went to the cr. I was still resting a bit when I then went to the cr to clean up. Kuya said he will go to the reception to get something. That left Ed and I alone, Ed then asked me if I was ok, I said yes then watched TV.

I actually didn’t get what he meant but when he sat next to me, and then I got it. I laughed at my slowness while Ed laughed as well. He started kissing my breast and lay me down. His kisses were not at swabe as Kuya but it was alright. He then started kissing my breast while touching me down there. He then moved to my wetness which he started kissing as well. His was a little more rough, just like his attitude, it was not as good as Kuya who I feel was one I can rank with the best I had but Ed if I can put a term to it was rough. Despite that, I still got wet though it took me a little longer to cum. He then moved up to me and entered me. His thrusts were quite rough, and it started getting faster. He was pumping in me hard and fast while talking dirty to me. He was really talking me to really dirty and I was just looking at him and he asked me to turn over as he pumped me from behind, he grabbed my hips quite hard but the pumping was something I liked and I got an orgasm and he came after about 2 or 3 more thrusts. Actually, he was not planning to cum but I guess he just did. Kuya then came back while we were resting; He said he has to go home because he had to attend to something important. He asked me if it was ok if Ed will take me to Manila. I said it was ok since I really did not have a choice and he started to get dressed already. He was going to shower first and I said I would join him. My reason is that after I shower I will dress up so Ed will take the hint I want to go already. While Kuya and I were showering, I told him that Ed was a bit rough. He said he gets like that but he is ok. If it gets too rough I can always tell him to stop and he will. Kuya and I had a quick round in the shower as well. After showering we were ready to go I already dressed in a polo shirt and a skirt while Kuya was already done and had to leave already. Ed finished showering while I was fixing up. He said he was a bit bitin, to which I said we have to go already. He said to wait one more but I was already opening the door to the room when he stopped me and he bent me over. He was touching me down there and he was asking for a quickie, I was really not in the position to complain and he just moved my panties aside and was stroking it. Despite his roughness, it was getting me really wet and he entered me. It was really fast, he was also running his hands in my shirt and he then moved me to the room’s small table and entered me facing him. A few more pumps and he came in me again, and this time we really got ready to leave.

As we were on the way to Manila, he asked where he will drop me off; I said I will be fetched by my family in Glorietta. As we got past MOA, he asked if he can have me one more time. He was quite pushy about this even on the way to Manila and I just sighed and he entered this motel before Taft. He wasted no time as we closed the door he was on me already. I was telling him to slow down but he said that he won’t have me again so he better make the most of it. He already had my panties down and while I was leaning on the wall, he was eating me. As I got wet enough, he turned me over and was entering me from behind. It was funny that he was taking my clothes off as he was entering me. He took my skirt off as he pumped out, then when he pumped in, he brought my shirt to my chest then when he pulled out it was off already until I was naked. We moved to the bed with him still pumping in and out of me and he got a little rough. He started pulling my hair, talking dirty again and even slapped my butt. He was squeezing my breast a little hard and I had to slap his hand for him to stop. I got tired and he lay me down on the bed and he started entering me with one of my legs on his shoulders. He then pulled out and came on my breast. We were resting and I went to the rest room to pee. As I was peeing he went in and he was pointing his hardness at me and wanting me to suck. I said no and he pressed it and I bit it a bit and told him he was already bastos. He said he got me so excited that “kakantutin na kita, bobosohan pa kita” when I left the cr, he asked me if I can suck him and I did. He may be really bastos and all but his thrusts were good. We then moved to the 69 to he can eat me as well which made it hard for me to concentrate as usual. Ed also had something that was different, he had energy. After it got hard, we started doing it again. He was on top, on my side, or entering me from behind. There were times when I was on top until he came in me. I was already tired then and I went to the shower to clean up. True enough he was watching me and stroking himself. As I finished and was dressing up, he went to me again and while I was sitting down asked me to suck him again. I said ok but it will be the last already. As I was sucking, he got my head and was pumping on my face. It was a little hard but since he was not that big it was not making me choke. It was hard with me sitting by the bed; I knelt down on the floor as he pumped. He was then groping me with one hand and he got me naked again and we did it on the floor. It was weird because the bed was just there but he was too excited and just laid me on the floor. It was weird that I came and it took him a while but I said it was already too dirty that I feel so sticky so I told him to stop. I got up and went back to shower while he was still stroking himself. When I got out, he did not wait and quickly pushed me to bed and told me I was not done. He tried entering me but I was not wet anymore so he just went near my face and asked me to suck him. It was really more him pumping his hardness to my mouth when he asked me yet again to stand and kneel in front of him as he finished it off my masturbating and pointing it near my face as he came and it went down to my neck. As he was moaning he was saying that tinatakan na niya ako sa loob at labas. I then said yung tatak niya wala nang ink because it was like water and I laughed at him. We then finally got fixed up and he dropped me off at G4.

I was so tired and sore that when I met my parents they saw that I was so sleepy. Good thing we were going to leave already and I slept in the car and went directly to bed when we got home. It was a wild summer outing for me and had to rest the whole day that I took a leave the next day. I also didn’t do anything naughty for 2 weeks to the dismay and irritation of my bf but I let him have it after recovering. Another reason was that Ed was putting kiss marks on different parts of my body as well so I just made sure that it was already away.

This concludes my Summer Outing series. I hoped you liked it. This just happened this year and I will continue with the other crazy things I did (Or the Crazy Things I did series of stories which stopped at 6 when I wrote this) which all happened before this one. I hoped you all liked it and thank you for reading this.

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