Jul 24, 2012

My 7th Crazy Thing Part 2

Hello again, this is the 2nd part of my experience with Jojo. It was a little over a week after part 1 and we have not really texted. I just thought it was something that will happen one time which I guess was just alright with me.

It was another Friday and this time I and my officemates decided to go out. It was payday and we just wanted to relax after an unusually busy week. I initially didn’t want to join because I have a conference call on Saturday morning but I got carried away by peer pressure. We were in this bar when one of my guy officemates got approached by another guy. I was so shocked that it was Jojo, apparently he is friends with some of my guy officemates. He also saw me and I was surprised that he was quite discreet as well in that he did not tell my officemate that he met me already. My heart was still beating fast because I always try to remain anonymous with the trysts I had because I know the world is small and I do have this thing of hoping that people out of my world would find out. Apparently, it got worse.

My officemate who knows my bf told him that I am the gf and his eyes got wider. Jojo knows my bf!!!!!!!!! They were in the same exclusive school in grade school all the way to high school. They even went to the same college though Jojo was a couple of years older. They would still hang out from time to time according to him and then I realized who he was. He was Porn star JJ! That was his nickname because according to my bf, he was really good with women. He was quite surprised by this and we were both trying to keep it discreet. Also, to make things more complicated, I know his gf’s sister. His gf has an older sister who was my blockmate and is quite close with. I never can imagine him doing the things we did with my block mate’s sister because she was really so young and innocent looking and so cute. This time it was his turn to squirm and at least I have something against him. He was the guy my block mate was talking about being scared for her sister and I can so agree with her.

I would also like to note that this was the 1st day after I got my period so I was safe. Bf and I were planning something really nice since I just got back from my trip and would be very excited to be with him again.

After the very uncomfortable introduction, I just sat away from him as possible but then he would send text messages to me telling me that I looked so reserved and knows that I am hiding a hidden sex drive. I just told him to stop talking and keep quiet and we had our own conversation. Jojo joined our group as some other people and we decided to move to another place. Jojo volunteered his car and since not everybody has a car with them we agreed that some would ride with him. When we got to the other bar, the group got even bigger and I was already bored. I was going to leave and take a cab home since it was still early. He went near me and we started chatting. I was calling him Pornstar JJ while he said that I was the one my bf’s friends were referring to the quiet one. Sabi niyaquiet ba talaga ako, I said oo naman then he leaned closer and said “you’re secret is safe with me” then he winked. Ewan ko ba but I do the winking! Then I said good but he said meron nga lang kapalit.  We just had a laugh about it and I told him I was going to leave already since I have a call tomorrow morning. He said sabay na siya then I said wala siyang makukuhang kapalit pag ganun pero he just came closer, held my waist and went led me to the car. I did not fight it and went with him.201208201044251da639cedidi@rocomeitioecverotivoice.com

In the car, he asked me if I wanted to go to his place, I asked him where he lived, he said down south, I said it was too far since we were in QC. He then said ok and drove to Pasig. We didn’t do anything there it was just like a normal drive even until we went to the place and parked and walked up the stairs to the rooms. When we got to the room,we were not talking, I just placed my bag on the table and he came near me, turned me around and started kissing me.

It was the same smooth kiss that he did in the bar weeks ago and it was really good. I was thinking if this guy would really live up to his nickname and I was wondering if anybody can make me feel that good as Kuya did and it was slowly eroding since he kisses were good. He was then slowly and smoothly taking my clothes off one by one. It was really effortless and we never broke the kiss. It was so similar to what bf does so I really think they were comparing notes. He got me naked, and then it was the only time he went down to kiss my breasts. It was soft and teasing and his licks and sucks were good. I don’t moan much but one escaped from my lips when his fingers started touching my wetness. He got me on the bed while he got his clothes off. His body and his general appearance reminded me so much of Dew with his semi-kal hairstyle to his height and his buff body but he had Kuya’s experience. When he was fully naked and I saw his thing, it was big and fat. I asked him it if would be ok if I don’t suck him and to take it slow because of his size. He just smiled when he lay next to me and we started making out.

If seemed like forever but it was really good. I already came twice from the make out, I also told him that I hate it when people put a finger in me to which he said he doesn’t like that either.  By the time he put his condom on (I didn’t tell him I was safe) I was already panting with my orgasms and he slowly went on top of me. He entered me slowly and with my wetness and the condom it was pretty easy but I still gasped and he started pumping. His stroke was really smooth and slow with a controlled movement that was just good despite the condom. He slowly moved my legs up, to his chest while continuously pumping in and out of me. I was getting excited already with this and was breathing harder until he had my legs up his shoulders while continuing a rhythm. I had my orgasm then then turned me to my side while he was still in top of me while he pumped a little faster. A few more pumps and he came and we rested.

While resting, he got rid of his condom and we talked a bit. I had 3 orgasms already and it was just the beginning. He was asking me if I was ok because I seemed tired to which I just smiled. He then turned to me and started kissing me and we made ready for round 2. We were making out with him kissing me all over and he started kissing me down and I knew what he was doing. He was kissing and sucking and licking and biting me down there and it was good and I got an intense orgasm from it and after he moved his head up, I had him lie down. I got the condom from beside the bed and asked him if I felt good despite him having a condom. He said yes and I smiled as I opened it and put it on him. I did not tell him I was safe for a reason I really don’t know but I was already thinking that if it was good with a condom, how more without it. I then went on top of him and slowly put it in. I started moving up and down, to which I changed to a rocking motion from forward to back. I was actually very fond of this position and even with my bf I really do my best to move it with my tummy and make it as good for him as it is for me. I was rocking it and doing that thing they call a body wave which I see guys like to feel and watch in the mirror. I even planted both my feet on the bed and moved up and down, forward and back with better support than my knees and I can see he is quite surprised that he likes it. I also tried leaning back so that my hands were holding his knees as I leaned back and I had my orgasm. I was surprised that he came as well. I rolled off him and he was surprised that he came that hard on a 2nd round with a condom on. I just smiled and said he was used to young girls that he forgot how it is to have someone with experience. He then ordered some water since I drank both bottled already and was resting a bit more.

He was then kissing my breast again and touching me. I was thinking oh no, round 3 is coming. It was already sore but it was good so I let him go down on me again. It was good and it gave me another orgasm. I was lying down while he was on his knees and was going to enter me like that when he was reaching out to get his 3rd condom. I told him, mas masarap kaya if I tell you safe ako? He said it would be great though hindi ako safe. I said safe nga ako and winked. He said bakit hindi ko daw sinabi agad, I just smiled and said it is a reward for being good. He just laughed and entered me. It was good, I was wet and it felt really good. He was pumping in smooth controlled strokes and he knew how to increase the speed. I was moaning like a normal person already. I am not a moaner to the disappointment of all of my sexual partners but I was moaning here. He then moved me to go on all fours and entered me from behind. I had 2 more orgasms there and when I looked at the mirror, he was entering me with one leg kneeling while his other leg was stepping on the bed.  I am not sure if it made it better and then he asked me where I want it. I was confused in what he meant but I got it and just said anywhere. I was expecting it inside but he pulled out and came on my breast after making me lie down.

While resting, I asked why he wanted it on my breast and not inside. He said he just wanted it there though he was tired already. He asked me if I was doing anything after my work but I told him I have a date with my bf. He said if I am still available he would want to cum in me. I just smiled and told him let’s see.

We then got dressed and he drove me home. I slept like a baby and prepared for Saturday.

Actually it does not end there, part 3 is in the way, I hope you all enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed typing it. Please be gentle in your comments and have a great day. Part 3 is coming next.

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