Dec 8, 2014

Quickie in the Resort Shower

I'm 23 yo half chinoy? And half american. I was born and raise here in the Philippines. 5'5" ako, sexy. And I don't know if thos is good kasi nakakasawa, SUPER PUTI ko(everywhere guys haha!)

Okay so short confession lang muna. But I'd love to share all my sexperiences with my awesome boyfriend kung may time ako. And BTW, Boyfie doesn't know that I'm going to share my experiences here. HAHA

I think it was 2011, my boyfriend and I went to a resort and of course being a hottie(I know right? :P kidding!) I wore my super sexy bikini. So si boyfie I can tell that I gave him a boner the moment she saw me. Medyo di sya comfortable kasi nga pinagtitinginan daw ako. Pero go lang kami I'm always under water naman kasi. Hanggang 10pm lang yung resort then close na, so nung gabi na. Time to shower na, "banlaw" when I noticed na kami nalang tao. I immediately entered the mens shower area and saw him, I went down and give him a head. We're both so horny kaya after he came it didn't end there.

He pulled me up, pinatalikod and then standing doggy! That's our favorite and after 20 mins of banging he came again inside me. Naligo na kami and umalis as if nothing happens. I moaned super loud coz I know wala ng tao, pero paglabas namain, yung naglilinis tumingin lang pero di na kami pinansin or tinawag on our way out. I don't know is it a crime? Prohibited? One thing is for sure I am a really really naughty girlfriend. HAHAHA don't get me wrong LOYAL ako boys, so maybe just enjoy my experiences na lang. END

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