Jul 29, 2012

My 7th Crazy Thing - Part 3

My intense encounter with Jojo did not end at part 2, I never thought it would have a part 3 but I really think that it was really happening for it to occur.

After I woke up and got ready for work, I was still feeling the afterglow of a great night and went to work feeling really focused and refreshed. It was more than a month since bf and I made love and this was great since there was nothing too guilty with it because it was purely intense sex. I got to work really focused and set up our date with my bf for the evening since I know that my OT would last me till that time. My bf on the other hand had to do his family business thing and the time suits him perfectly and we have Sunday for another date anyway. I got to work as early as before 9am and started working and had the conference call. I was surprised that we ended really early because they moved the other things for next week. I was left with nothing to do until the evening, I started thinking about the thing we did last night and was getting a bit wet about it. Around 10 am, I was so surprised when I got a text from Jojo asking me when I am available. I asked why and he said he felt good with me and would want another. He apologized for bothering me at my Ot work to which I said it was finished unexpectedly and I am free until about 6pm. He then asked me if he can pick me up to which I said yes. By 11am, he was already at my building and going to his place.

He has his own house, it’s a modest sized house in those subdivisions along Paranaque and it was neatly and nicely furnished. He said it was an old house that he got and it started his real estate business since he sol d houses to some famous people in the area. Now, even with the light hearted nature and the kwentuhan, I know we were both giddy and I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless polo and sat on his couch. He was in pambahay and he went closer to me. I told him to come closer and I did something very uncharacteristic. I rubbed his crotch, pulled down his shorts, and started kissing him. I am not into bj unless it’s with bf but I just wanted to try it with him. He was surprised as well but didn’t say anything and I started kissing the head, while slowly letting my tongue out giving it short licks. My hands were slowly pumping his shaft while I suck the head and would stop to occasionally lick the shaft. I then put it in my mouth and started sucking and moving up and down. He took the rest of his clothes off, and made me stop. I thought that he did not like my sucking and he said he just wants me naked already. He got buttoned my top, unclasped my bra, took my shorts and panties off and lay me on the couch, and started kissing my down there. It was the 1st thing he did which I didn’t expect. I made a short gasp and he started licking and sucking me down there. He made me cum from that and I was already pushing him up to enter me.  He then went on top of me and we did it missionary on the couch.  He was not purely on top of me so he can pump in and out of me while his hands were on my breast. One of my legs was on the back rest of the sofa and the other was down with my foot on the floor. It was good and I came again. This time he was about to cum and confirmed again if I was really safe to which I did. He then thrust in me and came inside.

We rested a bit and asked for water, he brought water and we rested a bit. We then started kissing and he took the rest of my clothes (my top and my bra) off, fixed my clothes and we walked to his bed room.
It was quite spacious and nicely furnished, I looked around if there might be cameras around and he said there is none and he would not want to risk being Hayden Kho. He started kissing and this time, I said I want to be on top again to which he let me. He lay down on the bed with me crawling to him and I kissed his hardness and started sucking again. This is usually something I do with bf but it really felt good and after getting it hard and big, I rode him. I did what I did last night with me moving up and down, rocking forward and back and a bit of moving around and building up a rhythm. It really does feel better without a condom and I was thoroughly enjoying it. He seemed to like it as well and was groping my breasts and sucking them. After cumming on top of him, I was getting a bit tired when he turned me over and moved my legs to his shoulders and started pumping me. I was slowly urging him on by holding his butt closer to me until he asked me if I want it harder. I just nodded and he did it good that I came another time before he did. During that whole time I was moaning and I was already sweaty. We rested and took a break, after rolling off him, I asked for water and drifted to sleep.

I woke up with something kissing my back and the back of my neck. I was sleeping on my side when he embraced me and was starting to kiss my ears. While doing that, his hands started moving down on my wetness where he found my clit. He was rubbing it so well while I moved my head to the side to kiss him. While touching my clit, my hand moved back to stroke his as well, He was stroking clit quite fast and soon I came. With me already wet, he positioned himself to enter me. I think the position is called a spoon position. I am not a fan of it but it felt quite good when he did it. He was entering me while his hands were still touching my clit and his rhythm was just so good. He has this good balance of having a strong thrust but not strong enough to hurt, while building a rhythm that is fast. I was cumming soon after. I was surprised when he lay back while still in me and started pumping up and down. I asked what this position was and he said it was a Reverse Cowgirl. It was like me on top but I wasn’t facing him and it was also a hard position for me though it got better. I can lean back with my hands supporting me on his hip or I can lean forward with my hands on his knees though I don’t feel it that deep. I got my orgasm with that position too. Thinking it was over, he turned me on my stomach and ha a pillow for me to rest my head. He then entered me from behind, he did not ask me to go on all fours and I was just flat on my stomach while he pumped in and out of me. This was something new and it felt good, of the 3 positions, this is what I liked the best; he was licking my ears and kissing my back as he did it. I got my 3rd orgasm there and a few more thrusts and he came again.

It was already past lunch and asked if I was hungry, I said yes but I don’t want anything too heavy. He brought out some bread, and fruits. He asked if I wanted rice but I declined and just ate the bread. I was looking at him and all he ate was fruits. I asked him if he was on a diet but he said that he just likes fruits and it actually helps make his cum sweeter. I laughed at this and he said it was true but then I told him that I should try that one of these days. We rested a bit, did some talking, got to know more about him me, my bf, his gf, my friend a little better and we played some wii and play station ( I play a mean Nba2k12) and rested. It was still a little early and I asked if I can take a quick shower and he lent me towels, after that, I rested a bit, and I ate some fruits. We had mango and other fruits and he just removed the towel. I didn’t care and was still eating lychees and he started kissing my breasts. I had to stop eating and was already moaning. He moved me up to the dining table and opened my legs while he went lower and kissed me down there. He did so good that I really gasped and cursed. He then went up to my lips and with me still on the table entered me. It was weird us doing it near food and it felt good since his lips tasted sweet though it left a sticky feeling on my neck. As he pumped me, each of his arms went under my knees and he asked me to hold on to him. He then lifted me up and leaned me on the wall as he pumped me. Then when he got a bit tired, we walked back to the bed room and went back down and he entered me again this time with my legs up and him holding on my ankles.  Then he changed positions with one of my legs on his shoulders and the other one down on the bed. When I came in this one, it was like nagpipigil yung katawan ko. I can’t really describe it pero it was like the way you feel something good  but you can’t moan and it was a deep orgasm. It was actually one of the positions I like and as he was pumping, I said “I want to try it” he asked what. I said I wanted to try if it was sweet or not. He then smiled and asked me to ask him nicely. I then said “Please let me try it?” then he started asking me to keep asking it differently. I then said “Please let me taste your cum?” then he was still asking until I said “Peste ka, kung ayaw mo then magiging glue yan sa loob mo.” Until he then pulled out and came in my mouth. To tell you the truth, it actually tasted sweet.

If was already 4pm then so I told him “Jojo sorry pero Time out na talaga” hindi ko na kaya, magkikita pa kami ni bf and I want to do it with him pa. He laughed and told me his theory with making his cum taste sweet and I asked him with the positions he does. As we were preparing to leave, he asked if he can meet me again, I just said tignan nalang natin. He did admit he picks some girls up and have the occasional fuck buddy. I said I do have a fuck buddy as well (kahit wala naman talaga) just to make him see that I was not that into him. Though he wanted sana that I text him if bf and I would be doing it. I just laughed.

So he drove me to the office where my bf picked me up. I was still a bit tired when bf asked if we can check in first before we date, I didn’t want to say no so we did. It was really different when you love your partner and I still came. We had our date and Jojo texted me that he is with his gf and he will do it with her later. I said bf and I just did it and will do it again even if I hadn’t told bf yet. Though after our date I did tell bf I wanted to do it again.

So far, I haven’t text him or met him yet and it was good, It was the best ever for me and I thought I already had it with Kuya, Jojo beats him because he is more fit. I even think that I have already reached my peak and would lose interest already. I am not sure but so far this was really the best I have had so far. It’s after effects were so good, it has a part 4.

I hope you liked Part 3, it was exciting for me to type this since it made me recall the experience. Thank you for reading this and don’t forget there is still part 4. Please be gentle with your comments and have a great day.

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