Jul 18, 2012

My 7th crazy thing - Part 1

Hello, it’s been ages since last posted. I hope you like my other crazy thing entries and my recent Crazy Summer Outing.

This is a new experience and I would always wonder, if you already experienced the best, would you look or think you would experience something better? Apparently you can

For people who are wondering, I am in a relationship, a very committed relationship since last year which makes it even crazy for me since the summer outing just happened last March-April. He was the same bf I had in my previous stories and we broke up for a time but got back last year. This is also the reason for me wanting my anonymity because nobody knows about what I am doing, I only write it here as a release. After Kuya and Ed, I really thought that I have had it with things like these but apparently not.

This just happened a month ago, when I recently got back to the country after my short biz trip abroad. I and some girl friends went out to a bar to cheer one of them up. She was a little sad with her life (it’s very melodramatic buy hey, her are girls diba?) since she broke up with her boylet so we decided to bring her to a bar. I am not a bar person, but I do if I have to and we met with the rest there. It was nice popular bar though I think it’s really better for younger people (like in their early to mid 20s) and we got in and settled ourselves. I was with 3 other girls, one of them is engaged like me, and one is single and the sad one. It was a good thing that my bf had a thing that night and he dropped me off at the place while he will do his thing and he’ll just pick me up after. We have been friends since college, they have their own careers and lives but we do meet up from time to time. They would always laugh at me and ask me if I was still a virgin because I was and still am very quiet and shy in person. They would always say that I was the most likely to remain a virgin in college (which was true since I lost my virginity 3 years after college at 23) so at my current age, I only had sexual experience for a little over 3 years unlike them who already had bf a lot earlier. I would usually just smile at them and continue chatting.

Sometimes we would dance and there were the usual guys trying to get our numbers. My friends are a lot more beautiful than me and they are the ones that tend to get the attention which is just perfect for me. It was just that these guys who would come over are younger. The 2 of us who are already in relationships are just taking things in stride while the other 2 were flirting but I guess not of them are worth flirting with at that time. When we were dancing, I got lost in the dance floor more because I wasn’t really paying attention and was just walking to the rest room until I bumped into a guy. He was ok; he was tall, quite buff, hindi gaano kagwapuhan but merong dating. He also looked older that the usual patrons and smiled at me. I smiled in return and was making my way to the rest room. As I was walking, we walked with me while asking my name and number. I just smiled and gave my name but apologized that I will be going to the restroom. He was nice and polite and said his name was James. I got back using another way and sat with my friends, one of my friends had to go already so we were down to 3. I walked my friend outside to bar because I was going to tell something to her bf and on my way back to the bar, I saw the same guy. This time, he said hello, and I said hello and he said if I was with a group, I said I was with friends and I asked what his name was again. This was funny; he then said his name was Joji. Tumaas ang kilay ko since I remember his name and it wasn’t that, and I told him that it was not his name. He laughed and said his realy name is really Joaquin, to which I answered “Hindi yata”. He then asked me what his name was to which I answered “Eh di Sinungaling” and I went in the bar again. In the bar, my sad friend was drinking a lot and got drunk. We did not think she would drink so much so we had to help her leave. We were helping her get to my other friend’s car because they rode together and the guy, Jojo came over and helped. We didn’t really fight it since we were thankful and the other 2 thought that I know him. We helped her in the car and they said they were leaving already. I was scared because it was almost an hour more before my bf picks me up so I will be alone there. I had no choice because we would want my friend home as soon as possible so they left. That left me with Jojo. I decided to just go to a Starbucks to wait it out when Jojo said he would walk with me. I stopped and said no thanks but he insisted, then while we were still in the parking area, we got talking.

I was asking him why he had to change names and he was just smiling and I prodded further until he admitted that he has a gf. I also asked his age to which he answered 33 and asked mine. He was surprised at my age because he thought I was between 19-22. I then surprised him if his gf was around that age. He smiled and said his gf is 22 to which I was calling him a Pedophile. I said why was he still cheating on his gf? He just shrugged, and I said “it’s ok” and showed him my ring. He was shocked and we just continued talking. He did some real estate and stuff and his gf works near my office and seems very familiar (to which I was really shocked) and just chit chat. It was actually more him asking stuff while I make him Bara and I was asking him stuff if he only picks up young girls and stuff. He was quite candid with his answers and I can say kayang kaya niya talaga maka pick up kasi despite it all, I was getting disarmed.  Though I was quite happy talking to him, I just wanted to get one thing out of the way when I asked him “Ano ba talaga plano mo sa akin? Una, hindi ako pasok sa target age group mo, Hindi mo naman ako liligawan.” That got him surprised and told me “Well I saw you and thought that you look nice and innocent and have a nice, tight body na parang batang hindi pa masyado marunong. I don’t pick older women up even if they are more straightforward because I’d love to fuck girls who haven’t been royally fucked before.”

He then added “Akala ko mga college ka pa and kita sa itsura mo you seem very inhibited and despite you not fitting the age bracket I usually do, I’d like to fuck you.” Ako na yung natameme sa sinabi niya. I was literally standing with my mouth open and he leaned closer to me. Then he smirked and said “Just like I thought” while his arm was starting to go around my waist. I was shocked at this blatant honesty and all I managed to answer was “How do you know I am inhibited”. “There is something in you that seem you are hiding something or there is something that you are looking for. “while continuing to lean to me. I was really conflicted since he was really striking my fancy though after my shenanigans in the summer outing I was really adamant in not having anymore. I feel I already had the best with Kuya and if I have another, I think it will just disappoint me. Also, he was quite articulate and he didn’t seem the type that was faking so he was actually ok. He was trying to kiss me while I said “Not here” he asked me if I have a ride home and I told him my bf will pick me up and he led me to his car which was curiously parked very near. He was quite surprised when I said that because he expected me to slap him. I just said, I do keep something but I guess I have to show him.

His car was a SUV, it was nice and roomy and he opened the aircon. We sat in the back, while he was moving closer, I stopped him, looked at my watch and said 15 minutes. We started kissing, I was impressed because if another guy would be given that time limit, they would be really rushing. He was just taking his time, kissing my lips, slowly sucking and mixing it with some tongue and  it was really good. He also wasn’t pressing my body or even being too aggressive. If I can put it in a word, it would be “Suave”. His hand was in my dress and was moving my panties to the side, and was flicking my clit while I was just massaging his bulge. He took it out and I was huge, though it was dark. I was stroking it and pumping it while he was trying to position it near my crotch. I was not keen into doing it and was trying to move away. He said that he has a condom but I said I do not really want him to put it in me because I am sure he has put it in to so many holes that it might have STD. He laughed and said “Kaya nga mas bata at may condom eh”. I looked at my watch and told him that it was time, I did it on purpose to really tease him but he was ok with it. I looked at my phone and read that my bf will be about 15 minutes late so I said 5 minutes and we continued kissing. I was scared because we might get caught so he had an idea, we left the car, and went to the dark side of it and continued kissing (it was smart and wild at the same time), He was kissing me and was playing with my clit and I was pumping him. When he was about to cum, I pointed it down on the floor. It was on time when I got my bf’s text that he is just around the corner. I was walking out and we exchanged numbers.

When my bf came and picked me up, he noticed that I looked flushed, he asked me if I am ok. I just winked at him and kissed his ear. He got the idea and he didn’t drive me straight home.

This is the 1st part of my story, there are about 2 – 3 parts more. I do hope you like this one as this is just a build up to the next parts. I am actually really enjoying in writing this as I still remember the sensations I felt and I hope you like this as well. As always, please be gentle in your comments and until the next part. Have a great day!

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