Jun 1, 2012

My Crazy Summer Outing Part 3

After a weekend’s break, the organizers were preparing for the 3rd batch of our summer outing again. Unfortunately, after the excitement of the previous 2 batches, this 3rd batch had the least number of volunteers who will join the advance party. Reasons ranged from having extra work to being too tired but it was still not enough. I personally think that the reason for this is that there is more work during the advance party than in the event itself. Though for the event proper which will be on Saturday, we still had a good number of volunteers. The organizers actually planned to scrap the advance party and just go to the venue early on the next day but the time would be too stretched and that usually leads to lapses which could cause the failure of the event.

With regards to Kuya and his brother, the extra week gave me time to 1st rest my body and also to get to know them. Bigs also got my number and was texting, me as well. They were both from that province and were just an hour or less away from the venue, Bigs works in one of the plants in the area while Kuya is an OFW on vacation. Thankfully, none of them are married which was a big relief to me. Bigs was actually quite nice, though I can see that he is shy and not really that sociable. Kuya on the other hand was a revelation, he actually texted sense, and was quite articulate and at times sweet. It was very different from the Kuya who I met 2 weeks before. I couldn’t resist asking this and his answer was just he thought I was someone not worth respecting at that moment (Though from what happened, I could hardly respect myself). They also know that I will be present in the advance party and they might just pay me a visit. Mike on the other hand was already a closed chapter; we agreed that the 2nd batch was already the last that we would do anything like that to each other which we both stood by. We still see each other in the office but it returned to the usual hello greeting. We also do not text anymore and it was like it never happened, which was actually good for both of us.

As we arrived in the venue on Friday afternoon (We had to leave earlier because we did not have the numbers for this batch), we rested for a bit but then started the prep. A good thing is that this being our 3rd time, we already had the system going on which to do first and how things are going to get done, it’s just that we had a lot to do. While we were starting, I heard someone calling my name and as a turned, it was Kuya and Bigs coming over. I was alone at that time so I guess they thought that they can approach me. It was casual and we exchanged greetings and asked them if they were in the venue long. They said they were here just to visit me and was going to get a room for the night but they will leave early Saturday morning, before the event. We would be continuing our conversation but the rest of the organizer came and they already saw Kuya and Bigs already there with me. I had to really think fast and told them to just ride along to what I was going to say. I told them that these were old family friends who happen to be in the area and we haven’t met in a long time. The organizers and the other volunteers bought it and said their Hi and Hello to Kuya and Bigs. As we were going to continue our prep, I was pleasantly surprised that Kuya and Bigs offered to help us. What they did brought a smile to my face knowing that at least despite everything, they are not jerks and they were quite ok. Having the 2 of them was very helpful especially since they were both technical people, with Bigs taking up engineering while Kuya was an engineer; they actually helped us improve some of our games and even made our prep for the last batch more efficient. That actually made us finish our prep faster that what we planned and just in time for a little late dinner. The organizers asked them to join us to eat which was the least they can do to thank them (though I think they would ask for another type of thank you from me later). Both of them actually proved to be a hit with the organizers with Kuya’s quick wit and Bigs being nice though one of the more tactless volunteers did comment on Bigs being a cross between a geek and a dork (Something I can never get the difference between). The organizers asked them if they will stay to which they say there were not sure. Also as another thank you to them, we had an extra room for them to sleep it since it was already late and we thought them driving that late would be dangerous. We had extra rooms because we were so few for the advance party and we always have 1 or 2 rooms as a buffer in case extra participants arrive. After dinner, the people were quite tired and wanted to retire early while some of the newer volunteers would just hand around the billiards table since they know that they will not be able to play with the rest of the group present tomorrow. I decided to take a quick shower which the brothers then asked if we can meet after. I told them that after I shower, we can meet along the beach front cabanas.

When I went down and headed to the cabanas, I only saw Kuya there. He said Bigs was in the Lobby testing out the wifi with one of the volunteers. Apparently he, like most people who are into games by apple and decided to spend more time there. I just sat with Kuya and we started talking, I thanked him for the help in the event and that I was pretty happy with the way we progressed in a sense that he is actually an ok guy. He said that he does get a little rough when naughty things are concerned but it does not have to be the only standard or the only thing one lives by. He also said when he met me and the rest, he also developed an admiration to what I do with helping them out and that I am not the easy slut that he thought I was. He said that Bigs was already developing feelings which I told Kuya to stop him because I was attached already; Kuya himself is attached but is not in the country. As we got familiar, he edged closer to me and put his arm around me. I did not resist and he pulled me close and was starting to kiss my head, then my hair, then my ears telling me I smell good (I just took a bath, I should smell good, duh). I joked that he didn’t to which he said that I did not protest the last time. I laughed and he leaned closer and started kissing me. As usual, the people around the resort were not that attentive probably because there were not many people around and that gave us a lot of room to explore. It was funny that Kuya was doing pretty much what Mike was doing (Putting his hand in my blouse, touching me down there, etc) but it was a lot more “Suave” and it felt a lot more sexy ( I guess I could agree with age comes experience) and I was getting turned on with what he was doing. He was getting braver when he opened the buttons to my shorts and was putting his finger in my panties and I was just so caught in the pleasure to resist. He guided my hand to his hardness and asked me to pump it, though with the pleasure, I really had a hard time concentrating what I had to do to him. A few more touches and I told him that I was going to cum, he continued what he was doing and true enough, I came. After that, it gave me the faculties to give him a good hand job. I am really not into giving blowjobs if I am not in the mood and it really takes a special time for me to get in that mood. I just pumped him but he then asked me to lean over and he quickly pulled down my shorts and panties and in a fluid motion, was able to enter me. He was big but I was still wet and I almost gasped. Not just in pleasure but because we might get caught. He told me he just needed a few more pumps and he was done; he just wants to feel me a bit. True enough, he did cum after a few quick pumps. For the 1st time with kuya, I was so bitin and he said we can continue this in their room. I texted my roommates that I might be with Kuya and Bigs and not to wait up for me because I did not bring the key card.

Bigs was already in the room when we entered and was watching tv. It was room with twin beds instead of 1 big one. Kuya went to the cr to wash up while I sat next to him. He was visibly guarded and got shyer and I told him what Kuya told me about his feelings. I told him that this could not happen and actually after the batches, I would rather we not meet. He then nodded and I hugged him and gave him a kiss to which he continued kissing me. He also started feeling me up and was also trying to get his clothes off as fast as he can. I can really say he was really not used to doing this and I helped him getting my clothes off. As he laid me on his bed, he started kissing me down there; it was hurried though it felt better than the last time. I was getting wet a bit and I guess he took it as a sign to go on top of me and enter me. It was pretty fast, much like what he did before and it was over before I started building up mine. He came on my tummy and rolled off me. It was funny that as he rolled off me, I saw kuya watching and he was smiling at me. In the way he looked it was like “I know you did not like that”.  I just smiled and winked at him and when I turned to Bigs, he was almost sleeping already. I just left his bed and went to the cr.

In the CR, Kuya followed me and hugged me from behind. He told me not to wash up yet since he knew I didn’t get off. He was tall and leaned down to kiss and lick my ears. I turned to him and we continued kissing and he started touching my clit and also rubbing his hardness on my body. He got his clothes off and made me lean on the sink, while he put one of my legs up to step on the toilet bowl. He then rubbed his hardness on my wetness which got me wet enough for him to enter me. It was good but standing was really never my favorite so we moved to the bed. Bigs was slightly snoring already and Kuya lay me down and lifted my legs to his shoulders and entered me. My legs got tired and he put it lower where it was hooked by his elbows. He started pumping harder and faster until I had my orgasm. He then had me ride him with me on top while he helped me but pumping up as well, I stopped hearing Big’s snoring and when I looked he was actually awake and was already masturbating. That got me more hot and made me grind into Kuya more. Kuya then rolled on top of me again and then turned me over and entered me from behind. It was really good and I had my 2nd orgasm and when he asked me where he wants me to explode I told him on my breasts. He pulled out of me, lay me on my back, and moved to cum on my breast. I was so tired that time that I just let the cum dry on my breast as I was going to sleep. I slept on Kuya’s bed with him hugging me.

The next day, I woke up a bit late and was already dressing up for breakfast. We invited Kuya and Bigs to join us for breakfast and I followed them to their room as they were packing. As they packed, Kuya showed me the undies I left him and said he still has it. I just laughed and hugged and kissed both of them as they left. Kuya actually wanted one more but I was still tired and I had something else to do. After they left, we went about with the event which was rather normal. Funny was that the others forgot about the extra room and I already left my stuff in that room.

After the event, Kuya texted me if I was busy and said that if I wasn’t he can come over there. I remembered the extra room and told him it was ok. I was already used to the facilities and the rest of the volunteers were already doing their own stuff and all. It was already pretty late but since kuya was close by, he came at around 11pm already and went to my room. I was alone in that room since the organizers already forgot about this being an extra room. We wasted no time in taking our clothes off and making out on the bed. I was getting excited and it did not really give him a hard time to make me wet. He started entering me, and he lifted one leg to his chest while he left my other leg and entered me. It was the first time that position was done to me and it was good since it gave a deeper feeling. He then switched to other positions and even asked me to stand and lean on the table while entering me from behind. He actually wanted me to face the window while he opened the curtains. I only opened it a bit because there were still people in the area. I actually do not remember how many orgasms I had with him but I can say it was really good. Kuya had 2 rounds with the 1st one on my breasts and the 2nd one on my back. Once again I just flopped on the bed and was too tired to take a shower and we slept together naked.

On the next day, I told kuya to stay in the room while I went down and had breakfast prepared. We were only allowed to have breakfast in the dining area but I was able to convince the servers to give me a set to go. I then sneaked it up to my room and gave it to Kuya. He then asked me since he has a car; he can actually drive me to Manila. I thought about it and asked the organizers if I can stay since someone will pick me up. They agreed and gave me the room until 2pm. I then went back to the room to give him the good news. He looked funny because he was eating his breakfast at the edge of the bed naked. It also turned me on, and as he finished his breakfast, I knelt in front of him and started pump him. It took him a while to harden and I surprised him by sucking him. He was quite surprised by this to which I answered him with a wink while I was sucking him. I then took my shorts off, went on top of him, and rode him until he told me he was about to cum. I pulled out, and pumped him until he came.  He was quite surprised with this and he rested while went down and helped in the egress of the participants.

After everyone has left, Kuya and I went swimming. We acted like a couple and we were kissing and hugging in the pool with Kuya sneaking gropes at me. When it was about time to leave, we showered together where we did it one more time with Kuya entering me from behind while I face the shower wall.  As we were dressing up and getting ready to leave, Kuya was still groping and fondling me and wanted one more round. I was already tired and said he have to go. Kuya said if I can just help him cum one more time to which I joke if there will still be anything left. He said he wanted to find out and he asked me to just face him while he masturbated. He requested if I can take some clothing off and I just took all my clothes off again for him to see. I also helped him pump and I also did a little sucking until he came; and when he did, hardly anything came out.

After fixing up, we then left the venue and I asked him to drop me off at MOA instead because my family is there and we went home together.  During that time, we would still text and the 3rd and last batch will be after another week. This does not really end here and I do hope you enjoy this 3rd part and stay tuned for the rest.

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