Jan 26, 2012


Instincts Part 1

~| This is my first ever story to be published online (in Pinoyliterotica.com). Hope, you bear with me. |~

When Kisses was 15 she met Peter who was 22 that time. She didn't think that he'd like her because for her she wasn't pretty enough. After a couple of months of being friends, Peter decided to court her. She said "yes" right at that very moment he opened his real feelings for her. Although Kisses was still prohibited from having relationships, she managed to keep their relationship a secret from her family. Meanwhile, Peter and Kisses was celebrating their 5th monthsary and Peter told Kisses he'd take her to SM Megamall. They decided to meet at the bus stop.

Peter: Baby, is it ok if we stop by the house first? I need to get something there.
Kisses: Ok baby but make it fast ok? I need to get back home early.
Peter: Definitely. I made sure this is the most special monthsary for us.
Kisses: Really baby? I so love you.

They arrived at Peter’s place that was staying with his relatives.

Peter: Baby can you help me fix my room? It’s kind of messy.
Kisses: But baby we won’t get to the movies on time.
Peter: Please? I can’t find the thing I’m looking for with all the mess.
Kisses: Fine. You owe me one.
Peter: Thank you baby! *Kiss on the lips*

Kisses was folding some soiled clothes on a chair inside Peter’s room while Peter was checking his cabinet for something Kisses doesn’t know. Then Peter covered her eyes with his hands.

Peter: Baby close your eyes and don’t peek ok?
Kisses: Why? You know I don’t like surprises.
Peter: Please? I have something very special for you.
Kisses: Ok if you say so. Why can’t you give it to me right now?
Peter: Just close your eyes baby and stop whining ok?

Peter closed the door and turned off the lights. He removed everything on the table and lighted five scented candles on the table right in front of Kisses. Right in the middle of the five candles was a white long stemmed rose and beside it was a red ribbon box. Placed a small card on it and played a very romantic song.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing

Kisses then opened her eyes and saw Peter’s surprise for her. A tear started to fall from her eyes. Tears of Joy. She was very overwhelmed with what she saw. She looked around for Peter but his not there. She read the card that says “Baby Happy 5th Monthsary! I love you so much. Thank you for giving me your love, time and care. Hope we stay together forever. Love Peter” Kisses then opened the box which contained a necklace with a heart shaped pendant. Then Peter entered as if he was watching from somewhere. He kissed her tears away and placed the necklace around Kisses’ neck.

Peter: I had that made especially for you. Its micro lasered with our names and anniversary. *Handing Kisses a magnifying glass*
Kisses: You shouldn’t have done all this. Your love was enough for me.
Peter: I want to. It actually came in late which almost ruined my surprise for you. I had my cousin leave that in my closet.

Kisses started kissing Peter so deep.

Kisses: I love you too Peter.

Peter started to kiss his love with more passion and romance then his hands started to journey on Kisses’ body. Peter started tracing every curve and smoothness on her body. He moved his kiss from her lips to her neck while slowly removing Kisses’ clothes. Peter then laid her on his bed. He started to travel his kiss on her breast while tenderly sucking each nipple. He traced his tongue going to her belly button spreading her legs and proceeded on her virgin pussy. He kissed every angle and side, even licking her thighs.

This brought a lot of sensation on Kisses. She doesn’t know how to respond to that entire time. She knew she has to give up something and she wants to give it to Peter.

Meanwhile, Peter started eating her pussy sucking and licking every part he could.

To be continued.............

Instincts Part 2


Kisses: Peter don’t stop.. oohhhh aaahhhh..

Peter started to insert a finger in her pussy, making Kisses more confused with the feeling she has. His manhood started to grow with more passion getting harder with more lust for Kisses. Peter then inserted one more finger in her pussy and as he suck and lick he noticed she panting more as if ready to explode. He continued and moved his lips and tongue faster and started to taste her sweet nectar.

Peter: Baby are you ok?

Kisses: Oh my baby.. That was something! *kissing Peter on the lips and tasting her own nectar*

Then Kisses noticed Peter’s cock. She decided to follow her instincts and laid Peter on the bed. Licking, sucking and biting Peter’s lips. She moved on his ear and started to do the same and even nibbled it. She lowered her kiss to his torso and traced his muscle bumps on with her lips. When she reached his cock, she kissed its head just like the way she does with his lips. She slowly started to take his cock in her mouth while rubbing its body. She sucked it as hard as a lollipop making Peter moan for the sensation he felt. He was astounded when he noticed Kisses stopped.

Peter: Why baby? Any problem?

Kisses: No. Just lay down ok?

Peter: But….. *Kisses kissed him on his lips*

He noticed Kisses was already on top of him. She started to rub her pussy against his cock but not inserting it. Somehow it brought them heat that Kisses felt for the first time.

Kisses decided it’s time. She positioned herself as if getting ready for battle. She moved Peter’s cock on the entrance of her pussy. As she lowered herself on Peter’s lap, his cock starts to enter ready for taking her virginity. When his cock’s head entered her, Kisses felt a sharp pain but slowly continues. She managed to stop her movements as more pain flooded her system.

Peter: Baby you sure about this? You’re in so much pain right now.

Kisses remained silent. She wanted this so she has to continue. Whenever the pain lessens, she’d continue to lower herself on Peter. Meanwhile, Peter held her breasts and started to caress them so as to help lessen the pain and add more sensation to her body.

When Peter’s cock was fully inside her and the pain lessens on her part, she started to grind her body into Peter’s as if wanting for more pleasure.

Kisses: Ohhhhh baby. If I’ve known it felt like this I would have given you myself a long time ago.

Peter: Hush. Just feel the sensation of the moment.

Kisses speed started to accelerate as she felt another orgasm was on the way. She continued to grind deeper and faster. She didn’t care if someone hears her moan. All she cared was the moment she was having with Peter. She was now riding him as if there was no tomorrow until she reached her peak. But Peter hasn’t come yet.

So Peter signaled Kisses to kneel. Dog style Kisses thought. As Peter entered her again, he was pounding like a carpenter ready to dig his nail very deep. He reached for Kisses breast and started to caress them while fucking her like crazy. As he felt he was ready to give out his load on Kisses, he pounded faster and faster. He trusted deeper into her pussy. As he reached for climax, he pushed his cock into her pussy while shooting his load. When their climax subsides, they laid down on the bed with Kisses embracing Peter.

Peter: That was the best gift ever!

Kisses: Yes I know. I felt it was the right moment at the right time.

Peter: I love you so much baby!

Kisses: I love you too!

They kissed and took a nap. When they woke up, they cleaned themselves and prepared to leave. While Kisses was dressing up, there was a knock on the door.

Peter: Wait Baby, I’ll just get the door. *Kissing her on the cheeks*

When Peter opened the door, he was too shocked to speak.

Kisses: Baby who knocked?

Girl: I did! Peter who’s this girl?

Peter: Well......... She’s.........

Kisses: I’m his girlfriend.

Girl: Peter’s girlfriend?! Are you sure young lady?

Kisses: Yes I’m very much sure! Who are you anyway?

Girl: I’m Melinda, Peter’s WIFE. If you’ve forgotten darling, it’s our 2nd year wedding anniversary today.

Peter: I can explain. *looking at Kisses*

Kisses: No need to explain yourself. I just understood what this is all about.

Kisses took out her wallet and fished out some money.

Kisses: Here’s the payment for the nice fuck. Here’s the payment for the necklace. I hope you enjoy the cash!

Peter: But Kisses?!

Melinda: Oh no, you’re not going to follow her!

She walked gracefully out of Peter’s place and rode the first taxi that passed by then started to cry. She realized what she’s done and understood the consequences.

Kisses: *while holding the necklace* I shouldn’t have loved you in the first place.

~The End

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