Jun 13, 2012

My Crazy Summer Outing Part 3 ½ or 3.5

I hope you liked parts 1 – 3. I decided to call this 3.5 because it did not happen in the venue but still features Kuya.  So I guess hindi siya pwede masabing part 4 talaga. To be honest, it’s just me trying to be witty hehe

There was a long break after the 3rd batch, 1st is because of the upcoming holy week and the 2nd is that there was a busy spell in the office which prevented the last batch from being complete. Between that time, Kuya and I have been texting regularly. Something changed within Kuya that he started becoming sweet and was caring like a bf. Though we both know that it cannot happen, I just played along with it since it’s always nice to feel cared for. I was texting Bigs less and less after I told him that he cannot have feelings for me until he does not text me anymore.

One time, Kuya asked me if I was busy because he is in the area and would like to see me. I told him that I was just about to go to work and asked him where he was. He was just in the area and I told him, we can meet before I go to work. I really am not sure why I agreed to meet him pero I guess it was just that I got comfortable na with him. We were supposed to meet in a mall near my place but he asked me where I lived and it seems he was familiar with the area. Sabi niya he will be there in about an hour which was ok naman since it takes time naman for me to get ready. After around that time, I got a text that he was already outside the house. I was shocked when I went out; he brought me flowers, a cake and chocolates. I was really shocked because why would he bring me stuff like that but I just said thank you and brought it home (the people at home thought that it was from my bf but I just didn’t say anything about it). I asked him how he was familiar with my area and he said he has friends in the area and we were on our way to my place of work. He then asked me if I have already eaten to which I said no since I plan to just eat at work. We then stopped at a restaurant in Glorietta that serves Chinese food. He told me that he was shocked when he saw me in office attire. Iba daw itsura ko and he doesn’t know which is more appealing. I was wearing slacks and a blouse which is much like what is a long sleeved polo shirt where I have the 1st 3 buttons off. I do that so it will not feel too tight and besides, I don’t have much to show anyway. It’s just funny how he keeps trying to sneak peeks at my breast. I then asked him why he still keeps doing that when he already has seen it up close and naked. He answered that it is still different now that I am in office attire and it is just as tempting. I just laughed and told him that I have to go to work already. He even ordered food for me as my baon and drove me to work.

As I was finishing my day, I got a text from him if I am available after work. It was already about 10pm and since I was not really doing anything for the next day, I agreed. He then picked me up and he said he was out with friends from Manila and since I was available why not meet them and have time. I told him that it might be embarrassing since we are not a couple. He said it is ok since they are open as well. We then went to this bar along the Retiro area and met his friends. When he picked me up, he already smelled of alcohol and he said that they already started. There were 3 guys there already, one was Ed, and another was Sonny and another guy whose name I didn’t get I’ll just call him Rudy. There was also a girl with the guy and they seem preoccupied with themselves to really get to know them.

Ed seemed alright, you can say he is good looking and he seems to take care of himself. Sonny was tall and thin with a pimply face. He reminds me of a matchstick, and the other guy was actually quite good looking as well and was quite mestiso. We had our introductions and they were asking about me and what I do, I was pretty quiet since that is how I really am. I don’t drink much so I only had one bottle of Tanduay Ice and just sipped at it. Ed was alright and was soon asking about how we met and I really turned red and just smiled and told him to ask Kuya instead. Kuya just smiled and told Ed that he already knows, it seems that Ed was just teasing me. I asked Kuya if he knows, he said only Ed knows because he is his best friend. I then looked at Ed and winked, Ed on the other hand stuck out his tongue. Sonny seemed oblivious to this and was asking about it. Ed just said we met on a resort. With people going to the restrooms and going to smoke or call people, I ended up sitting between Ed and Kuya. Rudy had to leave with his girl while Sonny asked if he can ride because he had to go so I was left with Ed and Kuya. I then started talking and told Ed that he was bad for asking something he already knew the answer for. He just laughed and asked me how was Bigs, because he said Bigs was not really very experienced. I said he was alright and why did he asked. He said that it’s usually him who shares with Kuya. I looked at Kuya if it’s true, and Kuya just smiled. I smiled as well and asked him if that was his plan tonight to share me. He said no, Ed was just drunk and it seems so but it was still scary, Ed was even trying to lay his hand on my legs though I gently avoided it. I also caught him sneaking looks at my blouse and I just smiled at him as well. I then told Kuya that I want to leave already while Kuya said they will just finish the bucket. There is still 3 bottles there and Kuya was also getting frisky, touching my legs and my back and waist. He also keeps kissing my ears and sometimes he does it to show Ed. It was also quite hot that Ed’s face gets jealous and Kuya made it one step further by bringing my hand to his crotch. A waiter also saw this and looked at us funny. I just ignored it and looked at the table. I was just running my hand on Kuya’s bulge and it was getting bigger. I can also see the waited sneaking looks. Kuya was trying to feel my breasts up but it was too obvious so he settled on touching my legs and sometimes it would reach up to my wetness. I was getting into this as well and was not stopping on my rubbing; it was just a little hard because he was seated on my left. Ed then spoke up and said if he can have some of what I was doing. I was getting into this and looked at Kuya, he just said if I want to and he whispered that we can continue this later. I then winked at him and slowly moved my hand to his lap and I was surprised that he has pulled out his thing! I almost pulled back but it might cause a scene. I did not look at it anymore and started to pump. They were still drinking and talking while Kuya’s hand was on my thighs. Ed eventually got hard and I was pumping it fully, while Kuya was more adventurous and was really running his finger on my wetness through my slacks. It was good for me and that made me pump a bit faster and I notice the waiter looking down and sometimes at me, I just tried my best to avoid looking and was looking around.  Ed finally came on the floor, but I didn’t. I then went to the cr because there was no more tissue and Ed does not want me to wipe on his pants because it might leave a stain.

On my way to the CR, the waiter was looking at me and said “Hi Mam”; I then winked at him and waved using my right hand. On my way back to the table, Ed and Kuya already finished and we were getting to leave already. Kuya and Ed were parked close by and we said our goodbyes.  Ed thanked me and gave me a hug. As I was entering the car, he asked if he can make boso one more time. I signed and unbuttoned until my belly and showed him my bra. He just laughed and went to his car. On our way home, I asked Kuya that is that what Ed usually does; he said that they were old friends and have shared girls before. I was a little hurt that Kuya wants to share me but I guess it was ok, then he asked me if we can check in even for a quickie. I just winked and he knew what that went. We went to a motel along Sta Mesa and after we entered the room, we did not waste time. He wanted to do it with me with most of my clothes on. So all he did was just unbuttoned and pulled down my slacks and panties. He unbuttoned my top but not fully and unclasp my bra. He lay me down and lifted my legs to his chest and started pumping. It was just as I wanted, hard and fast; he then turned me over and entered me from behind. He even wanted me to stand up and lean on the table instead. He was touching me as he was pump in and out of me and I came. After a few more thrusts, he came on the floor and we got ready to leave. He then took me home.

The next day, he asked if ever he can bring Ed to the summer outing, I said yes but only if there is a shortage of people. He told me that Ed is ok and is also discreet since all of us are in relationships. That made me excited for the last batch.

I hope you like this one, sorry for my attempt at wit with the “3.5” title.

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