Nov 13, 2014


2 years ago I was working in a call center in ilo-ilo as an IT admin, it started off with 25 employees when I joined the company, there were only 5 of us guys, and 20 ladies which I can say are kinda gorgeous. I had my eyes on this girl let us call "anne" she has a nice body 34-25-35 figure, chinita and loves ballet.

We have the same shift from 9 pm to 6 am there were only 5 of us doing the shift every night ( 2 of us guys and 3 gurls). One night there was a black out, sadly the building had no generator at that time so we were left workless for 3 hours until the power returned.

I was horny that night since I havnt had sex when I was there, medyo tigang na, so when the lights turned out we were in the pantry, magkatabi kaming dalawa, she was kinda scared that she hugged me, I could feel her soft breasts which made my member really hard, then we went outside of the office, we were alone then we started talking about stuff, then we talked about sexlife and stuff, and i told her that girls can get really horny specially if the weather is cold,

she was wearing a white sleeveless top at that time, so I offered her my jacket to keep her warm when I put on my jacket on her i could resist the view behind her neck, makinis na makinis talaga, so i tried to put my arms around her, hindi naman siya pumalag so namamanyak na talaga ako, i tried kissing her behind her neck, she giggled and said "baka ma horny ako nyan", this really turned me on, i continued kissing her behind the neck while I rub my hard member to her butt, she let out a silent moan and said "baka makita tayo",

it was too dark and the others were still inside the office so I still continued licking her neck while grinding my hard member to her butt, then now my left hand is rubbing her breasts through her sleeveless shirt then I made it go down inside her pants, i was now licking her neck while rubbing her pussy, this made her really horny, i could tell because her pussy's really wet, then i let her face me so we could french kiss while my hands explore her breasts, I still continued to rub my hard member to her pussy through her pants. She said "sh*t kanamit gid", it translates to sh*t IT FEELS GOOD.

Then her hands found my hard member, this time she inserted my hand in my pants, buti maluwag, then started rubbing it, i was so horny and told her to suck it, then she unzipped my pants and let my dick out and she kneeled started to suck on it like a baby doing a lolipop, galing pala mag bj ng mga ilongga, then I could stand no more I let her turn around and I slightly removed her pants so that I could do her from behind, with a few pumps we did the standing doggy, while doing it i tried inserting  a finger in her ass to really turn her on, when I was about to cum I asked her "where do u want me to cum",  she said "cum inside me para di messy" I continued f***ing doggy until I came inside her tight pussy. We did that parang mga 20 mins lang, then we dressed up, inangat nya pants nya at inangat ko rin pants ko, parang walang nangyari, we were just smoking outside after the quicky.

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