Nov 8, 2014

Someone Listens

This happened couple of months ago. I had a guy textmate whom I have met online. Hubby knows about him and as long as I am not hiding anything from him he is not bothered about me and the guy exchanging naughty messages.

The guy and I had "sext" for a couple of months. Then we tried SOP, he listened to me while I am pleasuring myself. I didn't have the chance to listen to him because most of the time, he is in his office. That goes for weeks. Whenever we have time, he listens. I told hubby about it and he was so turned on that we made love almost everyday. We even tried imagining that I am having sex with the guy and we went really hot and wild. I even screamed the guys name. :) One time, the guy asked if he can listen to me and hubby making love. I hesitated at first thinking that hubby won't like the idea.

Later that night, I asked hubby about it then he said yes, anything for our pleasure. At around 4am, the guy sent me a message saying he is on his way to work. ( The guy is married and we only got the chance to text while he is at work.) I texted him back that hubby said yes and told him to give a couple of minutes and call. I was so turned of the idea that somebody would listen to us and so hubby is.

We started by me giving him a blowjob. My phone rang. I answered it and hubby started licking and kissing me down there and I can't help but moan in pleasure knowing that the guy is listening. I can hear the guys harsh breathing and it really added more to what I am feeling. I climaxed before hubby knew it. I cry in pleasure. It was one of the best I ever had. Hubby put his thing on me and I wrapped my lega on his waist. He thrust really hard and I kept on moaning and moaning in ecstacy. After a few more thrust we climaxed simultaneously. I can hear the guys breathing hard. I said goodbye and drifted to sleep... :)

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