Nov 13, 2014


After 6 months of working in that call center in Iloilo, it was time to expand, the management hires 20 more employees. After the hiring process nag team building kami sa bora, there were 50 of us including the bosses of the company, we stayed in a hotel somewhere sa station 2, at night we went to fridays, ang dami namin dun, tapos nag inuman, I was with my teammates sa IT department (all boys) we were eying on the new faces, after 2 bottles of sanmig light I went outside to the beach shore, I was alone and I sat on the sand, then someone tapped me from behind,

I thought it was anne but its kinda impossible because we had a small fight 2 days before at di pa nya ako pinapansin, then i looked behind and saw it was jen, the new recruit, she's around 5'4 tall, she was morena and she was slim with big breasts. Then she told me "Sir why are you alone here, pumasok tayo sa loob at enjoy na enjoy kami dun", I just told her that I got kinda sleepy and Im going back to our room, she was also tipsy at that time and so was I, then I said jokingly "Ihatid mo nga ako sa room if you like", she said "pwede din, para naman may kasama ka",

I could tell that shes the aggressive kind since Ive heard many stories coming from other lady officemates that she has an active sex life, but nevertheless I still wouldnt believe it until I try her myself. So yun umuwi na ako sa room namin, yung room namin 5 ka guys iisa lang and the other girls were on the other rooms, so you pumasok kami sa room, i turned on the tv, then I asked her "meron ka na bang bf", she said in a naughty voice

 "I dont do committments",

I could tell na medyo libog na din sya, sabi ko "really", magkatabi kami nun then I went near and gave her a kiss sa lips, she responded to it, akala ko sasampalin ako, instead she kissed back like theres no tommorrow, she was really a good and sweet kisser,  while kissing her I fondled her breast and ran my hand into her shirt then rubbed her nipples,

 I licked her neck while I continously fondled her breasts, then I removed her shirt and unhooked her bra, she had really gifted breasts, around 36C or something it was perky hindi pa losyang, she had pinkish na may pagka brownish na nipples which I sucked while i rub the other one. I reached my hand down to her shorts but she swatted it away sabi nya

"Red tide, I can just give you a bj for now", she had just her first day of mens so wala na tayong magawa eh I lied down the bed while she removed my shorts and started to play with my hard member, she stroked it while licking my balls, she sucked it while rubbing my balls, she really knows how to suck cock, parang expert talaga to, now I wanted to f*** her mouth so I let her lay down the bed, I first put my dick inbetween her breasts and pump it slowly, then I put my dick in her mouth and started pumping, i pumped and grinded my cock inside her mouth then when I was about to cum I pulled out, she put her hand and stroked it and made it explode in her breasts....

we did it for 2 more times, I tried cumming in her mouth 2 times. And she swallowed every load

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