Dec 8, 2014

The Exam

Exams. Don't you just hate them. In medicine, unfortunately, they are endless . Board exam here, board exam there. While most of you think that passing a medical board exam is the ultimate goal for a doctor, then no, it isn't. It is just the start, matter of fact. For every specialty you take, there is a corresponding diplomate board exam.

So this happened after my first specialty. As we had only a couple of months to review, and given my very poor memory, I had to take refuge in the house of my co-resident/BFF. She lives here in Manila with her brother  and his family - wife and kids, and househelp.

The brother and I were close, as he was one of my consultants or bosses during training. He isn't a looker, but definitely had this manyak look in him . And yes, a certified boob guy. :P

So how i was able to certify?

Well, for one, whenever we would make rounds, he would make akbay, read the chart, sometimes with his face almost close to my boobs, or sometimes with his hand on them . Again, who was I to complain?

Minsan napapaisip ako......naiintindihan kaya nya yung chart?  Eh obviously, iba tinitignan nya haha.

But, but, but......that was not the ultimate proof  ;D

It happened one night (uhuh. the way all your manyak FRs start ).

So it was close to midnight i think. I was reviewing in their sala. And it was just me and the book. Lights were off, except that from the lamp beside. My BFF and I would usually review together, but that time i think she decided to sleep early.

I was trying my best to stay awake, when in came Dr. X. I didn't know he wasn't home yet.

Apparently, he had a boy's night out and came home a bit drunk.

Hmmm. Alcohol + me, braless, in shirt and pajamas = not good  ::)

He saw me and smiled. O, bat gising ka pa?
Me: Eh doc, tapusin ko lang to. After this, tulog na ko. Tulog na nga si _____ eh. Iniwan ako dito.
He sat down beside me.

Uh oh.  :P

I was thinking......don't dare me. Papatulan kita  :P

So he sat beside me, close enough, and made akbay as usual.

Patingin nga ng inaaral mo, he said.....

His face was so close to my neck and cleavage. I was beginning to like it and yes, was beginning to get wet with the excitement. Damn. We were breathing tension-filled air  ::)

I thought he was reading the book......until i felt his fingers brushing my now-erect nipple.......which made me more wet, and made me close my eyes in pleasure. Don't do this please, I thought.

I didn't even know if it was intentional hehe.

I said nothing. And he didn't stop of course. He began licking my neck, which i intentionally exposed to his now hungry tongue. He continued playing with my nips, and was now mashing my boobs with both hands.....

Ang sarap naman nito......he whispered. I wasn't able to reply anymore. All i could come up with were soft moans and whispers for him not to stop...

He turned off the lamp. Sssssh, he said. Wag ka maingay, baka marinig tayo......

His hands went inside the shirt.......and before i knew it his tongue was alternately licking both my tits. Licking and sucking my 38Ds  :P

He was so good at it i almost came. But of course he didn't stop there. He went down on me, so out went the pajamas and all  ;)

Now this is one thing I have always liked about men in their 50s. They are never clueless . ;D They know the field, and they know what to do.

He was so good i think i had multiple O's.

And to return the favor....well.....i didn't let him penetrate me, but gave him both HJ and BJ until he came.

So there........the review class for the night ended well  ;D

After that, syempre, there were other moments, lalo na when he would catch me alone in the room. Or at any part of the house (that house being his ) as long as there was no one except us.

Risky, yes.

But that was one hell of a review period i will never forget  ::)

And yes, i passed the exam  ;D The End.

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