Jul 6, 2012

Ending my Crazy Summer

Hello, thank you for reading my Crazy Summer outing series with Kuya, Bigs, and Ed. This is part of my crazy outing stories but I guess with the outing already done, I decided to change the title. This will be the last story with Kuya and this is also the most recent one.

With Kuya being an OFW, he was just here for about a month or so. He spent most of those 3 of those weekends with me in our outing and after that we did not meet anymore though we would still text. On the week that he was about to leave, we would go out for dinner but nothing else since he had to prepare and go back home and I have work and my own life. I do miss our romps but I know it was for the better and he does have his own life anyway. He was set to leave at the night of May 1 and I was just wishing him well on his trip. I thought that he would spend it with his friends and family so I really wasn’t expecting anything. Then in the morning of the said date, I got a call. I had just risen and when I saw who it was I answered the phone really surprised because it was Kuya calling me. He was asking if I can meet him at that moment, I was shocked because it was the day he was leaving and I just woke up. He said I just bring my work clothes with me and change or shower there and he will take care of breakfast. I was thinking fast because I do want to see him but I was still not dressed, but thinking it’s his last day, I just said ok.

I then got the clothes I was going to wear and toiletries and put it in my bag and told my mom I have an early day and I will just shower with a friend near the office. My mom was quite surprised by this but knowing that I am a good girl (I wish) she just said ok. True enough Kuya texted that he was already outside my house. I was just wearing shorts and a normal shirt when I went out of the house. When I saw the car, I almost stopped breathing, because it was Ed’s car! I never wanted Ed to know where I live because I was scared that he would make trouble or worse but I was relieved that it was only Kuya driving. He left his things with Ed and borrowed Ed’s car. I was really relieved and we went off. In the car, we kissed and I asked him what made him visit me this early, he said he just wanted to see and experience me one more time. I knew what he meant and just smiled as we checked in.

When we got to the room, I just put my bag down and we started at it almost immediately. We started kissing, and caressing our bodies and we got our clothes off quite fast. It was not so adventurous in terms that we were doing some wild things but just two people doing it. He laid me down on the bed while still kissing me, he touched my breasts and would sometimes suck on my nipples while his hands were touching my body and focusing on my wetness. I on the other hand was caressing his back and pumping his hardness a bit and it was really hard. I was getting real wet by that time; I tried pushing at his hips to make his touch mine. He got the point and we positioned himself on top of me and was starting to enter me.  He went in me slow, making me feel him and making it feel so good, he was pushing it in slow then pulling it out slowly as well. This was good and he was kind of sitting up so his weight was not on me as he was in and out of me. It was as good as it gets and as he started pumping faster, my orgasm was already building, until I came. He then started lifting my legs up as he entered me faster which gave me my 2nd orgasm until he said he was about to cum. I was not safe anymore so I told him he has to cum outside but anywhere he wants and he pulled out and came on my breasts.

While we were resting we started eating breakfast. Kuya bought some from McDonalds and we started eating to gain back our strength. I asked him about his flight and we just had some small talk. After eating, we just cuddled on the bed and I went to brush my teeth. After a time, Kuya started kissing me once again, and we were set for round two.  We pretty much did the usual things we did, him on top, me on top, entering me from the side or from behind. He then came on my back since we were doing it from behind. After that, we still rested and I went to take a bath and get ready for work. As I was putting on my clothes, he was masturbating and as I was ready to leave, he was ready to cum. He asked me if I can take it in my mouth and I said yes. He asked me to kneel in front of him, and I did not suck him long until he came. He also wanted me to look at him as I sucked him. He then fixed up and drove me to the office.

I am not sure what time his flight was but I got a text from him if I can meet him outside my building. It was about 3pm that time and I told my supervisor that I will take lunch out and since it was a holiday and work was really slow, she didn’t give me a definite time to return. When I went down, it was Ed and Kuya and he was asking if I would like to see him off to the airport. Since we were not busy I said yes and rode with them to the airport. I told them that I need to be back. Kuya did not sit with Ed in the front and elected to sit beside me at the back making Ed look like a driver. On the way, he asked me if we can do it one more time. I was shocked because it was the afternoon but I do want to stick it to Ed again, so I just kissed him. Ed’s car is tinted but it was still daylight. I just told him not to crumple my clothes since I have to go back. It was quite fast with us kissing and his was already out of his pants. I started pumping him which got hard pretty quickly. Ed was watching and making cat calls as Kuya lowered my pants and made me sit sideways. We were already in Pasay when Kuya was already pumping in me. We lowered to the floor as he was doing me dog and pumping really fast. Ed reminded us not to cum on the car and as Kuya was about to cum, he asked me to sit up and he came on my mouth again. It was right on time because we were fixing ourselves when we reached the checkpoint.  Upon reaching the departure area, we just hugged and he left.

Ed was then driving me back and was asking if we can check in, I said I was tired and had to go to work and he was saying that now he has me all to himself. I just told him to shut up and get be back, he pulled his thing out and was masturbating it and he asked me to help. I reached over and touched him and I would not let him cum until he reached my building. I was promising him that I will let him cum when I get to my building, and when I did I just left the car. He was shocked and started to go after me but I just winked, smiled and gave him the finger. He actually smiled and blew me a kiss which I returned and put out my tongue.

We sometimes have contact but not too much, we would just end up insulting each other so it was fun sometimes. So far I have not heard from Kuya which is just fine with me.

Thank you for reading this, it rather short but I hope you all like this. Please note that I decided to post this batch of stories earlier than my previous experience in my “Crazy Thing” series because it was still fresh. So the rest of my stories happened before the outing. It might be a while until I will post again because I will be out on a business trip and will be back after summer. So this is actually the end of my crazy summer. I hope you all enjoyed the stories and I hope to post some of my past experiences when I get back.

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